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    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I agree with those who say some of the reviews are getting out of hand. I mean, don't get me wrong - if there were a perfume that smelled like - oh, animal secretions, or bodies intertwined, or such, I'd be first in line to check it out. But this isn't that. It's very pretty, very wearable, a nice incensey rose with musc to hold it down and add sweetness, and some artificial animal juice, and my beloved (real) costus and ambrette to add texture. I wish I didn't love it so dear as they sell their little bell jars, this remains my go to scent when I can't decide what to wear, from days in the woods, to evenings dancing - this is actually the best perfume I've found for oriental dance performances; it can be stunningly feminine.It's just beautiful, on men on women on anything in between.

    11th July, 2008


    Bulgari Black by Bulgari

    Am I missing something here? Having read many reviews, I expected to love this. Instead, I...rather like it. But it's far more conventional than I had been led to believe. The rubber, which I was dreaming of, is faint enough that I might not have noticed it had I not been specifically looking. The tea is pretty, especially in the (lovely) drydown....but overall, it's a fairly ordinary, pretty but not spectacular vanilla oriental w/entirely too much old lady floral in the first couple of hours, after which it becomes a somewhat more masculine version of Shalimar, but less spectacular and barbaric. Am I the only one who feels this way? I wanted to love this so much....

    09th July, 2008


    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    For those three of you who still haven't tried this love it and/or hate it goo....

    It really is a work of genius, inasfar as that term can be applied to an art as ephmeral and relatively minor as perfumery.

    It is also, at least at first, and on most wearers, absolutely disgusting, at least to my nose. Like vinagared bubble gum and dusty chocolate in the opening, along with whatever that chemical "white flower" that's been so popular for the past few years is.

    After a couple of hours on skin, it turns into a really nice, pleasant but not especially brilliant men's cologne, most outstanding in it's remarkable balanced use of patchouli, one of the few natural ingrediants I can find problematic, but which I really welcome when it makes its appearance at the forefront of Angel. Especially nice given that the tendancy to turn up the patchouli to really do battle with the electirfied bubblegum must have been almost overwhelming at some points, at least as part of the joke, but to have given into it would have destroyed the whole hideous balancing act that is Angel.

    Hmmm...perhaps that was part of the perfumer's secret brief...make something that will make even patchouli haters glad to see interesting brief, and one in which they succeeded admirably...

    03rd June, 2008

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