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Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

Ardell1990 is spot on. This is Burberry Brit's first cousin. That's a good thing for me because I adore Burberry Brit. Both have Italian bergomot in the opening notes and both have nutmeg in the notes that follow. This is not the blow you over, headache producing, nutmeg pungency found in some but a more subdued, well blended, in the background nutmeg. I tried a sample of Diamonds and melted. It is so good and I believe it has much better longevity than Brit. I will be buying it. Excellent stuff.
21st December, 2008

Beckham Signature for Him by Beckham

I like Intimately Beckham so I thought I would try Signature. The first thing that came to my mind was CK Eternity. Low and behold they both share that same mandarin top note. I don't know what the "Green Botanics" are in Eternity but I bet it is very close if not the same as the "Marine Notes" in Signature. To my disappointment, I smelled no watermelon at all unless it is one that has yet to ripen. I can't tell what the progression to middle and base notes is like. It all seemed to disappear in less than two hours. I don't want to shoot this down because it may just be my body chemistry. So, I'll just sit on the fence with a neutral rating.
17th December, 2008

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

On my skin, this smells a lot like Acqua Di Gio and Halston Unbound (both of which are very similar) crossed with Roberto Verino VV MAN and blended with the excellence for which Bulgari is famous.

I think that most of its notes are from the ADG line but it has a very slight tinge of melon like VV MAN, which I adore and of which I own 2 bottles. All three are excellent. I really, really like Aqua de Bulgari PH. No that is an understatement. This is exceptional stuff. There is nothing weak about it and I don't get the salty smell. Buy it. You'll not be sorry.
08th November, 2008
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Eaux de Caron Forte by Caron

I detect the same essence in Eau de Caron Forte that I find offensive in Body Kouros. It's not as strong but it's unmistakable. Some people adore that Kouros accord and an equal number detest it. Count me in the latter. I blindly purchased a 3.4 oz bottle of Eau de Caron Forte on Ebay that will now go unused. For me, there isn't anything in this that I find appealing.
01st July, 2008

The Dreamer by Versace

My review is for the "average Joe or Jane" like me, who is not trained to distinguish between the various notes. I almost skipped buying this because of what turned out to be a very exagerated review that this fragrance smells like pipe tobacco ashes. What a mistake that would have been. The Dreamer is simply awesome. The base notes I picked up, if anything, are tobacco flower and amber. There is nothing in this that smells like tobacco smoke or ashes. If there is, it is so faint as to be virtually indetectable by us average Joes and Janes. Nothing in the top notes caused me any problem either and there are couple of fragrances that do. The Dreamer is a very masculine, refined scent that smells like nothing I've ever used. It is how I imagine a well groomed man of some affluence should smell. I think it is suited for a romantic evening or anytime you'd like to make a great impression.

I started my fragrance collection just 3 short months ago and already have 30 plus of the very highest rates ones here on base notes. You should consider the Dreamer. In my opinion, it is outstanding and one of the best fragrances a man can own.
10th May, 2008

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Absolutely gorgeous scent. I love it. It is in my top three for sure. Very classy.
23rd April, 2008

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

This is my numero uno. This is not a clubbing scent nor will it be a top choice of the college & younger crowd. This is, however, sophistication and class in a bottle. Boucheron does not knock anyone over but lures them closer, especially the ladies. The light floral tones are extremely well done. One reviewer called it "old fashioned". I can't see it. To me, it is more in line with the fresh scents of today.
23rd April, 2008

Visit by Azzaro

I bought a bottle of this blindly based on positive reviews here and elsewhere. BIG MISTAKE. There are two things I now know: (1) some people love nutmeg; and, (2) I'm not one of them. Actually, I don't mind nutmeg in moderation but it so dominates this scent, for me, to the point of nausea. No scent, not even the cheapest dollar store variety has ever given me a headache. This one did and almost instantaneously. My first reaction is that it smells like a bargain basement fabric softener. Anyone need a full 3.4 oz bottle of this stuff? Those of you who grew up in the 60s-70s will remember the ultra repulisive and cheap "Hai Karate". I'd take that over this concoction.
18th April, 2008

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

This isn't my cup of tea. I sprayed some on the back my hand in a department store today. I cannot handle this scent. My guess is that the castoreum oil, taken from the musk glands of beaver and used to set traps by North American Mountain men in the days before westward expansion, could not have been far different from this. I have scrubbed the back of my hand three times with hot water and that strong handwashing liquid commonly found in restrooms. The scent must have penetrated my skin because it will not go away. I asked the ladies in the office what they thought about it and they were all equally repulsed. This after three scrubbings, mind you. So there's a positive. This stuff has BIG TIME staying power! My recommendation is that you test this and allow that special someone in your life to sample it too before buying. Oh yes, spray on a swatch or something and not your skin. From my experience, it will not disappear when you need it to do so. I am headed home now to apply vinegar or ammonia cleaner or whatever else I can find to the back of my hand before taking a hot shower. Different strokes......I guess.
18th April, 2008

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

I'm not in the same league with you guys when it comes to evaluating fragrances. I have read hundreds and hundreds of your reviews, really appreciate them, and have purchased a lot of those fragrances that you favor. This is one where I went against the flow. I'm no expert, so I'll go with the reactions I get from the opposite sex.

I'm a 53 year-old Department Director who has a decent sized secretarial pool. Those ladies notice what I wear and feel comfortable enough with me to comment on it.

They like the Bulgari Pour Homme, the Chanel Platinum Egoiste, the Burberry Touch, the D&G, Boucheron Homme, Issey Miyake, Hanae Mori, etc. However, everyone of them swoons when I wear Euphoria. They love it and even request that I wear it again after I've gone a few days wearing other fragrances. I love the fragrance too. I think it's the suede that I and they like. Out of all the many colognes I have, this is my favorite and gets the best reaction - from Southern girls anyway. I don't know. Maybe we aren't as sophisticated and don't know any better.

You guys are the experts but there is one thing this rank amateur would like to take issue with you on. I've read so many of your comments that this cologne or that isn't strong enough or doesn't stay with you long. I think it depends on what you're definition of "staying" is. There are a lot of people out there who get physically ill at the smell of fragrances. Plus, many, many women have told me that they don't want to be blown over with a fragrance. It should be a subtle, suggestive hint. Otherwise, your fragrance no matter what it is can be a turn off. This past weekend, I purchased D&G Light Blue Pour Homme and applied 2 squirts before attending church. I was convinced an hour later that there was no trace of it remaining. Seven hours later, I was hugged by a lady and, to my surprise, she commented that my cologne was fantastic. Eight hours after applying Euphoria (just 2 squirts), I've had ladies ask me what that wonderful fragrance is. I couldn't smell it but they still could.

I guess my point is that perhaps many of these fragrances have a lot more staying power than that for which they are credited. I admit, my experiences have been the "up close and personal" variety. The question is do you want your fragrance to "reach out and touch" EVERYONE or primarily those who get close to you? I prefer the latter. My rule of thumb is if I can still smell myself after a few hours, the cologne is too strong and/or I applied too much.

Can any of you suggest other fragrances with creamy suede as a basenote?

08th April, 2008