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Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

With each newly released designer fragrance the bar seems to get lower, with more and more generic aquatics and woody/ambers joining an already crowded marketplace. Even the best of most new designer releases (and niche as well) tend to be 'safe' and don't challenge the public with unique accords or novel ideas. It's actually quite sad. I am therefore at a loss as to why Prada doesn't receive far, far more accolades for its wonderful (and slightly misnamed) Amber Pour Homme (APH). Enjoy it or not, one only need glance over the wildly different interpretations of this fragrance contained in the 80+ reviews on this page to confirm that it is totally unique. I first tried APH when I was fairly new to fragrance, and back then I thought it was very different. Two plus years and thousands of samples later I've never smelled anything like it.

The first thing you must know is that this is NOT an amber fragrance - not even a vaguely. Complete and total misnomer. The second thing you must know is that if you aren't into soapy scents you must avoid this at all costs. On with the review....

While there's a *tad* of noticeable labdanum adding a sweetish tinge to the mid/basenotes, this is essentially a myrrhe fragrance. I'm not to familiar with the different types of myrrhe notes, but the myrrhe in APH comes off as very dry (which I've seen referred to as 'sweet myrrhe' but I can't confirm this). This isn't a myrrhe note like that in Mecheri's Myrrhe & Merveilles, which is much sweeter, but cloer to that of i Profumo di Firenze's 'Myrrha' soliflore. The initial blast of APH is this strong, resinous, and very soapy myrrhe accord. Because of these distinctly 'soapy' notes APH naturally has a very clean, sharp, barber-shop type aroma. I'm surprised anyone finds this feminine - perhaps unisex but I find the resinoussness to be distinctly masculine. The myrrhe forms the backbone of the fragrance, never fully receding. After the initial blast a subtle incense appears in the background, but as with most notes in this fragrance it is so well blended that it is never particularly distinct or moves to the front. I can certainly detect labdanum present itself as the midnotes move towards ths base, causing the composition to become slightly sweeter, though without losing its soapy, clean feeling. Overall there isn't a tremendous amount of development in APH - or perhaps the best way to describe it is that the development is very subtle - but it's ok for this scent. Perfect, in fact.

I'm not sure if this ended up being a hot seller or not, but I have no doubt that history will show it to be a classic. When people complain that designer fragrances are all weak, rushed, and overly-sweet affairs you can securely point to Prada Amber Pour Homme as the exception to that sterotype. Despite having plenty of wonderful fragrances to choose from I often reach for this.


The sillage of APH is fairly substantial - just a few sprays takes me all day plus into the evening. Even once you think it's faded, 8+ hours after application, a close whiff of the skin reveals that it's still there, scenting your skin with a subtle soapiness.
21st May, 2008 (last edited: 22nd August, 2009)
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Polo Crest by Ralph Lauren

My .02 on the comparison to Polo.... Crest is very similar in structure and shares many notes with Polo, but is lighter with more focus on the green/woods notes whereas Polo emphasizes tobacco and leather. It may be that only those of us who truly appreciate Polo can make these distinctions.

It's not that hard to find small bottles or the mini gift sets on various websites at reasonable rates.
21st May, 2008 (last edited: 03rd June, 2008)
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Mackie for Men by Bob Mackie

I find this to be a perfect hot-weather-loafing-on-a-weekend scent. Light and citrus fruity, but not too sweet, Mackie doesn't develop too much. It becomes somewhat more powdery and less sweet as it dries. It's in the category of masculine citrus/fruit scents (ie Dunhill Desire, Brook Brothers, MB Individuel) and is my favorite of this genre. Won't last long into the evening but not worse than average longevity. The bottle, which looks like a standard rectangle that has been bent into a prism, is very neat.

If you see an inexpensive bottle don't be scared to try (unless you require every cologne to be from an obscure high end house that only people on BN are aware of).
21st May, 2008 (last edited: 08th June, 2008)
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