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Allure Homme by Chanel

Blind bought this and it's not bad. I know people will get upset but it's like a fancy version of Abercrombie fierce. Fierce was around in my day but I was more of a woods guy. Anyways it's like an adult less in your face version of fierce. I like this one very easy to pull off without giving someone a headache
21st January, 2016

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

This is canali plain and simple. I dont know which came first and dont care. I have canali so ill stick with that.
25th May, 2011

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is by far my favorite cologne of all 50 bottles in my collection. This is clean, fresh, sexy, and extremely pleasant. I swear people hate so much on great scents on this site because it smells good and other people wear it. If you made a dog shit cologne so they could stand out they would probably thumbs up all day. One nasty scent i bought blind was grey flannel.... i still have nightmares and anyone that wears that garbage gets made fun of daily. Back to point le male is AMAZING!
24th May, 2011
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Artisan by John Varvatos

I walked into sephora and walked out 5 mins later with this colonge. I sprayed it and fell in love with this scent. It lasts abt 4hrs on my skin so i refresh during the day, but i cant complain because its such a soothing scent.
24th May, 2011

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

To me this is identical to John Varvatos signature scent. The lady at sephora was trying to push it as an exclusive frag. Both have a terrific dry down on my skin but the opening is too overwhelming for me to handle.
20th May, 2011

Sunset Heat for Men by Escada

I love OP juice and I love this frag BUT it only lasts on me for about 20mins and then nothing! so if you like fruity tropical scents pick it up and hope it lasts longer on you than I.
15th January, 2009

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

How could anyone actually like this stuff! The guy below got it all WRONG this stuff does absolutely not smell anything like navel oranges! This crap just Flat Out Stinks!!! I had one girl tell me if I ever wore it around her she would PUKE!!! The actual smell of this poison is Pickles and Wet Naps! I bought this blindly due to the good reviews but I wore it once and it still gives me nightmares.
15th January, 2009

Magnetism for Men by Escada

I just bought this and I love it. The fizzy vanilla coke comment is so True! All the girls I know love it too! If you like fun sweet playful frags pick it up
15th January, 2009

Canali Men by Canali

At first spray I was disappointed I bought this cause it smells identical to Bvlgari's signature cologne which gives me migraines! After about 20 mins it turned into pure sex appeal even I couldn't stop smelling myself. Smells so fresh reminds me of fresh new clothes, a convertible in the summer and a bangin hottie sitting next to me. Grab some you won't be dissapointed and its cheap too.
25th December, 2008

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Great Cologne I've been wanting this one for awhile but never bought it cause its way too popular, but for Christmas I got 2 bottles go figure. This cologne smells great and last allllllllll day so be ready to make a commitment when spraying. My girlfriend said it smells like Bvlgari black but its much stronger than Bvlgari. I'd say everyone must own this one cause the ladies love it so much.
25th December, 2008

H.M. by Hanae Mori

Yum this cologne smells wonderful and everyone Always ask me what I'm wearing. Sometimes my gf will lay on me just to smell this. When I first sprayed it I was unsure very very sweet lemon gumdrops like a lemon candy shop or something. Once it dries down its just so tastey definitely jump on this one should be in everyones wardrobe.
25th December, 2008

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I was shocked when I first sprayed this. I was expecting Bmen's strength but with chocolate and patchouli. This stuff is nowhere near as strong as pple make it out to be, unless I got a defective bottle. It smells great and my girlfriend loves it. Amen last a decent amount of time on me nothing like Bmen though, and its not cloying, and does not give me headaches. I'm glad I picked this one up and I think pple just give this bad reviews cause its so popular.
25th December, 2008

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

I bought this frag cause I heard its along the same lines as Rochas Man and I love that cologne, so I thought I would give this a try. If you like smelling like cupcakes and rubbing alcohol then this is for you! Me it just made me sick and gave me a headache if you ever get the chance to take a ride on the blue sugar train PASS!
18th June, 2008
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Corduroy by Zirh

I just picked this up for $11 for a 4.2 oz bottle! I wasn't expecting much but a run of the mill drug store prize, then it settles for a very classy cinnamon scent. I think for the price I will always keep a bottle of this around. Definitely something to look into.
18th June, 2008

B*Men by Thierry Mugler

I just picked some of this up for $25 and first impressions are pretty good. If you love to spray enough cologne on yourself to drown a household pet then this cologne is going to be your worst enemy. Strong gourmand cologne with a little something else when combined make on masculine scent. This cologne is pretty cheap right now and surely worth a purchase.
18th June, 2008

Style In Play by Lacoste

I love light summer/spring fragrances and so I picked some of this up. I was certainly disappointed at first spray I was expecting something completely different. After it dried down you get a so so frag nothing I will ever buy again and I'm thinking about returning the one I have. It just smells cheap and unoriginal I honestly wouldn't pay more than $10 for this cologne.
18th June, 2008

Yang by Jacques Fath

Ok I came across this scent and looked it up on basenotes, with the reviews how could I say no! I just got it today 1st spray was powerful then it dried into highway rest stop urinal mints and a 300lb ladies crotch! This stuff is so disgusting I washed it off immediately! I had to scrub scrub scrub! Do yourself a favor and pass up this pile. You have been warned
18th June, 2008

Black by Bulgari

After reading some of the reviews of this cologne I questioned picking some up. I mean how can rubber and car parts smell good!?! I just picked some up and they pulled it off! I always have girls around for second opinions and they love this one too. You can get this bargain frag for $20 of some websites definitely worth it.
18th June, 2008

Animale Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

this fragrance is great! it is a cross between rochas man and abercombie woods. This one is definitely in my top 5 right now. At first spray I thought it was just another cheap cologne but it is a very pleasant scent after the first few minutes. I will definitely buy another bottle when this one is gone.
09th May, 2008

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

I get bottles of this for free so I always have some in my wardrobe and I wear it depending on what kind of bar I'm going to for the night. It lasts awhile on my skin but on my brother it does not. Girls love this cologne but a lot of them say its played out and I agree. The scent is warm masculine and trendy so if thats what you're looking for snag a bottle.
06th May, 2008

OP Juice by Ocean Pacific

This is my favorite cologne of all time! Whenever I go to the beach I wear this cologne. During the long winters of OH I will wear this cologne and poof I'm back on the beach. A girl I dated said it smelled like a doll she had when she was little and she loved it. Buy some of this cologne for your next beach vacation and you will love it! It's very sweet and very juicy and very beachy.
06th May, 2008

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

I've been wearing this stuff since high school when I first bought it I loved it, now after I've grown up a little definitely an outdated cologne. My grandma does still like whenever I wear it she says it smells like apples. I couldn't recommend this cologne on a blind buy but it has proven itself over the years so if you're interested get out to the store and snorfle some up your nose and see what your think.
06th May, 2008

Cool Water by Davidoff

how can anyone not like this cologne seriously? This cologne is so clean smelling like new clothes, a cold shower, and a fresh haircut. Girls still love this cologne so don't put it out just yet. I always keep a bottle of this in my wardrobe.
06th May, 2008

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Again I bought this one due to the reviews here on basenotes and at first spray I thought "oh my god I smell just like my 3rd grade teacher" but then it turned smell very soft and clean very close to a womens perfume. I wore it on a first date and she loooooooved it she kept getting closer and closer just so she could smell me. If your masculine enough to pull this one off I say definitely get it.
06th May, 2008

Abercrombie & Fitch Woods by Abercrombie & Fitch

I have like 10 bottles of this stuff lying around and I can't wear it anymore. Girls use to go crazy over this stuff and thats the only reason why I wore it I never really liked the smell. Also it doesn't last so one bottle goes Quick. I wore a couple weeks ago and the girls still love this cologne so if you can track down a bottle I'd say pick it up for a girl getter, but it is expensive on ebay.
06th May, 2008

Abercrombie & Fitch by Abercrombie & Fitch

I have bottles of this lying around and I never use it. This cologne is very teeny bopper and I can't really take the smell of it at all. I used to wear it a couple years ago and I use to love it but things change.
06th May, 2008

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

I bought this stuff blind and it is terrific! This scent is a very handsome scent all of the women I know love it. Do yourself a favor and get this stuff you'll thank me later.
05th May, 2008

Rochas Man by Rochas

I bought this due to a lot of recommendations and it is a very tasty cologne. I say tasty cause if you wear it when you're hungry you'll probably eat your arm off or have girls bite your neck. My girlfriend used to wear a body splash that smelled a lot like this I think it was like warm vanilla sugar or something just to give you an idea of what you're looking at. I gave it a thumbs up cause it smells great but the only bad thing it doesn't last very long on my skin at all.
05th May, 2008

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I bought this blind and this stuff is absolutely HORRIBLE!! I first smelled it and I immediately said cat piss and earthworms! My brother said it smells like a dead possum covered in cheetah fur sprinkled with urine. I cannot begin to tell you how bad this stuff is and I feel sorry for anyone that actually wears this stuff in public it never ends! I had to shower 3 times just to get this disgusting juice off my body.
05th May, 2008