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Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

sensuality in a bottle, this cult fragrance is over then years old, and proves that 'new' is not all noteworthy. While the width of niche grows, certain fragrances remain ICONIC.

the eau de parfum is the way to go

05th May, 2009

Le Parfum de Thérèse by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

One of the top 20 feminines of all times. If you knew me, then you would know how serious i am about this statement. An olfactive work by a genius in the later days of his career , when his creaticity became at its most empure (sorry no accent graves on this computer). I understand now Mr. Ellena, the prodigy learned his lessons from THE maestro...
02nd May, 2009

Eau de Gentiane Blanche by Hermès

gentian? never used in perfumery before and iris .... one of the best returns to European eau de colognes in years from the brilliant JCE
21st April, 2009
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Golconda by JAR

For Alpha women who love carnation. not for me
21st April, 2009

Bolt of Lightning by JAR

the poor Jar salesman, he even admitted i smelled like a pickle.
21st April, 2009

Scandal pour Femme by Roja Dove

.None of the top notes come through...At first spritz a heady white floral scent, my anethema, .. luckily my skin then proceeds straight to the drydown GORGEOUS ORRIS WOODY AND SPICE .
Thank you to VM I hate Civet :)
19th April, 2009

Fleur d'Oranger by L'Artisan Parfumeur

simply the gold standard of orange blossom perfumes There has no equal.
12th April, 2009

Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens

this is a love or hate scent and really depends on body chemistry. it is very sensual on me and i do not get the cat urine odour at all. It suits my chemistry I do not wear it any more because it smells exactly like my ex's body odour and breath during intimate moments. i loathe his memory , but still love the scent. 2 stars were taken away because memory and desire can quickly turn into anger and loathing, and spoil a fragrance
12th April, 2009

1804 George Sand by Histoires de Parfums

Note de tête : Fleur de Tiaré, Pêche de Corse, Ananas d’Hawaï.
Note de cœur : Clou de Girofle, Noix de Muscade, Jasmin des Indes, Muguet, Rose du Maroc.
Note de fond : Santal, Patchouli, Benjoin, Vanille, Muscs Blancs.

one of the occasions where i totally agree with luca turin and tania sanchez's review . it is a "4 star fragrance"
12th April, 2009

Rêverie au Jardin by Tauer

this is one of my favorite fragances , and according to aAdy the most complex and difficult to create and for many to wear. On me, it is a lush warm floral, as if I was suddenly transported into one of Monet's paintings of his gardens at Giverny. The one note that IS NOT prominent on me is lavender.Vetiver, tonker and amber are beautiful base notes. Severely under-rated fragrance, but personal chemistry is everything.
09th April, 2009

Unspoken by Roja Dove

this is in my opinion the best 'modern' chypre available. As in the review above wish i can afford the pure can find it @
08th April, 2009

Acqua di Parma Profumo by Acqua di Parma

If John Sargent Singer's 'Madame X' could wear a perfume, Profumo would be her choice. An elegant chypre that was reformulated from the 1930 original in 2008. It is perhaps one of the loveliest chypres on the market and the best reformulation of a classic (ok along with Visa by Piguet) Brava!
10th March, 2009

Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

this is the most unusual scent in the Annick Goutal line and on my skin in general. The first day I wore it, I loved it for its almost fruity top note and indolic white flowers and narcotic nutmeg drydown. Tthe second day, the shiso and ginger evoked the Japanese garden it was created to pay tribute to. the third day it ylang and champaca were dominate it deserves 4 stars since on my skin i feel like I bought three different fragrances, a great value proposition. That being said, my skin yearns for the first day. Enigmatic
09th March, 2009
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Sycomore Eau de Toilette by Chanel

One of the best vetiver scents created in the past 20 yrs in my opinion. smoky, rooty, with nuances of citrus and white flowers. I also detect a nutty note that makes this a standout on my skin. This is a fragrance that would be perfect on Marlene Dietrich.It's reminiscent of the genre i call 'le smoking' an exceedingly beautiful women done up in a perfectly cut bespoke tuxedo. Mysterious and slightly aloof.
09th March, 2009

Eau de Protection / Rossy de Palma by Etat Libre d'Orange

a red red rose that oozes a drop of red red blood. love it!
09th March, 2009

Acqua e Zucchero by Profumum

sugar and orange blossom notes that morph on the skin. something so simple..a male magnet.
09th March, 2009

Parfums des Beaux Arts Cimabue by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

saffron splendor. all woman. white flowers and spices create a narcotic and addictive scent that i wear weekly
09th March, 2009

Sauvignonne by Ginestet

this is what champagne would smell like if it was a perfume. bubbly and effervescent citrus. sweet and fabulous in the summer
09th March, 2009

Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne

i adore the way this smells on me. All of linda's florl scents do wonderful things on my skin and for my state of mind. this one is sweet, there is a lot of lychee and bergamot that lingers and then goes right to the drydown od ambrette and vetiver.
09th March, 2009

Osmanthus by Ormonde Jayne

WOW, This is golden and indolic on my skin. no sharpness. Its what i want my fragrance to say about me, but you have to come very close to hear. You could have knocked me over when I learned Geza Shoen created this
09th March, 2009

Mediterraneo by Carthusia

a sicilian citrus grove in a bottle. very fresh, and a bit sweet. great summer fragrance
09th March, 2009

Rochas Femme (original) by Rochas

THE most beautiful feminine ever created, by master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska.This scent is a generational thread on my mom's side. They may have been poor but they all wore this version of Femme. On my skin, the orris note is spectacular and the drydown of benzoin and leather is heavenly.this perfume is so precious, to me, my eyes well with tears when I wear it. G-d Bless Mr. Roudnitska
09th March, 2009

Îles d'Or by Molinard

An exotic journey to Madagascar, exotic, fruity and gourmand. Like it very much
09th March, 2009

Après L'Ondée by Guerlain

like walking into a Manet painting. sweet, candied violet on my skin with herbal nuances. A masterpiece
09th March, 2009

Une Histoire de Chypre by Aedes de Venustas

I read the above reviews and it shows how skin and chemistry mean EVERYTHING. This is one . Opens with a burst of honey fruit notes , giving way to osmanthus and a brilliant iris nuance. very nice on my skin.
08th March, 2009 (last edited: 29th June, 2009)

Rubj Parfum Extrait by Vero Profumo

created by of the most remarkable indie perfumers in the world.
08th March, 2009

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

I own the extrait version, which is like saying I went from black and white to color. beautiful honeyed floral with subtle leather nuances. worth the price... unfortunately
08th March, 2009

Absinthe by Slatkin

This is NOT absinthe and fig. It is a completely different fragrance. Its by Christophe Laudamiel and one of the most evocative fragrances I own, now sadly discontinued. It doesn't smell like absinthe, rather like a journey to Les Folies of the 19th century and a barstool next to Tolouse Lautrec, as he offers to buy you a taste of the green fairie.. One of my all time favorites
08th March, 2009

100% Love by S-Perfume

I am 100% in love with 100% love. Cannot improve on Ayala's review so won't even try!
08th March, 2009

Douce Amère by Serge Lutens

My favorite from the beige line. A mesmerizing composition that fluctuates between light and darkness . On my skin, like a diamond with intricate facets of gourmand and herbal notes. Powdery and strident;an enigmatic fragrance that draws me closer , taunting me with its beauty, but underneath a pentimento of a demonic, narcotic shadow. A ghost lover that I cannot live without
08th March, 2009