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Black Sun by Salvador Dali

like the original dali, its very dark, but this one is sweet, its like thinking you know someone that its dark and moody and then says something that just cracks you up and it so warm.
different new and modern
07th July, 2008

Agua Verde by Salvador Dali

a bit spicey
then green...but not as green as you would think, considering the bottle is "GREEN!"
its more a mix between dark green and dark yellow
suitable for a cold day
or hot day during summer
07th July, 2008

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

like everyone else
smells like dead flowers, left in a house, sorrounded by trickets and old photos
definatly for those with a dark side
its like an evanescence song in a way
07th July, 2008
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Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali

defo hot!
its one of those frags that you would wear around the house on a weekend off. its kinda tangy.
but that just gives it a bit of warm that simmers through out the whole wear of it, which is quite long
07th July, 2008

Laguna Homme by Salvador Dali

for me its kinda like being in a glass ball of pure blue water, where sting rays are my friends and all that can be heard to aquatic sounds
i loves it
i tend to have to use it like water tho wears off quickly
07th July, 2008