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Blue Amber by Montale

My favorite amber, and my go to fragrance during fall and winter.
06th April, 2011

Aventus by Creed

Pretty impressive, reminds me a little of a darker VIW. My sample hits with the pineapple note which settles into a rosey, florally middle with a nice vanilla and amber base. Overall I'd say it's a quite nice fragrance, it's quietly complex in an unassuming manner, much like myself.... I like it lots. :)
06th April, 2011

Original Vetiver by Creed

I think this is a classic fragrance with incredible longevity on my skin, it really lasts all day on me. I also have Mugler Cologne and it's very good, there is some similarity to OV in terms of notes used but in all honesty I haven't touched it since getting the Creed. On my skin, Original Vetiver reveals itself as a high quality, natural-smelling citrus fragrance with a soapy, clean-smelling vetiver that I find completely addictive. From first citrusy blast to the beautiful sandalwood/ambergris drydown and hours thereafter it remains top notch on me. I've worn this in both day and night, casual and formal settings and I never find it cloying or out of place. Highly recommended, particularly as a great spring and summer scent.
03rd October, 2008
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L'Antimatière by LesNez

I really like this scent, it does remind me of fabric softener sheet upon initial spray then settles into a very light musky smell that I love. I often layer this with other scents and it works very well when used this way, it's been very versatile for me. This is a wonderfully unique, subtle and complex fragrance that begs for experimentation. I recommend getting a sample or two and repeated wearings to different parts of the body and different types of weather as well as with other scents.
14th September, 2008

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

This is such a great scent, I love prada amber so I really wanted to give this Daniela Andrier creation a shot and am not disappointed. I don't find this hard to wear at all and it's also quite long lasting on my skin, two big thumbs up!
01st August, 2008

Weekend for Men by Burberry

I find this quite good, it's fresh and energizing and never fails to put me in a good mood. It can be had for fairly cheap these days and makes for a nice summer scent. Thumbs up!
23rd July, 2008

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I bought this blind and while I do think it's a high quality, long lasting fragrance, I'm still getting used to it. The orange really is overwhelmingly strong and candy-like and combined with the spiciness it has unfortunately given me a slight to moderate headache the few times I've used it, even with just one spray. Maybe they should give away free samples of advil with every purchase because I've had to take a couple every time I spray this! Anyways, I'm still going to keep trying with this but I fear it may not suit my personality or skin type.
21st July, 2008

Cool Water Frozen by Davidoff

This was a blind purchase if there ever was one! I was at a discount store and I spotted Liz Sport, which I've been wanting to try, I saw the box and remembering the good reviews it got, I picked it up. I even opened the box and spritzed it on my hand and liked it very much, it was nice and fresh with a nice little zing to it, I put it back in the box and quickly bought it. However, upon getting to the car and opening it up to spray some more on me I gazed at the pretty blue bottle, Davidoff Cool Water Frozen? Doh! I may be one of the few people who has never tried the original Cool Water or any of it's spinoffs. I am very pleasantly surprised by how nice this is, on my skin the initial spray seems to have a cooling effect upon contact which I haven't experienced before. After a fresh opening it dries down to a very pleasant light and clean scent. Since I've yet to try it's siblings I can't compare them but I really like Cool Water Frozen and recommend it. It's going to get a good amount of use for the rest of the summer as it seems just perfect for these warm days we've been having.
12th July, 2008

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

I'm not sure why, maybe the fact that middle age is rapidly approaching and the whole marriage thing doesn't seem to scare the pants off me like it used to, who knows, but I've taken a keen interest in not only looking better, new clothes, working out, etc) but smelling better too. I've never really been a cologne guy, I bought a bottle of Aramis in 1999 mainly because my then girlfriend seemed to like it on me but I wore it infrequently, I thought it was very strong and we both finally got sick of it and I threw it out years later. But now here I am wanting to try my luck at the whole fragrance thing again so I did some research and quickly found this site. I'm not sure exactly how I came upon Prada Amber but the reviews seemed enticing to me, I was intrigued by the barber soap comparisons and other things that made me feel like I needed to go smell it for myself asap so off to Macy's I went. Needless to say, that was the only frag I ended up smelling because it was true love at first sniff for me and I bought it immediately. I don't find it that sharp to my nose except maybe for a brief second or two but then it just smooths into a very close to the skin and very comforting, warm scent that lasts on me for quite some time. It's certainly soapy and has a powdery drydown which as othes have mentioned is definitely more on the feminine side but not overtly so, just so very different from what I was used to with my aramis! Prada Amber Pour Homme is a clean, warm scent that simply makes me feel great and although I've steadily built up a modest little fragrance arsenal this still remains my favorite, I feel it suits my personality perfectly. No doubt I'll have new favs once I try more niche and designer frags but Prada will always hold a special place in my heart, it's the fragrance that opened the door for me. Highly recommended and I also recommend the shower gel, it's the best designer gel I've used to date and may be a better buy for people who find the EDT to be too sharp and feminine. I find myself at times taking the cap off and smelling the bottle, it's such a beautiful smelling soap.
Thanks for reading my first review!
12th July, 2008