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Reviews by bryan the rocker

Total Reviews: 7

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

the topnotes smells like tobacco,
its like smelling a cigar but less strong,

then turns a to sweet woods with different spices, I like it,
10th September, 2008

Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

I dont know why other reviewers say this smells like peppers and its filled with various spices,

basically for me it starts a little sweet,

then progress to a creamy coffee nutmeg,

then a semi dark creamy vanilla coffee woods scent,

smell nice, its not bright like polo black, but a subdued oriental,
10th September, 2008

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren changed this fragrance

year 2005, smells like synthetic sweet mangoes, bright and strong, then a green dried down, not black, but I like it,

rating, Thumbs up

year 2008, smells less sweet, less mangoes, less bright, but still strong but more alcoholish, its darker than the previous,

RL made it darker, and all notes overpower each other,

rating, Neutral at best,

I like the 2005 version,
10th September, 2008
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Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

this smells sweet and synthetically minty,

its a sport fragrance that hides the smell and acidity of sweat, good for active people, not offensive, but nothing to write home about,

rating, just average,
10th September, 2008

Cool Water by Davidoff

first of all I expect this fragrance to blow me away, bec it won a basenotes award, but when I smelled it, it smelled like CELERY COLOGNE, I was quite disapointed, Polo Blue, Curve, Coolwater Game, are much better alternatives
10th September, 2008

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

I smelled it, and its smells like fragrant sea water with bits of flower notes, its not a very sweet smelling aquatic, nothing special, polo blue is much better,
11th July, 2008

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

first of all its a nice scent, my gf likes it a lot,
It starts sweet, then fades to a nice melon, cucumber, basil mix which smells nice and not offending, I dont like aquatics like coolwater which has a pronounce alcoholish cologne scent, or aquatics which has citric notes which turns sour on warm days, polo blue is sweet and cucumbery fresh, and doesnt turn sour on humid days, Its the one of the top Blue scents

11th July, 2008