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Vera Wang by Vera Wang

It's ok, I'm not asian but lol, received my sample from one of my asian friends to try.
Its construction is balanced, and upon intro I sense a hint of green moss, which upon drydown somehow changes into green candied apple (mixed with rose).
Sillage is low to medium but I've found it will make one final comeback upon sweating.
I agree it is not a memorable or distinctive scent, rather just a better than average run of the mill product. It's best worn in the fall when I believe that crispy green candied apple note I spoke of above comes out best in clear chilly air.
16th February, 2011

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Yes on most people, I agree disgusting. But for a rare few individuals such as myself, the sweetness is cut with the prey drive instinct. Call it femme fatal, but I swear, there is something about this one that is buried deep within it's layers that begs to be brought to the surface with the right sweat combo. On a cold dark night, in January I only hope my surroundings include this one. Syrup, burnt sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla, white pepper, black Pepper, sweet tobacco, tarragon, brown sugar, and salt.
27th January, 2011

L - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

As I lay with Lamb, I wish I could give it two separate reviews.
1st and foremost, who's kidding here its all about intro. . mediocre overly abundant heady sweet modern floral pea/pear blah, which I personally almost wanted to wash off! But then I thought, I love Gwen, I'm giving her a shot! so I waited a while. . . and boy I'm glad I did.
2nd and most importantly, comes like a freight train the best part. 1.5 hours in.
I kept looking over my shoulder thinking, someone smells good! Low and behold, The side note upon drydown previously invisible to my naked nose was that prevailing musky peachy dry vanilla funk jasmine hooch I love. It is soo good, at this point, I kept wanting to smell it!
All in all, it left me a junkie for more as I'm reapplying and enduring the first undesireable opening for want of the gusto.
27th January, 2011
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Lobster by Demeter Fragrance Library

Well in New England where lobster is used in everything from bisque to rolls, I was really looking forward to a blast of the buttery sweet crustacean with hot salty algae steam in the air smell to remind me of home. To try and recreate that aroma, well it would be a challenge for sure, but thought with the success of other demeter depictions like laundromat, and dirt, then they if anyone would be up for it. They say on their website that lobster comes off buttery and sweet. I think my curiosity got the best of me here, so I bought a bottle through the mail without passing the sniff test first. What a mistake! It's all soo completely wrong. When my bottle arrived, I tore it open and immediately doused my kitchen. Sniff sniff, what? There was no smell at all, nada nothing zip. zilch zero. After a few moments, the alcohol dried off, and there was an ever so faint trace of seafood in the trail winds, the kind that's been sitting in the trash overnight, and needs to be taken out. The kind that's starting to go rancid and gets that weird ammonia smell. My advice to all is definitely save the money on this frag as you can make it easily yourself at home. Start with water, (a whole lot of it) add a squeeze of lemon, and top it off with a few drops of ammonia. Pour into a spray bottle, and voila! You have Demeter Lobster! Zero staying power, and just a complete nonsensical waste of time item. They could have done a much more accurate rendition of lobster if they mixed their condensed milk with salt air. That might have gotten them closer.
23rd January, 2011 (last edited: 27th January, 2011)

Paperback by Demeter Fragrance Library

After reading the positive reviews (and being a closet demeter fan) I went out and bought the Paperback scent. I was hoping to jump into my experience at Powell's used books in Oregon, a full city block sized used book store which has a unique, and interestingly alluring smell. I can only describe the smell of Powells as paper, mold, dust, mice, patchoull, and coffee, in that order. Paperback from demeter is more or less a pleasant scent, but as I am learning with this interesting line, not one to be taken literally. You really need to use your imagination here to smell a book. To me, it is vanilla forward with a eucalyptus/camphor finish. Interesting mix. A little like vanilla fields but less sweet. yet more papery/which I have now figured out is conveyed as powder. Interesting, and smart. I am going to give it a neutral, but am very slightly leaning towards thumbs up.
28th December, 2010 (last edited: 27th January, 2011)

Suntan Lotion by Demeter Fragrance Library

As a Demeter fragrance lab fan, I was looking forward to reminiscing about last summer in Cancun, but was sadly disappointed when I received Suntan Lotion. The only wave I was hit by with this one was sharp acrid comet cleanser followed by a harsh off mosquito repellent dry down. Thankfully this chemical catastrophe was over with in about 7 minutes.
07th December, 2010

Zen (new) by Shiseido

It works well on me, I am a scorpio with A+ blood type (Some say that matters). It hits all the right notes in all the right places, intro and middle is soo complex, and seems to be when I receive most compliments. Something about this scent reminds me of being in Marrakesh Morocco at a spice market, not that I've ever been, but I bet it smells great! There are many different notes at any given time depending on which way the wind and my hair blows. This is not a common or easily recognizable scent so for that reason alone I choose to wear it heavily in the fall and winter. I will admit on the intro, there are some similarities to chanel mademoiselle.
03rd December, 2010

Laundromat by Demeter Fragrance Library

Perfectly mimics the smell of the laundromat on Sunday. I find it very appealing, it has a heated soap intro, and then steam iron starchiness to add to it's authenticity! How do they do that? On the finish (which is about 20 minutes in) there is a ever so slight baby powdery note. All in all, the whole experience will last you about . . .oh, the time it takes to do one load of laundry!
03rd December, 2010

Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

This was a spontaneous purchase, I loved the initial freshness of the pear and thought it balanced nicely with the honey. It is incredibly original at first, but 30 minutes later becomes underwhelming and lost in a layer of straight musk. If the initial notes had some longevity to balance out the finish, I would feel differently about this one.
07th June, 2010

Burberry London by Burberry

Something about this scent reminds me of expensive new clothes, I am always complimented on it, but am rather suprised that more people don't recognize it. Definitely Bergamot in there somewhere. To me it is elegant, educated, successful and sharp. It also slightly changes depending which type of material you are wearing it with. Of which my favorite is cashmere, then it smells richer. . I SWEAR!
16th September, 2008