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Time for Peace for Her by Kenzo

As we grab the bottle of Time For Peace Pour Elle, we noticed the notes written on it. Here is the notes: Blackcurrant, Mandarin, White Freesia, Jasmin Petals, Based-plant Amber, Incens. That's it. Do we love it? Yep. We have only one bottle left, and it is discontinued :(( Ciao,Hi,Ola,Merhaba from Turkey.
09th July, 2008

Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve

The musk never smelled this good with the combination of Jasmin and Basil. Green notes adds another feeling to it, as well. Currently discontinued, but amazon still offers quite a good selection.
13th May, 2008

VIP for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I agree with the strength and attraction of the opening notes. It is like women's pure perfume. A powerful one beyond Dior Jules.
10th May, 2008
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Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

A must have in a men's wardrobe. Currently discontinued, but still available on amazon stores. Spicy, herbal scent. Imagine wearing Calvin Klein Escape for men in the morning, then mixing some Escada Sunset Heat, and through the evening bring some of this Giorgio scent, an escalated approach to unique power of attraction. What I mean is that Giorgio Men is the climax point in your choice of cologne wear during the day. Also, its after shave may be a good option to start the day, and then ease up with choices like Diesel Green Masculine, and at the end finish up with Angel Men.
10th May, 2008

Siesta by Antonio Miro

Menly, mature, spicy one from Espana. İOla!
04th May, 2008

Jil Sander Woman II by Jil Sander

Another rare fragrance, and we are delighted to have this hard to find Jil Sander. It is called Woman Two, and made in West Germany. Has an orange box.
25th April, 2008

Jules by Christian Dior

It is a pleasure to finally add my comments to this one-of-a-kind website. Hello world from Turkey. After selling a bunch of Jules we have in stock to clients in England, Spain, and the US, I recollect some thoughts about this rare fragrance. A clear scent of tobacco or leather gives a full exposure of maturity. Not recommended for a young clientele, but perfect scent for the rest. Very different from today's men cologne. Most men cologne (except Creed, etc.) are very fresh, not much perfume. Jules is like wine, the more it is preserved, the better it smells.
06th April, 2008

Elysium by Clarins

Just noted that it has papaya, honeydew, sandalwood and musk. Recommended for office wear.
06th April, 2008

Havana pour Elle by Aramis

Very rare one. Found out it is sharp, crispy floral for daytime wear. Its men edition is more popular I guess.
06th April, 2008