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Yatagan by Caron

YATAGAN - the curved, engraved Turkish sword.

Masculine; pine needles, muted patchouli, almost harsh if it wasn't so elegant. About as far from floral or aldehyde as you can get, which is refreshing in the light of some of the sugary, sinfully fulsome fragrances we're getting these days. (And yes, there's more than a hint of a good grade of marihuana)

Think Bond Street tailoring, a Sulka shirt, a Lock & Co Voyager hat, John Lobb shoes, a Turnbull & Asser tie, spun silk Vannucci Socks.. and Yatagan.

Also think Yatagan when you're having breakfast in the country on a crisp October morning. It goes with check shirts and corduroys too...
07th February, 2011 (last edited: 14th February, 2011)

Je Reviens by Worth

A total classic. And totally timeless. Different from any other fragrance on the market, yet subdued and comforting: the kind of scent that brings a smile to the wearer and her ambiance. Not overtly sexy, but sensual, and one of those perfumes that one can remember just by thinking about it. Good for all ages, but works best with the mature and sophisticated. Might work for some men, but use caution.
16th May, 2008

Émeraude by Coty

A less expensive version of Guerlain's SHALIMAR. Old-fashioned and fun, but not to be taken too seriously.
16th May, 2008
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Pour Un Homme by Caron

If I had to choose 3 colognes only to live with for the rest of my life, Pour un Homme would be one of them. It's lavender is comforting and refreshing and the changeover to vanilla and musk is subtle and sensual, but not so sexy that it gets obtrusive. It will bring a quick look, maybe a smile, often of friendly recognition from a guy who knows the territory. And let's not forget that it's stood the test of time. I don't even get an inkling of what some of you are talking about when you find it offensive. It's - home.
12th May, 2008

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

The sweetness of rose is wonderfully offset by the slight bitterness of blackcurrant leaves (much beloved by Slavs as a basic flavor for dill pickles!) After about an hour the blackcurrant almost fades out, and the rose develops more, but never to the point of being cloying. It remains fresh, subtle and almost real. Almost, because I have never yet come across a rose scent that really smells like a real wild briar rose.
05th May, 2008

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

Fascinating ambiguity here - fragrance and stink. But then, consider the grapefruit itself: despite its great shape and color, its oil is not as innocent as the taste of its juice. As a child I used to turn my nose up at grapefruit skin, although I loved the fruit sections or slices. Still feel the same way at 79.
I happen to like Pamplelune enormously for its "truthfulness", although I was sitting next to a woman on the bus in Montreal the other day when, to my shock and then amusement, she gave me a sort sharp lecture about taking regular showers, and moved to another seat. All I could manage was a Gallic shrug...
So I don't wear it on public transportation any more.. just wear it for me and my grapefruit-loving friends. Thank you Guerlain - it's a charming, brutal scent.
05th May, 2008