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Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

It's not often that a scent creates so strong associations as this does to me.To me Le baiser du dragon is a treasure chest filled with dry flowers and maybe some incence in an antique shop.It comes out rather strong to begin with.On me the most pronounced notes are Vetiver and patchouli which gives it a bit of edge,but it gradually develops into a warmer scent when the benzoin kicks in.It reminds me slightly of Shalimar,which is probably the benzoin and vanilla.It's a scent I need to be in the mood for,but when I am it's perfect.One of my Diva scents.I always feel that I have to be dressed up to wear it. I feel I've discovered a real gem this time:)
14th May, 2008

L by Lolita Lempicka

First of all I completely understand that for some people this can get a bit too sweet.Actually my first impression of it,from the bottle was just that.Incredably sugary.Because of this it took me a while to try the scent on my skin.On me it is a bit similar to Addict,but I find Addict more "sticky".L is a bit more spicy.The most pronounced note on me is vanilla,but there's a touch of cinnamon and something slightly woody too.I'm glad I finally tried L beacuse some days I really seem to crave it.But if you don't like vanilla,not for you.
22nd November, 2007

Chergui by Serge Lutens

This scent is my first approach to all the exclusive scents.I was really impressed by it.This scent manages to be both spicy,dry and sweet at the same time.The first notes that came through on me is a leather note, soon to develop into spices.Pepper and clove is the notes that my nose picked up.I did not get any flowers after the first dry leathernotes and spices,but lots of amber and maybe a touch of honey.The only downside of this fragrance is that I think it gets a littlebit too close to the skin on me.But sometimes that's a good thing too.
04th November, 2007
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Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien is not an easy scent to like,I think..I have to admit that the first time I tried it I really hated it!I found it sour and weird smelling.However I've learned from experience that I need to retest most of the scents I try several times and with a huge time gap between.Alien also reminded me a bit of Crystal Noir in the beginning,but it's cooler and less sweet.Not sure what caused me feeling that way about it,because now I find them really different from eachother.On me Alien smells mostly of Jasmine,but it gradually warms a little up and the amber comes through.It also has a quite green quality about it I think.I've grown to like this scent more and more,but it's defenitely a scent I would have to be in the mood for.Defenitely a very original mix of notes and the bottle is cool too.
22nd October, 2007

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I'm sorry to say that this is one of the most unpleasant fragrances I've tried so far.Very,very sharp.Smells a bit like an overly perfumed soap.I do however like the rosey opening of this scent.Maybe a chemistry issue,but overall not for me.
29th March, 2007

Opium Fleur Impériale by Yves Saint Laurent

Opium fleur imperiale is one of the rare occasions when I've basically bought the scent there and then.This was last autumn,so I was really worried that the scent would be sold out.I absoulutely fell in love when i tried it the first time:)It was quite strong.The first thing that came through was vanilla and patchouli.This developed into something fairly close to sandalwood.If I didn't know it was not among the notes listed I would have thought it was sandalwood in it.It's not among the most complex scents I've tried,but it always makes me feel pretty.So thumps up from me.
28th March, 2007

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

I actually asked my mom to buy either Hypnotic Poison or Poison for me at a trip.They didn't have any at that dutyfree shop,so she bought this instead.I find it nice and fresh,but with a little attitude too.The first time I tried it I didn't really like it that much.Very...unoriginal.Lately I'm getting more and more used to it,though.Sometimes it reminds me of CK One with the strong jasmine smell.In the drydown there's a soft,slightly sweet note.I'm guessing musk.It's ok,but it doesn't last on my skin.That is actually what put me off by it the first time I tried it.I simply can't smell it after a while.And that's the edp....So all in all an ok scent,but not among my favourits.I use it to work or in the summer mostly.
29th September, 2006

Samsara by Guerlain

When i got a mini collection box ,with some Guerlains, last christmas I was eager to try Samsara.The topnotes in Samsara are rather green and woody to my nose.Nice opening,I thought.This note soon developes to a rather strong jasmine smell with a touch of roses.I really like jasmine and roses,so thought this was promising.However,after about half an hour after applying ,it started to smell really fruity and very strong of Ylang-ylang.This note started to bother me,but I ignored it, only to find out that the scent only got sweeter and sweeter.I don't hate ylang-ylang,not vanilla either,but the combination of these notes was not good on my skin.Unfortunately the scent got sickening sweet.I've tried Samsara later ,to make sure it was just me being silly that day.But no,unfortunately I can't wear this scent, even though I do like the notes listed. Seems that sweet scents has a tendency to get REALLY sweet on my skin, espesially with the combination of tonka bean, vanilla and ylang-ylang.
28th September, 2006

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

The first time i smelled this one I simply had to ask the girl wearing it, what it was.I thought it smelled really nice and had a slightly caramelish feel to it.However ,once I tried it on myself I didn't care much for it.On me it simply smelled awful.I almost felt sticky after applying Addict.It smelled candy.Nothing ore,nothing less on me.A shame really, cause with the right skin chemistry this scent smells really nice:)
05th June, 2006

Poison by Christian Dior

Initially Poison is very strong on me.Almost makes me cough.But after a short while the scent settles a bit more.Then I get a distinct smell of incense and blackberries.This note lasts all through down to the heartnote. Then it suddenly changes and you get this sweet honey smell mixed with berries.There's still a bit sharp note in it,but not as strong as to begin with.I also get a bit woody feeling in Poison.Like it very much, but it's not a scent for everybody,and I find it somehow a bit different from other scents I've smelled before.Love it, once it has settled!
01st June, 2006

Attraction by Lancôme

I see his one hasn't got too many positive reviews.I've smelled this on others and i own it myself.on others it sems very sweet,and it has a certain caramel feel to it.On me however the first note that comes through is ylang ylang and gardenia.It gives me a certain "spa treatment" feeling whenever I smell that note.After a while it totally smells of iris on me. I find this perfume interesting.Not too heavy or sweet. It is a very romatic scent to me.Nice and fresh, with a touch of sweet.It aways makes me feel comfortable and relaxed ths one.My "feeling good"perfume:)
29th April, 2006

Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden

The topnotes in this fragrance is the freshest.After a while it turns into a sweeter, more fruity scent.I think it's a nice summer fragrance.Espesially here where it's not that hot and humid. but I can imagine that this one can be a bit too fruity for some people.To me this is a nice change from all the more classic fragrances I normally wear.(I like vanilla and rose based scents)I must say it's not a scent I wear that often,but like it when I'm into a bit more romatic mood.My boyfriend really like sthis one.
27th April, 2006

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

The first time I tried N.R I hoenstly had to double check if it really said "To her" on the bottle.I found it a bit masculine ,and was put off by it.I guess I had expected something totally different.I however decided to give it another try a few months later.Then I felt completely different about it. It is slightly masculine, in a strange way.The opening is somehow spicy...reminds me of pinetrees with a touch of spices.after a while it calms down and turns into a soft,comfortabel scent.Reminds me of...cork and it's defenitely a touch of honey in it.If you expect a scent to smell a LOT this one isn't for you.After a while I can't smell it that well.It is a very "close to the skin"scent.But it makes me feel comfortable and sofisticated.Love it now!!
27th April, 2006
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J'Adore by Christian Dior

I used to love this when i was younger.It made me feel sofisticated and dressed up. Now I guess my taste has changed slightly. I still like it,but tend not to wear it that often.I think somehow it's a bit too ordinary, because too many people wears this perfume.But when I wear it I get lots of compliments and this one used to be a favourite of an ex of mine.It's a lot of memories attached to this one too, so I get a bit nostalgic when I smell it.So all in all I have mixed emotions about this one.
27th April, 2006

Allure Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I really like this fragrance.It's classy, but not too heavy.It has this nice combination of flowers...mostly roses and jasmin on me,combined with a spicy note.The drydown gets a littlebit less sweet and turns more woody.One of my favourite Chanels:)
27th April, 2006