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Reviews by mediterranean

Total Reviews: 23

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

Soft and nice.Blv II, Guerlain´s Idylle, and Parissiene, my favourite releases this autumn.
17th October, 2009

Notorious by Ralph Lauren

Am I the only one who smells Juicy Couture here?
14th October, 2008

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

I love the advert, the idea of a dark cindorella in a dark blue dress with black nails, diva red lips looking for fun,actually it pictures the perfume quite well.Playful, youthful,naughty,very chic.
30th September, 2008
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No. 5 by Chanel

The good thing about chanel 5 is that you can wear it everywhere, to the office ,at weekends,to a date...
I love the cream and the perfume.
26th August, 2008

Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

My big favourite at the moment.I bought it for my birthday,very spicy and warm , great opening , breathtaking,not very long lasting though. You have to layer it with the body cream to make it last. Beautiful bottle!
03rd August, 2008

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

This used to be my signature scent .I wore for three years and received lots of compliments, but like other things in my life I moved on. Now my mother wears it beautifully and sometimes I borrow it to remember the old good times.
03rd August, 2008

Organza by Givenchy

This is like the Christmas pudding.We all love it once a year but not for everyday.Too sweet and beautiful , but who wants cakes for breakfast , lunch and dinner?.
03rd August, 2008

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

Happiness and holidays, the beginning of spring,pink flowers, picnics in the woods. The advert is great, quite reflects the sense of the fragance , naive and beautiful, very feminine .
An instant mood lifter.
03rd August, 2008

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

I like dior scents,they really make you take side, you love them or you hate them.There are so many perfumes in the market nowadays that are just "nice" and it is sooo difficult to find something with personality.This one makes heads turn. I love it ,my students hate it. It´s happy, elegant,I can smell the cedar in it, warm for cold days, and cosy. The bottle takes you back to the 50s ,I can see Sofia Loren wearing this or Lauren Bacall.
This one and Le Basier du Dragon , my two favourites at the moment.
03rd August, 2008

Coco by Chanel

This is the perfume my students love, and they are twelve! Whenever I wear it everybody compliments me.Somehow it is very 80s but it has become a classic. In my opinion the best chanel.
03rd August, 2008

Chloé (new) by Chloé

I like this one. It smells like fresh ,clean clothes after being ironed.Great for the office and daywear.
31st July, 2008

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I didn´t feel this one was for me at all the first time I smelt it. But one of my students was wearing it and it was so lovely on her that I decided to give it another chance , and right now it is one of my favourites. Young , bright, fresh,clean and simple.
My daughter loves the bottle.
31st July, 2008

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

Very strong in the first spray.Too green and acid, but when it dries I can smell the chocolate in it. Sweet , girly and different.
Wait for 15 min. to give an opinion about this one. A scent with personality.
31st July, 2008
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Soir de Lune by Sisley

Spicy perfume with citrus and flowers,lovely for a romantic date or for spring time.Cheers me up.
03rd April, 2008

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Similar to Narciso Rodriguez for her but softer.Nice for office wear or for a lunch with friends.Beautiful bottle too.I even like the advert with Sarah Jessica Parker as a ballet dancer,although I have never been very fond of her.So different from her other fragance , Covet!
03rd April, 2008

Lauren Style by Ralph Lauren

I have a love/hate relationship with this one.My husband likes it,and although there is nothing wrong with it , there nothing too brilliant in it either, so I soon get tired of it.Good for one of those days when you don´t know what to wear and you want to smell nice without being noticed.Better for spring and summer.
03rd April, 2008

Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal

If you went for a walk along the sea in the mediterranean coast , it would smell like this.Very nice for summer.
03rd April, 2008

Eau de Rochas by Rochas

Perfect for summer! The first time I smelt this I was 15 and I remember thinking "it´s the best thing I have ever smelt",When I was older I bought it with my first salary , and soon, it became a favourite at home .My sister and my mum used to borrow it.It brings wonderful memories.
03rd April, 2008

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

There is something nostalgic about this one.Reminds me of a sunny day having a picnic with friends ,under a tree , drinking red wine and relaxing,with nothing to worry about or to fear.Days of happiness wearing long white dresses and hats, laughing,reading,closing your eyes smelling the beautiful flowers while your imagination flies..
03rd April, 2008

Poême by Lancôme

It took me sometime to get used to this one.It wasn´t love at first sight at all.But now it has become one of my favourites for cold weather and my husband loves it.One day I wore it to the office and a work mate came in and said: "There is something here that smells really lovely,do you know what it is?" And I said: " No idea". After all a woman should always keep some secrets!
03rd April, 2008

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

I was given this as a gift by a former boss while living in London 15 years ago.Probably I was too young to wear it those days but you can´t imagine how elegant and mature it made me feel ( I was in my early twenties then). I used to love Isabella Rosellini´s style and even today when I think of a face for this perfume , it is hers.Romantic , natural, sweet like a walk along kew gardens.
03rd April, 2008

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Incredible! A treasure,not easy to love though, but one of those that , once you have tried you can´t live without.A classic,like a jaguar ,like Harrison Ford before he met Calista F,like an artist in Paris,like an old movie you could see again and again.
Very french and chic after so many years,elegant and....mine,mine,mineee.
03rd April, 2008 (last edited: 27th April, 2008)

Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

I like helg´s review.But somehow that actress gets home , and eventually removes her make up and takes off her expensive luxurious clothes , and after all, you know what? She is only a woman.That happens to me with this one.Reminds me of guerlain´s nahema, lots of flowers ,great first impresion , sweet ,charming ,but after a month gives me the feeling of dead flowers on me.Like a funeral under the sun. Pretty scary eh?
03rd April, 2008