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Ambra del Nepal by I Profumi di Firenze

Creamy, sweet amber and vanilla...but not cloyingly so. It has a slight smoky, dirty quality to it, that makes sure you don´t just smell like vanilla cake. I love this in the winter and at one time my neighbor at the table remarked on the lovely smell (everybody had to sniff after that). The best remark of the evening: "it smells like a real women, not sickly girly sweet and not stinky fierce like other women perfumes"!
25th December, 2010

Cuoio di Russia by I Profumi di Firenze

I know this is sold as masculine scent... Yes, it smells of leather but it isn´t a smothering, heavy scent. It has a lighter, cleaner veil to it (maybe lavender, maybe incense) that cuts the leather. It even has a sweet, sugary element to it. I love wearing this and get nothing but compliments from men and women alike. For me, it´s a clean leathery scent for men, but also and edgy way for women to wear a leathery scent without smelling "uber male".
22nd December, 2010