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cK one Summer 2006 by Calvin Klein

Not bad at all. Smells like a lighter version of OCC Full Throttle. Oranges/citrus coupled with a slightly musky base.
02nd July, 2008

cK one by Calvin Klein

I'm not sure if I like this stuff, or not. On a man, it can be cloying in anything but small amounts. It's floral, but definitely unisex. Unlike some "unisex" Indian or Arab attars and perfumes, this stuff to my nose just smells like a car air freshener more than anything, some kind of non-descript, but cheap smell that has so few edges it seems to lack any real character.

The drydown is probably the best part. You have to wait a while to get there, though.
02nd July, 2008

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

I like this one. It seems to be both fresh and heavy at the same time and the scent has alot of longevity. Musk is prominent in the base notes along with wood type basenotes, creating a sort of "smokey" effect and the overall tone of this fragrance suggests an Oriental. It reminds me of a bit of Salvador Dali pour Homme, although this one is decidedly lighter in tone. Like Salvador Dali, the scent is not overly complex, but it is appealing.
29th June, 2008
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Jade East by Regency

This isn't really a bad fragrance at all. It's obvious this is a fougere from the minute you spray it, and the initial topnotes are reminiscent of Canoe.

To my nose bits of it almost seem to suggest an Arab or Indian attar, even faint notes that are reminiscent of oud attars complete with sandalwood and faint floral notes such as jasmine or rose, and also in the overall sweetness of the whole fragrance. However, it only hints at that and it's obfuscated by a potpouri of Western sensibilities, especially in the topnotes that to me smell like every other older fougere- powerful citrusy-lemon.

It seems to be playing with alot of things at once, doesn't quite understand what it wants to be, and the initial topnote is blatantly deceptive. It's also fairly weak in its smell, being more cologne strength than EDT. I may change my opinion as I try this fragrance more.
29th June, 2008

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

Thumbs Up! This stuff is a woody Oriental fougere that is not for everybody. It has the predominant smell of slowly burning wood scented with herbs. There is an agarwood/aoud quality to the whole fragrance as well in that it is dark, sharp, and piercing, although it also has a goofy/quirky/Surrealist tone to it.

It's not for everybody but this fragrance has recieved a few good comments when I've worn it. It is very unusual, and on my skin has good longevity.
23rd June, 2008 (last edited: 29th June, 2008)

Brut Revolution by Fabergé

I've since revised my review of this thread. it is definitely a derivative of Acqua di Gio, although it smells less smooth and more distinct. There is more of a sense of pepperiness here from the vetiver in the base notes, almost like a leathery smell more than an earthy smell. The lasting power is decent and on the whole it isn't realy a clone of Acqua di Gio but is vaguely similar. Recommended if you like this style of fragrance, but it definitely is derivative of AdG.
13th May, 2008 (last edited: 29th June, 2008)

Full Throttle by Orange County Choppers

Paul Sr.:

A decent cologne, especially if bought at a low price (it seems to vary quite a bit in price). This a leathery/peppery cologne. There is a hint of an orange top note. It is not complex at all, but neither is it offensive. It's a decent fall/winter cologne worn in moderation. I bought several bottles on sale and don't regret it, though I don't wear it every day.

Paul Junior:

This is a licorice and pepper cologne. White pepper. This cologne is more complex than Sr,. To my nose, it is less attractive. The top note is orange, again, but the middle and basenotes seem less leathery and more licorice, or anise. There is a drydown and mid-drydown here than reminds me of Activator hair treatment. Not the most pleasant smell. I'm not a big fan of this cologne.
13th May, 2008

Old Spice Pure Sport by Procter & Gamble

I don't know exactly how to describe this fragrance. It is an Oriental but it smells nothing like the original Old Spice. It is soft, round, and there is a hint of sweetness or licorice here. The cologne doesn't smell particularly "sporty" to me, esp. as compared to the deodorant version; the cologne is slightly more refined.
13th May, 2008

English Leather by Dana

This a definite classic. Think of a fragrance like Aramis, though much more complex, lively, and well-rounded. Sandalwood and oakmoss seem to dominate the base, with just a hint of sweetness. The middle and top notes seem vaguely citrus, but I cannot place the rest of them. Despite the name, I don't think it is particularly "leather" scented, it is more of a "woodsy" fragrance.
13th May, 2008

Brut by Fabergé

A class fragrance. Yes, it is sold at drugstores and costs very little but this stuff still is decent when worn in moderation. Sophisticated and somewhat complex without pretentions. "Fanfare for the Common Man".

It is hard for me to categorize. Perhaps a floral fougere with a bit of a leathery or oriental note- like barbershop aftershave or talcum powder going exotic. There is a certain softness to it that is not often found in modern men's fragrances, especially of the drugstore/cheap variety. There are notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang coupled with geraniums and maybe carnations. The base is mildly sweet, woodsy, and mossy/leathery.
13th May, 2008

Aramis by Aramis

I've since updated my opinion on this fragrance. In moderation it is a good fragrance, but not very complicated or modern. Even though this has sandalwood, the woody tones here come off more as slightly burnt pencil shavings. It's a dry, arid fragrance and won't be the favorite of everybody and does take some getting used to, but overall this is a decent fragrance. Wear with caution, though.
13th May, 2008 (last edited: 29th June, 2008)