Reviews by mis.anderson


Mitsouko by Guerlain

Yes it is a mature fragrance, and yes it is a strong scent by today's standards. I imagine it worn by an older woman who, despite her age, still possesses striking classic beauty as well as timeless glamour.

Needless to say, I have never known any lady like this, but I'm sure that this would be sitting on their vanity table!
14th September, 2009

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

This is such a feminine, classy and sophisticated scent. It's gardenia, obviously, but I find it to be one of the most pretty scents ever. Goes with goes with virtually anything anytime.
23rd October, 2008

Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works

It is awful. No, it DOESN'T smell like vanilla extract. It is a cloying, nauseating "vanilla" scent of vanilla like the red Tootsie Pop tastes like "cherry". You know how little kids like eating straight sugar, because in their book, anything sweet is good tasting? Well, it's because they haven't developed their taste buds, and anyone who wears this fragrance who is over 12 has absolutely no excuse other than poor taste and a lack of sophistication.
13th October, 2008

Pear Glacé by Victoria's Secret

Got this in a gift set. PG is very sweet with sort of an icy tone, but also very cloying.
13th October, 2008

Love Spell by Victoria's Secret

I received this in a gift set along with other VS garden collection body sprays, and Love Spell is apparently very popular, but to me smells like licorice, and I'm not fond of licorice at all.
13th October, 2008

Amber Romance by Victoria's Secret

I got Amber Romance along with a set of other sprays in a VS gift set, and AR is sooooo strong and heavy, just in the body spray form, I shudder to imagine what the perfume is like. Instant migraine in a plastic bottle.
13th October, 2008

Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret

Basic Instinct reminds me of D&G's "Light Blue" and I like how it is clean and sexy, obviously, but sort of masculine, at the same time. Smells kind of peppery and spicy, too, which I like.
13th October, 2008

Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria's Secret

Not sure why this is so popular. Kinda boring and very uninteresting to me. Am I missing something profound???
13th October, 2008

Rapture by Victoria's Secret

Kinda an old lady perfume, very strong oriental. I used to have the shower cream gel and in that form it is very pretty and luxurious. But in the spray form, very overwhelming and easily headache-inducing.
13th October, 2008

Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works

This is probably the only Bath and Body Works "fragrance" I am not literally offended by. I own the Moonlight Path body wash and it's very calming and is my nighttime bath/shower scent, so I associate Moonlight Path with being nice, sleepy and clean. I've also used the Moonlight Path bar soap, which I'm not sure if they still have it, but I need to check and get another bar...
12th October, 2008

Cucumber Melon by Bath and Body Works

It's alright,it's pretty: pretty boring, pretty average, pretty overused. I think everyone at one point or another has recieved some Cucumber Melon product(s) at least once in their life as a gift.
12th October, 2008

Wink by Avon

Stupid fruity fragrance for teenagers. Only teenagers. Nobody else, please...
12th October, 2008

Rare Pearls by Avon

Rare Pearls is very pretty, very opulent floral. Very sparkling, shimmering and soft. A very nice fragrance.
12th October, 2008

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

GORGEOUS!!!!! Very masculine, but I like wearing masculines sometimes because I think it is unexpected and sexy. I also really like vetiver, which is big in EdM. Right now, this is my second signature scent, my first being Pure Poison by Dior.
12th October, 2008

Pink Suede by Avon

Stupid, boring and cheap perfume perfect for the stupid, boring and cheap woman. There is absolutely no interest, no intellect, nothing remotely novel to mention.
12th October, 2008

Peony Soft Musk by Avon

Offensive to my nose. PSM (or PMS, lol) gets in your nose and literally makes the biggest, most irritating stink that you cannot get rid of. It feels like it might as well be an allergen, because that's how it affects my nasal passages. Nothing 'soft' about PSM.
12th October, 2008

Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

Beautiful! Rustic and earthy. smells like camping to me. On the masculine side, which I find to be sexy and unexpected.
12th October, 2008

Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

I know this is redundant, me saying that Beyond Paradise is beautiful, but it is, it's like an orchestra for the gods. There is so much depth to this fragrance, so many levels, I don't think I even have the abilities to begin to delve deeper and elaborate properly! It's very intelligent for a feminine fragrance, which isn't too common for feminine scents.
12th October, 2008

Dreamlife by Avon

Weird fragrance, not really in a good way, either. It's cheap, and big suprise, it smells cheap. To me, it's like the perfume one chooses in life, right before they get to the "old lady perfume". Dreamlife is the warning sign that a lady's fragrances will just keep getting dowdier and stronger.
12th October, 2008

Little Black Dress by Avon

LBD is nice, classic and appropriate like it's namesake. A 'polite' floral, albiet a little uninteresting, but not bad at all.
12th October, 2008

Haiku by Avon

Haiku reminds me of Dream Angels "Divine" by Victoria's Secret. It is classic, yet distinctive, very interesting. The only bad thing about it is it has a strange drydown that may smell slightly like body odor to some.
12th October, 2008

Rare Emeralds by Avon

My mom has a bottle of Rare Emeralds and to me it smells a lot powdery and softer than I think anything containing emeralds in the title should be. Should be called Rare Jade instead, because emeralds just seem more exotic and mysterious, darker and lusher.
12th October, 2008

Odyssey by Avon

My mom used to wear this a lot. It's okay at first, but like Haiku, has a weird drydown that smells like body odor to some.
12th October, 2008

Malachite by Banana Republic

Dark, dangerous, mysterious and sexy. Substance and spice, in perfect proportions. Also might be a good masculine-feminine, interesting also maybe as a masculine.
10th October, 2008

Dream Angels Divine by Victoria's Secret

Very different from the other Dream Angels scents, a lot more elegant, sophisticated and intelligent, loads more thoughtful. Really is the unsung hero of Victoria's Secret fragrances. Completely overshadowed (unfairly) by Heavenly, which, personally, I don't see what the big fuss is about over that one.
10th October, 2008

Ralph by Ralph Lauren

This was THE fragrance in high school, and it's no wonder why. Ralph is young, pretty, well-rounded and pure fun. It's what all the well-scrubbed preppy girls I knew smelled like. On me, it never smelled quite the same, it always had too much apple peel and the other notes seemed to disappear. Too bad, because it is spectacular on other people.
10th October, 2008

Happy by Clinique

This is the most boring fragrance I know (so far). Stupid name, stupid bottle and stupid font. When I was in sixth grade, this was THE popular fragrance for all us little girls, and of course, not having developed my own tastes, or apparently any taste at all, I had to have Clinique Happy, or as the bottle calls it "cliniquehappy." I guess it's always a warning sign when the fragrance's own makers don't even bother themselves over capitalization, punctuation and spacing.

Anyway, about the smell: it has a weird way of forcefully ramming its most screechy and vile notes up inside my nasal cavities.
10th October, 2008

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

This is hangover in a bottle. I despise heavy vanilla, and Dior Addict bludgeons to death with their weapon of choice, STRONG VANILLA!!!!! Anytime I'm remotely nearby this dismal fragrance, I succumb to the most painful, debilitating headache. It seems like something specifically created for old ladies who have worn perfume their whole lives, but due to the fact that their sense of smell isn't what it used to be, they cannot smell when they have gotten to the point of TOO MUCH PERFUME!!!!! So they just keep putting more and more on until their wrinkly little noses catch a slight whiff of something, and they think "Perfect, a subtle fragrance!" and the rest of us are forced to clear the area they occupy.
10th October, 2008

Curious by Britney Spears

Pretty smelling, in a "My Little Pony" bottle, which is adorable in light aqua blue and pink heart accents on the neck. Wish the perfume lasted longer, though.
09th October, 2008

Lulu Guinness by Lulu Guinness

Pretty, albiet screechy strong floral. Smells a bit at first like a florist's shop times one hundred, then sort of disappears. Adorable bottle.
09th October, 2008