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Shanghai Butterfly by Nanette Lepore

There's this slight tea note in the beginning in there that was very lovely, and then it hit the Lily of the Valley note, and I was horrified.

16th April, 2008

Evelyn Rose by Crabtree & Evelyn

I don't smell the peach in this at all, It's predominately Rose. (And a very elegant rose at that)
Very wearable. Suitable for 20+
16th April, 2008

Island Kiss by Escada

Unbearably fruity and juvenile.
The passionfruit-esque note and the mango makes me want to gag.
16th April, 2008
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Axe Kilo by Axe / Lynx

Very gourmand (strong Vanilla and amber) and woodsy. Probably the most mature out of all the Axes. Not bad. I originally bought this as a bedroom airfreshner but eventually gave it to my brother. Smells much better on skin than in the air. (Figures, since this IS made as a deodorant.)
16th April, 2008

Adidas Moves by Adidas

Very clean very fresh, very youtful and very wearable, but no personality whatsover.
16th April, 2008

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

Warm and sensual but not very comfy... which is exactly why it's sexy.
16th April, 2008

Dune by Christian Dior

I'm not good describing scents.
Dune starts off strong and it ends strong. Very earthy. love the woods and the amber in this one
16th April, 2008

Diorissimo by Christian Dior

I hate Lily of the valley with a burning passion (don't know why), so Diorissimo is like an olafactory horrorshow to me.
16th April, 2008

Amor Amor by Cacharel

I dislike the citrusy topnotes in this one, but I'd buy this just because the drydown is so sensual and gorgeous.
15th April, 2008