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    Farnesiana by Caron

    Have lately been interested in mimosa/cassie-type scents. I have recently been given Mimosa pour Moi from L'Artisan Parfumeur, and decided to buy Calèche Fleurs de Méditérranée. Both of these feature mimosa. Farnésiana mingles it with cassie (acacia flower, a related plant). Both are very green florals and seem to me to be very uplifting. The sensual aspect of perfumes is somewhat offset by the spiritual in the case of these notes, IMO.

    11th October, 2007


    Sabi by Henry Dunay

    This is a beautiful green chypre that is perfect for any weather. At first, it is a little sweet and rather floral; but after it settles, it comes into perfect balance. There is some galbanum in this for sure, and the green note persists all the way into the drydown. At the end it is fresh and green, with just a hint of the former florals. This really lasts, by the way; I can still smell it faintly almost twenty-four hours after application. Captivating, uplifting.

    15 May, 2007


    Baie de Genièvre by Creed

    A magnificent essence, blending dry juniper berries and barely sweet, slightly green cinnamon leaves. The vetiver base smooths and gently marries the two. You could wear this to work or to a daytime affair and be very elegant. If you wore it in the evening, you would be the height of sophistication, yet in a perfectly unassuming way. Anytime you wear it, you must take on an air of entirely natural self-assurance, an almost unspeakable sense of comfort in your own skin. Ah, how deeply satisfying to wear this!

    18 February, 2007 (Last Edited: 07 March, 2010)


    Angélique Encens by Creed

    Ethereal, mystical, deep, but in a strangely wide-eyed, transparent way. It is the soul of freshness, yet slightly earthy; clean, yet subtly sensuous. This is a gem from the 1930's. It seems to soft-pedal the distinctive Creed ambergris basenote, rendering it more diffuse, harder to pin down to the flesh; it even seems to float in and out after the first three hours or so. A haunting fragrance, eminently worthy of the magisterial House of Creed.

    18 February, 2007


    Dunhill Pursuit by Dunhill

    Dunhill [B]Pursuit[/B] is a good, spicy-musky scent with a mildly ambery drydown. It's a little sharp at the start, mellows into a short phase that seems to feature grains of paradise, a little warmer and woodier than at the beginning. Then it begins to take on the ambery and slightly chypre aspect and settles down into that for the rest of the ride.

    I like grains of paradise (sometimes called Melegueta pepper, Guinea grains, or maniguette). It has a hint of pepper or allspice, mixed with a myrtle-like note.

    This scent is great if you're a fan of this central spicy note, but if you're not, I'll bet it isn't going to rock your olfactory world.

    14 February, 2007


    Collection Homme Fruit de Bois by Jean-Charles Brosseau

    The notes (from Osmoz):

    Top note :
    Bergamot, Grapefruit, Gentian
    Middle note :
    Clary Sage, Geranium, Nutmeg, Juniper
    Base note :
    Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber

    Fruit de Bois is subtle and elegant, and somewhat unusual: a fresh woody scent. The first thing to hit is a very clear accord based on gentian, a kind of herbal-floral note. It shares that with lavender, but gentian is herbal in a dryer, less sharp way, with overtones of new-mown hay.

    Next, the clary sage comes through with its unmistakable note of elegance. It contributes the slightly fruited note that appears in the scent's name. In combination with the juniper, it echoes the herbal note from the top accord. The geranium is subtly floral, and the nutmeg is a barely recognizable spicy aura in the background.

    Finally, the base is a little drier than the list of ingredients might suggest. The cedarwood brings a hint of bitterness, relieved by the mild sweetness of the amber, the soft richness of sandalwood, and the green rootiness of vetiver.

    Overall, a very distinctive bouquet. It says elegance in a modern mode; and it's not too old-school, in spite of the traditional nature of the notes list. The combination of gentian, clary sage, geranium, and juniper is unique. I would say this one breathes quiet and a hauntingly tender feeling.

    03 February, 2007


    Illicit by Billy Jealousy

    The packaging claims citrus, bergamot, ivy, ginger. I smell some wood in the base as well. It's an EdP strength. Kind of green at first (the ivy, I guess) and then sort of spicy and slightly sweet (ginger and bergamot?), but the green note persists.

    Very nice, quite different from anything I've smelled before.

    Keywords: Modern, clean, fresh, green, slightly spicy, and (maybe) young.

    Worth a sniff, if you're not too much into traditional formulations. This one is different!

    09 November, 2006


    Deauville pour Homme by Michel Germain

    I like this one much better than Sexual pour Homme. It's definitely fresher and has a clearly fougère cast to it. The list of notes make it sound a little better than it is, but for the price, it's not a bad buy. I think it's fine for the office or a casual evening out. For what it's worth, most women seem to like it.

    30th September, 2006


    Angelique Noire by Guerlain

    A very fine scent. The angelica and bergamot make it fresh and green, and the vanilla softens it and rounds it out. It lasts a long time on my skin, and it retains a hint of the top notes even hours after application. I feel the green note makes it as suitable for men as for women. It is a very uplifting scent. Daniela Andrier did a great job on this one!

    25 August, 2006


    Acqua di Parma Profumo by Acqua di Parma

    I've worn this, and I think it's perfectly suitable for a man to wear for a special evening out. The chypre accord is based on the oakmoss, and the florals are not overpowering, but balanced with the spicy notes, making just the right combination to be flattering on a man. So, guys: Don't be shy! Try this one; it's elegant and sensual at the same time!

    09 May, 2006


    Aubépine-Acacia by Creed

    Aubepine Acacia has a subtle drydown. After an initial burst of hawthorn, it settles into a lemon verbena for a few minutes, but be patient! On my skin, this then gives way to a beautiful marriage of hawthorn and acacia farnesiana. The hawthorn is honey-like and a little reminiscent of almonds. This fragrance might appeal to women more than to a lot of men, but I don't think it's impossible for a confident man to wear

    03 February, 2006

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