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    Before Midnight by John Galliano

    A well crafted 1 Million clone

    Before Midnight is a typical modern clubbing scent, a copy of 1 Million. A well balanced copy though. All the edges are smoothed here, heavy notes like leather have been excluded, and fruits are accentuated. Nothing spectacular or new, but well crafted Sophie Labbe's creation. The sillage is powerful, the longevity is good.

    29 August, 2013


    Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein

    A comfort in the bottle

    I strongly disagree with those who compare Dark Obsession and cK One Shock, they are absolutely different fragrances. Moreover, I suppose the Dark Obsession's juice better correlate with cK One line, and vice versa.
    Dark Obsession is a light (not light... comfortable) fruity vanilla patchouli scent. From the other fragrances it is closer to Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman, being fruitier and more wearable. The Calvin Klein starts off with a fruity accord, than becomes woodier and even a bit spicy in the deep dry down. On the whole, however, Dark Obsession could be described as a slightly sweet fruity fragrance with some woody uniqueness. Maybe it is synthetic, but I so apprecite wearing it, it stays like a second skin! The sillage is modest, the longevity is good.

    02 July, 2013


    The Game by Davidoff

    For laundry smell lovers

    Davidoff The Game is a weird mix of a laundry detergent (the opening) and modern masculine "1 million" molecules (the base). Actually that's the most chemical detergent smell of a fragrance that I ever smelled. Though it's not so bad, it is wearable, mild, for those, who seek for a lighter version of Paco Rabanne 1 Million and by the way love the smell of clean clothes.

    01st July, 2013


    Fuel For Life Spirit by Diesel

    A potential bestseller

    I must suppose Fuel for Life Spirit is a definite winner in 2013 for those who love Spicebomb, Joop Homme, Le Male etc. I do appreciate the power and the uniquness of the fragrance. Spirit combines two univerces: the specific fruity anise from the regular Fuel for Life and ambery vanilla sweet (very sweet!) from Le Male / Gaultier 2 / Joop Homme. That way we get the fragrance more elegant and sophisticated than Le Male though more modern and powerful than Fuel for Life. A?tually a strong release that has all potential to become a bestseller. The sillage is maximum, the longevity is nice.

    30th June, 2013


    L'Hommage à L'Homme by Lalique

    An extremely natural smell with an almost "niche" quality. Although tobacco is not listed as one of the notes to me Hommage is an tobacco scent. It starts quite bitter and "Fahrenheit-y" with a big amount of violets that could make a "petrolium vibe". But soon the fragrance becomes delicate and sublime and starts to remind of a real tobacco, like that in the package of cigarettes: rich yet light, a bit sweet and dry & bitter (peppery?) in the dry down.

    Hommage a L'Homme is easy to wear scent (because of the high quality of ingridients) and has a wonderful longevity. Nevertheless it is not loud and stays close to skin. I assume this release has a big future.

    The bottle is a masterpiece.

    13 June, 2012


    7 de Loewe by Loewe

    It's a BIG surprise. I expected everything: something fresh or feminine, but not that. Loewe 7 is the smell of labdanum (incense) in Russian Orthodox church. When you come into
    you immediately can feel this smell. But in Loewe 7 this "church" odor is enriched with
    fresh notes, that make the fragrance masculine and uncommon. Loewe 7 can pretend to be a new classic and it is definitely one of the most
    masculine scents of the last period. I don't know will I buy it or not, because it reminds me of funeral, but Loewe 7 is worth trying.

    P. S. Imagine the drydown of Solo Loewe, but without its start notes. This will be something similar to Loewe 7. And I think CDG Zagorsk should be the same type of scent.

    26 August, 2010

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