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Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Totally nauseating. There is an animal mustyness, like wet dogs or fox urine, that just makes me gag. Too, too strong and unbalanced, the top note is just awful but get better on the drydown when it begins to smell like a faded diva's dressing room on a summer's day with dust motes everywhere - not a good thing but evocative. I may be the only voice of dissent here but I cannot imagine how anyone could like this. This, for me, is the biggest let down for a while. I suspect that skin chemistry might have a lot to do with this fragrance but I warn anyone who wants to buy this to save their money and buy Acqua di Parma instead: Bulgar rose for the discerning gentleman.
02nd April, 2005

Extract of East Indian Lemon and Spices by Crabtree & Evelyn

Very fresh and with a lasting lemon note. Has many similarities with Penhaligon's Lords except it has a woody and slightly spicy finish and a soapy tinge. I hear it is a favourite with Prince Charles. Shame it was discontinued as it was a bargain and put many other scents of this ilk to shame.
30th March, 2005

Coriolan by Guerlain

Sour smelling and nauseating. This is a disgustingly bad scent. It gave me a headache after a few minutes. It comes as no surprise it has been discontinued.
24th March, 2005
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Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

A very, very special smell for me and one that holds exceptional memories. This is gorgeous and refined stuff. The initial topnote and basenote is the same as Tommy T with some hints of Eternity for men. In many ways, it is a sexier, more grown up version of T and under different circumstances could well have been marketed as T 'night' or T 'deep'. It resists overapplication better than any other scent I have come across yet lasts and lasts drying down to a sexy, fruity and almost musky smell. It is a bitch they don't sell this in the UK. If any of you know how I can get hold of this wonderful juice here, let me know. I just hope they continue to make this for many years to come.
22nd March, 2005

Fendi Uomo by Fendi

Gross. This is truly bad. It has no redeeming qualities other than the bottle. I am no fan of heavy, musky eighties perfumes except for Polo, Obsession and Antaeus and this one is truly generic and awful. Way too much leather and way too much musk. This will make you smell like a gorilla with BO. Great if you're Tarzan but not so great if you are out to woo the ladies with sophistication and subtlety. Had a large bottle given as a gift which I have not used and would gladly swap for something else, anything else, except this.
22nd March, 2005

Colors Uomo by Benetton

This is horrible. I really don't know anyone can wear this. I bought a bottle blind during a sale and have regretted it. This is heavy and foul and represents everything that was bad about the eighties fragrances. It could be classed in the same category as Fendi Uomo, Van Gils, Aramis and Antaeus. It smells really generic and synthetic. Avoid this one.
22nd March, 2005

T for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

Quite simply a stunning scent. It's summertime in a bottle. Fresh laundry, lazy days in the garden, mown grass, fresh breezes with the scent of summer flowers in the air and the fizz of a cool lemonade on the table. TH has created a masterpiece that deserves it's place in any man's scent arsenal.
21st March, 2005

New West for Him by Aramis

My signature scent. This is gorgeous. Fresh yet warm. When I found out this was discontinued I bought all eight bottles from my local pharmacy and even snagged a jar of Glacial Gel and Pacific Coastal Body Wash. Aramis had bloody better relaunch this as it is a classic up there with regular Aramis (which is bloody awful BTW), Polo and Drakkar Noir. It is a throwback to the eighties and evokes palm trees, blue sky and Miami Vice. The packaging is as iconic as the scent itself. Whoever made the decision to kill this should be strung up and horsewhipped.
21st March, 2005

Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords by Penhaligon's

This is a classic, a smell that is immediately evocative of Edwardian England at the height of summer. A clean, fresh and aristocratic scent that conjures up images of public schools, stately homes and cricket whites. The immediate fresh crispness of bergamot and lemons calms to leave a soapy woody musk scent not unlike an old fashioned barber shop, the hint of brilliantine lingering into the night. A ducal smelling cologne that is perfect for the well dressed and aristocratic bon viveur. It reminds me of Polo Crest and also Taylor's Royal Yacht. Definitely one of Penhaligon's greatest.
21st March, 2005

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

A modern classic, complex, fresh and totally unique. The only problem is that it is so damn ubiquitious. Walk into any nightclub in London and the smell of this and Joop hits you hard enough to cause brain damage. In essence it has become the signature fragrance of the 'chav'. Horrible fate for such an originally classy and unique scent.
21st March, 2005

Kiton Men by Kiton

Amazing fragrance. The first time I smelt this I thought 'Fahrenheit' as it has that balsamic floral quality. This is a very, very complex fragrance and one that says class and wealth. It just smells expensive in a way that other colognes cannot match. If the smell of cash is distilled down, this is what it smells of. There is a very peculiar drydown that hints of printer's ink. It really does smell like money, I kid you not. The rarity of this is no coincidence as it echoes the exclusivity of Kiton's suits. If you ever see this stuff, don't buy it. The fewer people wearing this the better.
21st March, 2005

English Fern by Penhaligon's

Fresh, green and incredibly classic. It's like a walk through wild english woodland after a spring shower. I'm not sure if there is any lavender in this but there is immediate herbaceous lavender topnote that simultaneously lifts and calms. This is nice stuff but a little too fresh for me.
21st March, 2005

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's

A serious scent for serious occasions. This has an incredible pine topnote and an almost medicinal herbal drydown. Nice as an aftershave sharpener but as a cologne it lasts for approximately five minutes and doesn't quite cut it. Hell, I've smelt a few farts that have lingered longer.
21st March, 2005
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Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It's so subtle that if you don't look for it, you will miss the smell. I like it for nostalgic reasons as it was part of my mid teen years but these days it is so understated I ask myself why I bothered. The basil/bergamot topnote is gorgeous and the drydown of sandalwood whisper light but it has all the staying power of a lit match.
21st March, 2005

Aramis by Aramis

This stuff is evil. Cloying, heavy and suffocating. How anyone would choose to wear this is beyond me. It's an anachronism and one that deserves to be consigned to history.
21st March, 2005