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Believe by Britney Spears

On Application This fragrance smells strongly of quite tangy, and sweet guava (which adds nice variedness to the whole redolence of it) at first, but at the same time the delicate nuances of tangerine are not noticeable. Later, among the mid notes there is a sweet and piquant aura (must be the honeysuckle intertwined with the linden blossom which again causes some pleasant variedness) that lingers for the middle note duration (by the way, this is an eau de parfum). After the bottom notes have been dectectable for a few minutes, I noticed an almost smokey woody scent, the name of which I'm not sure, but I liked it combined whith the total scent. To me the bottom notes didn't smell of patchouli, amber or pink pralines.

Overall this fragrance is NOT flatly and cloyingly sweet, and the scent is very well mixed so that it almost smells like a totally new aroma (except for the pungent guava), which I like very much.
16th April, 2008

Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren

I was very disappointed in this scent. It smelled like nail polish. yuck! I expected this to have a redolence of delicious sweet mouth-watering passionfruit juice and that the note of coconut would smell some-what rich, like smelling the pulp of a real coconut at least 1.5' away! What happened!?
By the way coconut is one of this fragrances notes listed on beauty websites.
16th April, 2008

M by Mariah Carey

Surprisingly I like this scent! It's very feminine. At first I thought this fragrance would be nauseatingly sweet because of the marshmallows, but I was amazed. Actually I think its the marshmallows that give the perfume its predominate, moderate sweetness; it also gives the florally redolence of gardenia a kick to it's pleasantness. It's as though these two notes harmonize one to the other. Let me explain: Before smelling M or any other fragrance for that matter, yet being aware that other fragrances had gourmand notes, I thought the smell of them would be absolutely tacky smelling or that they would just overwhelm the natural scents. I could be jumping to conclusions but, now, hopefully, to me most scents with gourmand notes, I like, will just smell like the natural aromas, yet only enhanced by them.
The design of the bottle is a bit tawdry, but the color of it is lovely. Purple is my most favorite color, especially this deep, bright, lavender hue.
16th April, 2008
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