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Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

I am on to my second Bottle of Paco Rabbane and still not tired. It reflects masculinity and power. Its a kind of fragrance wich can be worn casuall and at the same time fits a formal occasion. The cologne settles down very nicely though the start is very extrovert. A true classic.
10th April, 2004

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Best among Marine Scents. Hot summer days and Gio goes hand in hand. A true summer classic.
28th November, 2002

Chrome by Azzaro

I haven't seen another citrusy scent which if so long lasting. To me a perfect summer and casual wear.
27th November, 2002
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Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Classics are forever and Azzoro falls under this category. I have already used 2 bottles but still some time think of the 3rd one.
27th November, 2002

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

I lay hands to this stuff very lately, but when first used then only i realized that why Eau Sauvage is rated as one of the classic of all time. A perfect wear for hot, hot summer days
09th November, 2002

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

Simple equation. Thats makes this fragrance elegant. Prominent saffron notes. Its light but very much there. The only thing went wrong with this stuff is its name. People have high expectations that they would get something extra ordinary which makes them or other Maniac. May be It doesn't leave any impact initially but gradually reveals its secrets.
07th November, 2002

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

Sophisticated, urban and versatile, 212 has everything to offer. A differrent fragrance from the routine type. Long lasting at the same time subtle. Excellently crafted fragrance.
05th November, 2002

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It makes me wild. A true classic. Most refreshing top notes i have ever experienced in any colongne. On my second bottle and whenever puzzled what to apply, Armani pour homme is there.
01st October, 2002

1881 pour Homme by Cerruti

Its very fresh and long lasting almost remains for whole day. Sophasticated and sober. Very mature fragrance.
15th September, 2002

Sculpture Homme by Nikos

Right now i am using it and to me it is not very good. However, It is strong and remains for almost half a day but again not very impressive to me. As far as bottle is concerned its too very shaky being rest on its head having small base, fell oftenly.
20th August, 2001

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

One of the best perfume i have ever applied. Like other good perfumes it remains whole day. Plus, one can apply it for every occasion. Its worth haviing.
20th August, 2001