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En Avion by Caron

Another perfume of the legendary Caron house ruined by reformulation incompetance, if you used to wear En Avion before 2001 you know this has been recently tweaked. Unfortunately vintage En Avion is hard to find but please stay away from new EA, the new one is just a shadow of what it used to be. The new version lacks refinement, grace and elegance, typical of reformulated creations by current Caron in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse.
05th May, 2008

Narcisse Noir by Caron

Narcisse Noir in edt or parfum up until the late 90's was one of the darkest, most dramatic, sensual and enigmatic perfume I ever smelled anywhere. Its animalic orange blossom supported by incensy dark base made it a perfume of the film noir genre. Unfortunately since 2000 it 's gone through horrible reformulations by current Caron in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse, Narcisse Noir has now become an insipid sweet soapy floral with little character compared to the original.
05th May, 2008