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Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton really knows what she likes her men to smell like! This fragrance is a more masculine reflection of herself. It is rather floral and fruity, but at times smell like boiled candy. This fragrance features a heavy watermelon scent; and unfotunately does not get balance out by any other scent! However, kudos to Paris for trying.
22nd January, 2006

True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

This fragrance hints on spice; though spice is not in the composition. The obvious references to pop culture will definately be a selling point for the cologne (ie. Enrique, the microphone-shaped-bottle, the guitar-shaped-blotting-paper provided at department stores)... The initial smell is rather putrid; however, once the scent settles in, it is rather good! Kudos to the designers...
22nd January, 2006

Live by Jennifer Lopez

This fragrance is really good! I loved the tester! It smells so sweet, and girly! It is not overpowering, and hints on the subtle side. J.Lo's got it right for once!
22nd January, 2006
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Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

This fragrance is OK...but it could be better. Personally, I think the fragrance reeks of watermelon; and then dies down instantly into nothingness...Unlike its name; this fragrance is not subtly romantic, but rather in-you-face romantic. Definately recommended for confident people!
22nd January, 2006

Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder

After seeing a female friend wear it I must say that i'm not particularly partial towards this fragrance. In my opinion, it is too sweet; and the added 'spice' is not put in proportion - resulting in no balancing force. I also think that it is too floral and masking. However, the production and the bottling seems appealing. I'd advise that people go and get a sampler before they purchase this fragrance!
15th January, 2006

David Beckham Instinct by Beckham

This fragrance, in my opinion, is a stronger, longer-lasting and more superior version of "Gant Adventure". Basically, at first whiff, it is basically impossible to tell the difference; but the key difference comes when the Head Notes die down. David Beckham Instinct takes longer to die down into it's Heart Notes; whilst the alcohol in Gant Adventure kills off the citrus almost immediately. Also, Instinct has better Heart Notes, they are more well-rounded. Adventure leaves an alcoholic residue, and a bittersweet scent. This scent is definately worth the money!
12th January, 2006

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

To be honest, my mother once sprayed this stuff on her; and I honestly thought that she went into the bathroom and sprayed herself with cheap 'Pot-Pourri' toilet spray. This scent; though appealing to women, really is a turn off. It is floral, to the point that it makes one dizzy; and there is nothing really 'sharp' about this fragrance to allow one forget the headache induced by the floral smells. I think that for once, Dior may have it wrong...
12th January, 2006

Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

I'm sorry to say this Donald, but this product is shouting out to the consumer 'quick buck'. Unfortunately, in a desperate attempt to earn more money, multi-millionaire, Donald Trump, has released a very mediocre product that does not live up to a name of his esteem. The problem with this fragrance is that it is too sharp and spicy; and is a really shocker to the nose. To be fair; I think that this product may have appealed more to the public if Trump got rid of the 'spicy notes' as part of the "Middle Notes".
12th January, 2006

Curious by Britney Spears

I went into a department store, and a woman handed me a sampler for this fragrance, and let me tell you that I was surprised! I think the scent is well-balanced. The floral and musk combination is very interesting, and the end result is rather attractive. The marketing must be complemented as well, the bottling of this product only adds to the already high-quality smell of the fragrance.
12th January, 2006

Gant Adventure by Gant USA

This fragrance is very citrus-sy...however, I must agree with a previous reviewer when they state that the "head" scent dies off almost immediately. This is probably something that one would wear if they desired a daily, non-offensive scent. However, if you're looking for a bit of a kick; try tainting this fragrance with another cologne/body spray.
12th January, 2006

True Star by Tommy Hilfiger

I enjoyed the smell of this fragrance when handed a sampler at a department store. I enjoyed the floral tinged scent. It is floral and sweet, however still clean and fresh. Definately something that can be worn many women without hesistation. However, this fragrance will surprise many people with its meekness, many would expect Knowles' fragrance to have more 'kick' in it. That, as we know, will be represented by Knowles' next fragrance, True Star Gold.
12th January, 2006

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

My mother uses this fragrance on a regular basis; and I must agree with 'calchic' - Green Tea is definately my favourite Elizabeth Arden scent! This is a citrus-based scent that has the word "summer" written all over it! However, one must note that though the scent is very pleasant, it wears off very quickly! This scent is more suited towards the conventional day-to-day usage; rather than for the special 'one-off'.
12th January, 2006