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Oud Stars : Al-Khatt by Xerjoff

Another great Xerjoff!!! I know the floral note can be dark and off-putting to some but I quite like this stuff!
The grapefruit notes I smell also as Xaterian Stormrage describes I get as well, reminds me a tiny bit of the Annick Goutal citrus/grapefruit smell. The oudy, incense maybe Elemi,frankincense Smelling to my nose is very good. I do only wish the creaminess was turned up a notch but nevertheless another Five-Star fragrance IMHO. A great job here,very satisfying smelling this on me through out the day, longevity, silage are fine. Will keep this in my collection as well as the other 98% of the Xerjoff’s I tried & have. Thumbs Up!

23rd February, 2020

Oud Stars : Fars by Xerjoff

Agree with Sniffers review!

Very fond of this one as I am with the other Xerjoff frags! Has a great lavender similar to Acqua di Parma - Lavanda Tonica! With Oud, Jasmine Sambac, touch of Patchouli,cedar, and more...very nice. Reading the notes on this one, I took a chance on it... on the reads I didn’t think I’d like this at ALL... but was shocked and indeed a great fragrance. Of all the Xerjoff fragrances seeing the ingredients/notes I thought oh boy... this will be the Xerjoff I hate or dislike... was I shocked! Love it somehow it just all goes together perfectly.

23rd February, 2020

Luxor by Xerjoff

Another winner from Xerjoff. I dish this because it has a great Creed Vintage Tabarome similarity, a good amount. Sadly can’t get Vintage Tabarome and I’m out of my stock of it :-/ but this will replace VT. Has more going on other than the VT smell also in the opening has Alt Innsbruck cologne/aftershave smell but as it dries down you get more of the Creed Vintage Tabarome smell, it itches that VT scent I love so much but sadly out of. Great fragrance I highly recommend to anyone who like Vintage Tabarome and also Alt Innsbruck aftershave/cologne scent.

Tremendously Enjoy this, thank you my friend ;•] who sent me this to try! Have more on the way!
22nd February, 2020
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Cavour 1 by Xerjoff

Review above is perfect!...

Love this fragrance! Xerjoff makes some great beautiful fragrances. One of my favorite fragrance houses. Sample this for sure, try it!

On my skin performs great, I Give this a five star rating, good longevity, silage...

Review | *****
Longevity | ****
Silage | ****
22nd February, 2020

Oud Stars : Ceylon by Xerjoff


Did a perfect review on this, what was on my mind about this fragrance was summed up by that review. This is soooo friggin’ good in my top five Xerjoff. It is intoxicating it is Assam Oud it is honey,Benzoin
Labdanum,possibly a touch of some Galbanum. Now... that said I love oud on its own and it mixed with other notes ingredients. Depending on mood. This hits all those spots. The oud in Ceylon is a sweaty horse and saddle with hay and figs. Barnyardy this oud... I love oud! This type of oud on its own most people wouldn’t like it,those who aren’t into oud or never tried oud. But I can see this oud being loved by a lot of people because being mixed with the notes I listed above. I can picture the oud turning some off but still intrigued and addicted by this oud and vanillic,honeyed vibe & keep coming back to this addicting fragrance. It’s like one of those bad smells that you don’t like but kinda do in a way. But keep wanting to smell it, if that makes sense.But me I love it ALL! you got this great Assam oud mixed with a Gourmand touch. Wife hates Oud lol but she digs this one. I don’t care if I need to take out a mortgage for more of this. I’m getting a few bottles more. If this is ever discontinued I will start a riot... lol love it. Great...Great.... Job Xerjoff
20th February, 2020

Shooting Stars : Pikovaya Dama by Xerjoff

Love this has ambergris opening to my nose atleast with a Amouage Tayyiba vibe and a touch of floral spicy goodness it gets better and better as it’s in doing its work on the skin! To be honest it’s a different fragrance I love. It has clean but yet dirty qualities both that switch up, in & out taking turns thru out wearing this. I love this! I can see some loving this and some loathing this. But I enjoy this fragrance! Good job Xerjoff once again!
16th February, 2020

Shooting Stars : La Capitale by Xerjoff

For a Xerjoff on me at-least shocked I need an extra spritz of this one. But nevertheless a beautiful great fragrance.Starts of with sweet fruits Apple,Apricot,prunes the goes Leaning gourmand to my nose very pleasant but not overly sweet as some other fragrances. The Sweet Cream I get in this Benzoin,Vanilla and caramel are just perfect. Slight spicy ness with some Oud playing a role reminiscent of Xerjoffs Alexandria II & III both vibes, Glad I bought this blind. A great fragrance. Can’t say to much more but worth every penny just wish it had Xerjoff powerfulness. It’s lasts long enough, just used to being careful applying most Xerjoff frags. Lasts a good deal but not as long as others from this house, silage is decent enough. The wife loves this one. Give this a try at-least. I know I am a huge Xerjoff fanboy but this is my honest thought(s) on this great fragrance. All the ingredients are done with care. They are not loud. Just perfect. And I am perfectly OK with that. Try this! Glad I did! :•}
Also there is a slight Diptyque • Eau Lente vibe mid drydown that I am very fond of also with a touch of Japanese Sandalwood,wet sandalwood. Like in Minorien Fu-In Sandalwood sticks. 3rd time coming across this Minorien Fu-In Sandalwood smell of burning incense. But that’s fine with me I love that smell. Also it’s been 2 Xerjoffs that I found to be having this note just a nice fragrance. Incense and Eau Lente vibes both! Well... lucky and happy blind buy. Nicely done yet again... Just my 2¢ Opinions of frags,can be subjective. But love this one.
14th February, 2020

Emilio de HJ by Henry Jacques

Love this! As I do all the HJ’s I have decants of so far. Great house, quality is definitely there. Very pricey but well worth it. Some fragrances I like but just can’t pull trigger on that cost,for even a strong Parfum Oil(s). But the Henry Jacques decants I have that I have been lucky to get I adore, love... can’t stop thinking about them. Hard to put this fragrance into words can’t even describe it. Emilio to me(of-course we are all different)It’s a very clean scent If that makes sense IMHO, but it’s different has its own style/vibe. This Emilio as well smells like nothing I have owned•tried•bought, And the other HJ Parfum Oils are just a exquisite to me, And I don’t care what I have to do,to try more HJ Parfum samples,decants or buy full bottles... But I will...LOL... they are that good. Go for it! This Emilio and also others from HJ need to be sampled at-least by any Fragrance Head / Aficionado. You will Not be sorry exploring Henry Jacques Parfums. Emilio de HJ is a Must have! You will most likely appreciate the depth and quality of these offerings and this particular Emilio de HJ... Love at first Sniff! :•}
01st February, 2020

M by Puredistance

Do you like Chypres, Spicy Leather & Bel Ami?

Buy It.. Own It... Love It.... I do!!! :•]
A NasalGasm inducing fragrance! Keep plenty of tissues at hand... lol
01st February, 2020

Gold by Puredistance

Puredistance • M and now Puredistance • Gold... wow!
Love these both. But this Gold is such a nice fragrance. Review from Dr.Seid is a great review on Puredistance • Gold. I think he summed it all up,perfectly. I just wanted to add my 2¢. This is a top favorite for me,very VERY FOND of Gold. To my nose it kinda has an Amouage Attar flair going on. Instantly reminded me of Amouage • Attars once applied. It is another very expensive fragrance but well worth the price. Highly recommend to sample/try. Don’t know if drseid will agree but I keep getting this vibe & beautiful mix of a few Amouage Attars a bit. Add this one to your collection. Gold is a Phenomenal Fragrance!!! A++
01st February, 2020

Oud Stars : Alexandria II by Xerjoff


Pretty much sums up Alexandria II
This is an AMAZING Attar/Extrait & EdP...I have both and I prefer the Alexandria II Attar/Extrait! The EdP is great too either or is good. But I prefer the Attar/Extrait version better, more pronounced and depth of ingredients,notes. Nice & rich!

Another great Xerjoff! :•o
26th January, 2020

Elixir by Al Kimiya

This... is a great fragrance. I have the Kemi • Elixir Extract. Potent stuff. If your into Amouage Attars such as Asrar, Badral Badour, Ajwad ect. I would definitely get this Kemi • Elixir. The Floral/Rose in this is not very strong like in some Amouage Attars but it is indeed laying in there somewhere just a little bit. Oud is pretty prominent but I also get sandalwood and subtle spices that overcome the Oud after about 10-15 minutes then after they become more prominent. To me this is a great take on Middle-Eastern Attars. Done very very rite. If you like Oud a touch slight touch of Rose and spices, I also get elemi,galbanum,Labdanum.This is for you. Very refined attar. Any Middle-Eastern Attar lover Amouage,ASAQ ect. Should own this,very very smooth too. I Love It!! :•] On a side note it just may be me my nose, but I don’t get the two Balsam varietal notes at all. Is it me or do any of youz agree, not that it’s a problem I love this oil, but I love balsam to and wish I could smell it. Nevertheless a great A+ Parfum Oil/Extract/Attar etc...
24th January, 2020 (last edited: 20th February, 2020)

Blue Vanille by Henry Jacques

This is a great fragrance! Blue Vanilla is the perfect name because obviously of vanilla, but... it does have a blue feel to it it’s hard to describe. But this is my first sample of any HJ attar/Pure Parfum. Has a great vanilla vibe with some spices. As it dries down it starts to smell like AdP Assoluta but a way way better version. I also get a small hint of AdP Intensa. The Vanilla is big but not to tacky and sickly sweet. This is wonderful. Hard to describe but if you like that Benzoin,Vanillic vibe in Givenchy Pi, Guerlain Boise d’ Armenie and like the clean super clean almost white musk vibe in AdP Assoluta then this is yours. a highly opulent, better, higher quality version. It’s so much more than the AdP Assoouta and a touch of the AdP Intensa vibe! you have to just go for it to get the full picture. This fragrance will replace for future purchases of like 4 fragrances now. That I usually rebuy once they start getting low. It covers all 4 in one fragrance and does it better. Looking to try more this stuff if expensive but once you find your perfect HJ’s and see the quality you will feel more better about pulling the trigger on these very very expensive fragrances. Dynamite sexy stuff this is! The wife loves it and she hates about 85% of what I wear from my collection of decants. Also received many many compliments on this particular HJ fragrance.

Love it, will try more HJ’s soon hopefully. This should be a must have in any fragrance heads collection. Just wonderful. I know opinions vary we are all different but I love it. You owe it to yourself to try this!
23rd January, 2020
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Contre Bombarde 32 by Sauf

As a lover of Comme des Garcons Avignon as well as the rest of the CdG Incense Series, I say this... If you Love Avignon as I do... You WILL, Love This! To me this is a sweeter in a way version of Avignon. It also has a slight toasted Madagascar Vanilla vibe as well as a slight Toasted Caramel vibe as well. On my skin this has wonderful Silage as well as Longevity! This is indeed a great fragrance works well on my skin and I smell great. For CdG Incense Series Lovers I would definitely try this. I would even say this is blind buy material if you are into incense frags and CdG Incense Series. As Avignon is a touch sweet,this is more sweet with those toasted Vanilla/Caramel notes. It has a bit of dryness and spice but more muted than Avignon in that department, but is there. Can’t say anymore I am very happy with this creation. Finally Avignon has some competition. Safe Blind Buy if you like Avignon. Both worth owning. LOVE IT!!!! Great job with this SAUF. This will be in my permanent collection. If this is ever discontinued I will actually be perturbed & depressed... Lol
06th January, 2020 (last edited: 26th January, 2020)

Opoponax / Impérial Opoponax by Les Néréides

I really like this fragrance in the opening it smells of that same vibe Diptyque Eau Lent has. I also line Diptyque Eau Lente as well a favorite. It is a sweeter take with vanilla bean,tonka,benzoin and added spicy note. This Opopponax and Eau Lente are neck and neck. When I want a sweeter version I wear Opopponax when I'm in a less sweet mood I wear Eau Lente. Well done a great composition!
28th July, 2015

Sandalo by Santa Maria Novella

I really like this Sandal very much the beginning to mid way this smells of the Original Chandrika Soap with a touch of Tam Dao. Then from the middle to the dry down it smells just like Minorien Fu-In Sandalwood Incense exactly like it! So if you love those two scents in that soap and Japanese Fu-In Sandalwood I would definitely get this. It itches that incense scratch :-)
27th July, 2015

Old English Lavender by Yardley

I agree with rbaker review. I get a bit of mint just a hint to my nose. Wish it was still made. I was fortunate enough to revieve as a gift from a kind Basenoter. Thanx ;-) if u can get,find one go for it! Great stuff.
14th September, 2014

Lavender by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is a great Lavender Cologne. I miss the Agua Lavanda in the glass bottles which are no longer here in the USA as of now :-( only the plastic bottle lower concentration is available. This Demeter Cologne is just like the Puig Agua Lavanda. If you love AL then definitely get this. I don't know how their Naturals Lavender smells. But this one is great.
14th September, 2014

Silver Cologne by Amouage

Not bad but not a must have...Ho Hum


Pros: Great Longevity

23rd August, 2013

Traversée du Bosphore by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A bit like Havana Vanilla

A bit like Havana Vanilla with added spices. I notice it morphs back and forth into the Vanilla then mixed with spices and another note i just cant put my finger on. Maybe a tad of Patchouli? I think its quite nice :-)

23rd August, 2013

Vétiver and Rum by Helan

A great Vetiver fragrance with the rite amount of spice. Not a harsh Vetiver like Puig's,this one is really nicely blended. A favorite of mine since I smelled it in 2007.
15th October, 2012

Baque by Slumberhouse

I really enjoy this fragrance very very much,this Tobacco smelling fragrance has great longevity nice silage. My favorite Tobacco type fragrances are TF Tobacco Vanille & SMN Tobacco Toscano. Now,so is Baque. If you enjoy the Tobacco genre in fragrance this is definitely for you :-)
A huge thumbs up.
23rd August, 2012

This is not a Pipe by Demeter Fragrance Library

-This review is for the oil roll-on

Very very rich and just plain decadence of cherry cavendish pipe tobacco. Just imagine the best pipe tobacco and stick your nose in the bag,that's what u get with this Demeter. Love it. If you love frags like Tom Ford/Tobacco Vanille or Kilian Back to Black. This is for you :-)
21st September, 2011

Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal


A favorite...

I love this! Kind of a smokey sweet Myrrhe thing goin' on.
14th May, 2011

Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma

Fresh,citrusy & herbal with a delicate touch of woods & musk. A staple in my wardrobe great summer fragrance pretty long-lasting for a fragrance of this type and silage is great. Well put together. Bought this immediately after sampling it...
14th May, 2011

Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma

This is a great frag. I love the the white musk in it very classy stuff. AdP Assoluta,Intensa & Floris/Cefiro are my favorite Spring/Summer frags so far,cant be without these. Assoluta lasts pretty good on me about 2-3 sprays on the neck is great,silage is good also.
14th May, 2011

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Zagorsk by Comme des Garçons

Alfarom summed it up. I love all of the CdG Incense Series scents :-)
This one is not to long-lasting with a couple sprays,as are the others from this CdG series. But if you put a lot on it will last...about 5-6 sprays to my neck kept it strong for about 6-8 hours. Silage is good. Avignon & Kyoto still have the best longevity with 2-3 sprays. But all of them are very well put together fragrances. I love this series and cant be without these in my wardrobe.
14th May, 2011

Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Smells like Wahington Tremlett's Clove Absolute in the beginning but better IMHO.

Then settles into an almost Musc Ravageur vibe a bit rougher...

Great longevity & Silage :-)
13th April, 2011 (last edited: 04th May, 2011)

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

Cformosa said it all :-) I really enjoy this fragrance,silage & longevity are pretty good. Try this...
08th February, 2011

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

Great scent,smells just like St. Thomas Aquinas catholic church in Philiadelphia. Very important fragrance to me. Well done Comme des Garçons
26th January, 2011