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Obsession for Men Summer by Calvin Klein

I'm actually surprised by how much I like this.

A nice mix of sport, floral, and fruit. Maybe a bit aquatic as well with a light cedar finish.

All in all a nice summer scent...nothing original but a pleasant deviant from the syrupy nastiness that comes to mind with the original obsession.

True to CK standards...scent won't last past dessert.
24th April, 2016

Dark Amber by Bath and Body Works

So the longevity of this short lived...but then again we've come to expect that from Bath and Body Works, have we not?

The scent itself reminds me of those Christmas candles with the addition of lemon (bergamot). That said, when I smell this I want to gnaw my own arm off. Definitely a sweeter almost a boozey smell...but not in an offensive way. (Similar to Spark but a bit brighter at not as gourmand.)

Just wish it lasted longer.
14th August, 2014

Twilight Woods for Men by Bath and Body Works

I admit that I love the blast of orange and woods upon application but it's nothing monumental. (Smells like something you'd happen upon in one of the teenie-bopper stores.)

Lacking in staying power--as is the case w/ most B&BW fragrances for men.

Nice fall/winter scent but that's about the only time I remember I have this one.
26th May, 2014
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Clean Men by Clean

Forgive me, but when all is said and done it smells "clean," as the name implies.

Packaging is nothing eye catching (perhaps they were trying to be like Demieter?) and is a bit feminine w/ its teal and white box...not something I'd expect to see for men's cologne.

Now for the scent:

At first whiff: How many lemon trees were murdered in the production of this stuff?! But be patient--this too shall pass.

A bit later: Soapy...clean...I think Ivory, Dial, and perhaps Irish Spring put their heads together to come up with a cologne that actually has that clean soapy aroma to it without getting anywhere near those abhorable "linen" scents.

I can tell the longevity isn't going to be so hot but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
02nd October, 2012

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

What were they thinking?!

They've taken a great scent like Allure Sport and associated it with this perfectly foul smelling stuff. My take is that they took the original Sport and pumped it full of powder (sandalwood) that makes it smell more appropriate for some little old woman whose vocabulary does not know the word "moderation". Even with one spritz of this stuff I was repulsed and had to wash it off be cause it was so offensive to my nose.

Back to the drawing board with you, Mr. Polge!
25th September, 2012

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I first tried this many years (10+) ago when at the beach with my family. The night sea breeze picked it up and I thought it smelled amazing. (Granted it was from a tiny vial/tester that had been under my father's counter for who knows how long.)

I found a one ounce bottle today at wal-mart and used some of my birthday money to "splurge."

Doesn't smell quite as good as I remember it and kind of makes me think of that purple dimatap (sp?) that my mother used to give us when we were sick as little kids.

Don't know if I'll keep this or return it but it should without a doubt be limited to one but no more than two sprays when one applies it or be prepared to offend and induce headaches.

I'm trying hard to like it but the bottom line is that its opening reminds me of a powdery bathroom and I think that, while I like orientals more than most, the dry down of this one is going to be entirely too sweet and mature smelling for someone about to turn 27.
03rd September, 2012

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

Maybe it's the suede or maybe it's the patchouli but all I can smell is musk as this one dries down. I had high hopes and wanted to like it but the musk is a deal breaker.

At first sniff this smells like the classier cousin of Dirty English. As the richness of the top notes die down all I can think of is the stink of a mechanic's shop (oil, grease, sweat, etc.) until we arrive at the musky stench to complete this disappointing scent from the house of Kors.
22nd May, 2012

True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

Discovered this scent many years ago. I think this is one of the scents that Hilfiger got right. Very aquatic and leathery smelling to me which seems to be a unique combination. Smells good on cool days and warm nights. As picky as my wife is about the colognes I wear she likes this one.
23rd March, 2012

Quorum by Antonio Puig

My wife's opinion: "Smelling that on you makes me feel sick."

Mine: it starts out smooth enough and reminds me of Lauder for men but I could already tell it was going to be too mature. As the dry down progresses I'm reminded of the original Polo which makes me cringe. By the end of the evening the juice had settled down to a very subdued tobacco and leather scent that left me feeling indifferent and thankful that I got a cheap deal on this one.

Smart looking bottle but the contents leavemuch to be desired: not the worst thing I've ever worn but definitely dated and far from orignal in smell.
23rd March, 2012

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

Got a vial of this recently and all I can say is the name made me cringe. I dont think I'd be brave enough to wear something called Blue Sugar and admit to it.

It's not terrible, but it smells just like A Men from Theiry Mugler minus the tar smell. Very candyish and something I would expect to smell on some teenager who wasn't taught the value of sparingly applying scents.
12th October, 2011

Corduroy by Zirh

There's got to be musk in this stuff somewhere!

Smells like a less abrassive version of Dirty English from Claiborne.

Very soft smell...had high hopes for this one; glad I only got a sample vial.

The roof of my mouth feels fuzzy when I smell this stuff on me.
12th October, 2011

V pour Homme by Valentino

Slightly dark and slightly tart at first. Maybe its the mace? Very nice oriental that one could easily wear in the summer months because it's so light but it still holds its own in the winter months. I wasn't sure about this one at first but it is now my second top favorite. (Nothing has yet to top Chanel's Allure Homme Sport!)

Numerous compliments on this from the ladies and my fiancee gets annoyed when I wear this out because the other ladies pay so much attention to me. (I'm reminded of one incident when a woman as on the down-wind side of me some 50 feet away and came racing up to me to ask what I was wearing. My fiancee was not amused..haha)
27th April, 2010

Vertical by Victoria's Secret

Vertical starts out promising with the bergamot, but it concludes with a scent that resembles girly-bugspray. Took it back the next day.
08th January, 2010
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Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

After years of teasing my father for only wearing this cologne for over a decade (he's since discovered that there are, in fact, other great smelling colognes out there), I broke down and bought a bottle of Safari for myself this afternoon.

The bottle itself is worthy of an aristocrat's dresser. (I admit I had reservations about chunking the box the stuff came in.) More bottles should be fashioned in this design.

The scent itself: Fresh at first, then it dies down into a smoldering (maybe even alluring?) chyprye smell that reminded me of my much-favored Burberry London. Towards the end of the evening I detect a leathery aroma, maybe with a touch of the patchouli mentioned in the notes category.

I'll keep this one around to wear at work, and frankly because the bottle just looks that good on your dresser or bathroom counter.
07th January, 2010

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

A woman could be a witch or 500 years old and I'd still jump on her if she had this stuff on. I always, always, notice a woman wearing Oscar de La Renta.

Classy, commanding; as inviting as it is cold.

This one's for the women who know what they want and exactly how they're going to get it.

As for the scent: starts out heavy, softens considerably, and takes you back generations when class was a woman's greatest adornment. (Woody-powdery-floral, but leagues above Estee Lauder's "Knowing," which, while wonderful in it's own right, cannot compete with Oscar.)
14th November, 2009

Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

I've never been able to make up my mind as to whether or not I like Romance Silver. However, I keep going back to this oddly captivating scent in hopes of drawing a conclusion to this question. It's more of a citrus scent in the warmer months yet more musky/leathery/earthy in the cooler months: it is unquestionably one of the few fragrances one can wear year round without drawing ridicule from the fragrance-snobs.

My girl played coy when I first wore this around her but about ten-minutes later she was nuzzling up against my neck and whispering how good I smelled. (Also that it blended "perfectly with [her] RL *whatever* perfume" she had on at the time.)

Doubtful that I'll ever buy a large bottle of this RL scent but a small bottle will always have it's place on my counter because it is one of the few RL fragrances that is perfect for most occasions, seasons, and almost a sure fire bet with the ladies.
02nd November, 2009

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

A bastardization to the Allure-Homme line, much like it's predecessor, the Sport-"Cologne". This stuff is so vile I can only imagine Chanel is spinning in her grave at the association of it with her name. Allure Homme, and Allure Home Sport: you can't go wrong. If you honestly must smell like the "Edition Blanche" save your money and bathe in bug spray and dry off in a bed of cedar shavings. I couldn't wash this horror off fast enough and my girlfriend was repulsed from the minute I first tried it in the store. Had very high hopes for this one based upon reviews but my disappointment was unparalleled.
19th October, 2009

Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

As the name implies, this scent is -only- for the reserved, modern gentleman, who can kill with one look and charm with a few words.

I loathe the original polo but this, I proudly wear it and love catching a whiff of myself. There's almost a spicy scent to it that I love. Upon the dry down I detect a soft, sociable soapy-leather smell that oozes with class.

I was apprehensive about only being able to buy a large bottle but now that I've worn this a few times, I see why it only comes in a large bottle.

Another winner from Ralph!

07th June, 2009

Love Spell by Victoria's Secret

While I'm not a fan of things that smell like "fruit punch" (which this stuff does), it drives me wild when my girl wears this!
07th June, 2009

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue: Fun, fresh, carefree, always a hit with the ladies.

Nothing but compliments from the ladies when I wear this.

My only complaint (my girlfriend shares this viewpoint) is that it smells a little girlie at the end of the day.
07th June, 2009

Intuition for Men by Estée Lauder

I feel cool...aloof...and dangerously confident when I wear Intuition.

Intuition is in a league of it's own--just like any man who wears it.

07th June, 2009

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

Very Sexy is, at best, a generic scent fit for a middle schooler who needs a cologne that wont knock people out if he puts on too much.

The only reason I haven't given it away is that my girl nearly salivates when I wear this stuff. (Then again, isn't the one you love always infatuated with your scent when you have on the one fragrance that you think is a waste of counter space and money?)

In all honesty I'll keep paying more for my Chanel and Ralph Lauren scents before I'll buy another bottle of this stuff when it's gone. If she likes it on me, she can buy the next bottle ;)
07th June, 2009

Polo by Ralph Lauren

My girl and I were on Tybee Island recently walking the beach. Some one had this filth on and we both wanted to hurl. We were amazed that we could smell this above the breeze, the ocean, and everything else one finds on the beach. Everyone knows when you've got it on, that's for sure!

Stick with the Modern Reserve version: this stuff is a waste of money and offensive to everyone I know--young AND old!
07th June, 2009

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

I'm not sure about this one:

I saw it on the counter in Macy's and on a whim sprayed some on my hand. My girl proceeded to make multiple attempts to gnaw my hand off for the next six hours.

All I smelled was an orange...maybe some ginger/cinnamon or whatever other spices are in this stuff; the combination gave me dry heaves.

I asked my girl what she smelled and all she said was "mmmmm," while practically drooling from first spray to dry down.

Not something I'd buy for myself, but I told her I'd wear it for her and only her, if she were to leave a bottle on my pillow.

In the meantime, I'll stick to my Chanel Allure Sport. Cant go wrong with it, and we both love it.
23rd January, 2009

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

I will forever remember the halls of my middle school smelling like this stuff and Aqua Di Gio. I didn't care for Tommy then, probably because preteens dont realize a little (of some colognes) goes a looong way. Tommy was a cologne that didn't appeal to me until my early twenties after I'd tried more of what was out there. However, I can see why this one was so popular fifteen years ago. Good casual scent for summer.

06th January, 2009

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

The two years I worked at a fragrance counter I hated this, mostly because I hate colognes that people buy by word of mouth, or because so and so wears it. Grow up, branch out; seriously. (That, and I was previously only one to wear colognes of the Oriental variety; my girl only drools when I wear citrus/fresh/aquatic scents--the things you do for the love of a woman)

However, once I finally tried it (reluctantly, after almost two years of finding nothing from the Armani line had worked for me, and that this was the only one I hadn't tried), I came to see what all the hoop-la was about.

Not original, by any means, but still a damn good cologne--perhaps if you're a cologne virgin. I'm reminded of Polo Blue when I wear this, but unlike Lauren's creation, that of Armani lasts considerably longer which earns brownie points in my book.

This is the Honda of colognes: everyone has it--with good reason.

(P. S. The Jasmine is a nice touch.)
19th December, 2008

Happy for Men by Clinique

I love this, and the ladies love it on me--when it's first applied. However, after about an hour, I'm not recognized because well, Happy seems to disappear...leaving me very un-Happy, no pun intended.
15th December, 2008

McGraw by Tim McGraw

Like 99% of the celebs and artists who market a fragrance, Tim should stick to what he knows: music, not fragrances.

Smelled pretty good in my girlfriend's cosmo...I found a tiny bottle at wal-mart for ten bucks. (Her exact words, "Babe, that smells like something you'd buy at wal-mart or kohls.)

I had to wash it off this morning before going to work it was so utterly vile.

Musk and whiskey is all I could pick up. Reminded me of Dirty English. This one goes back post haste.
29th November, 2008

Séxual pour Homme by Michel Germain

It's ok. At first I thought of it as a more potent version of Very Sexy for Him. Wrong--even that stuff lasts longer than Germain's creation. My girl hasn't noticed it when I wear it and she has the nose of a bloodhound. I get citrus and nutmeg, some spices, and then zilch.

My biggest complaint, however, remains that it does not last. I carry the "travel" spray that was included w/ the bottle (as it damn well should have been at that price!) with me if I have some important shindig to attend while wearing this creation that is essentially pathetic...and is most probably still in production only because we men are suckers for marketing scams that promise "success" with the ladies. (Sorry, I'll stick with Spark from Claiborne if I want success inspired by pheromones.)

I think the only reason I keep it is because I like the bottle...and how it sits smugly on my bathroom counter as it silently mocks my other cold weather scents.
29th November, 2008

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

I was in love with "the one" for about two hours. Pessimist that I am, I kept wondering when it would stop getting better and better. Ehh, well, my girl and I had dinner for our 10 month anniversery...she didn't notice it. At all. As in, no feedback--good or bad. Took it back the next day. If D&G could just make their cologne last longer, we would have had a winner. (Also, hated how this reminded me of Gucci Envy.)
16th November, 2008