Reviews by 4mul8


Promesse by Cacharel

A great deal better then other offering from Cacherel. Incredibley floral and vibrant, it cant help but be noticed.
12th May, 2006

Envy Me 2 by Gucci

A very fresh, light, dianty smell, perfect for summer and every day wear.
11th May, 2006

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I came across this in GQ magazine, and im sure glad i did. Ive never paid too much attention to Hermes fragrances, but this one definitly caught me by suprise. Elegant earthy base notes really does reflect their goal earth and sky
11th May, 2006

Essential by Lacoste

excellent. i really love this masculine, sporty summer fragrance and its clean scent and longevity makes it a definite must have
11th May, 2006

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

I dont understand this.. the more i smell it the worse it gets. it is a very risky smell and overpowering and choking if you get too much on. wear it too long and you will get a headache.. and not many compliments.
11th May, 2006

Emporio Armani City Glam for Him by Giorgio Armani

Oh no.. city glam does not live up to its name and come of cheap and strong.. i assume only trendies who think they have taste will be attracted to this (just look at the bottle, its very loud). Back to the drawing board for Armani.. yuck
11th May, 2006

Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

This is a very original fragrance and the frsh fruity tope notes are lovely, even if a little too much.. the dry down though is what makes the fragrance great and it lasts long! perfect for sexy summers
11th May, 2006

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Not greatly innovative, but it is fresh and clean and does last long. the bottle is also one of a kind but kinda hard to display!
11th May, 2006

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

An aggressive but incredibly fresh fragrance, possibly my favourite scent. it is definatly targeted at younger men and it brings out a confident, energised and srond persona! two thumbs up!!
11th May, 2006

Emporio Armani Night He by Giorgio Armani

A great scent for the evening! more for indimate situations as the fragrance does not have much 'reach'. however up close it is a strong, woody and sensual. personally i feel it is the best of the 'he' fragrances( including city glam).
11th May, 2006

DKNY Energy Men by Donna Karan

I told my mum to get the original DKNY for men from duty free.. but she brought back this. the only good thing about this is that it doesnt last long.. and when thats a good thing you know this is rubbish
11th May, 2006

Touch for Men by Burberry

the first thing that stikes me is the classy bottle which set the tone for this fragrance. i love the violet leaf note along with a solid citrus presence and excellent balance of strong wood notes. not something i would wear day in day out, but finishes of a suit or formal wear nicley
11th May, 2006

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

I find that this is one of the risky fragrances that you either hate or love. personally i love it, i read that many fine it appealing for the older man, but being a twenty year old myself i still love it. definately more for the office and formal wear, but it oozes class and professionalism.
11th May, 2006

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

A great long lasting smell. however it does turn a little funky on hot days which limits its use some what. i suggest warm summer nights and i always get compliments for it ;)
11th May, 2006

Hugo by Hugo Boss

i dont see why this is getting alot of stick. yes it is easy going and original, but thats a good thing! it is clean, fresh and lasts long.
11th May, 2006

Happy for Men by Clinique

Excellent for everday wear. not imposing but keeps you fresh and airy and the citrus twist is makes it a summertime classic!
11th May, 2006

FUBU Plush for Men by FUBU

The name should not put you off! in fact i picked it up on the cheap and it does not disappoint, it last long, has a good dry down, and i doubt you will find many sporting this fragrance!
11th May, 2006

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

lickily in england i have not encountered many with this fragrance. consequently you can have some sense of originality (though not too much). i wear it straight out of the gym.. fresh, herbal, marine, and though may not be the most sophisicated it is a classic for a reason!
11th May, 2006

Chance by Chanel

an incredibly seductive fragrance,which is perfect for any time of the day.
11th May, 2006