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Emporio Armani Remix She by Giorgio Armani

I love Remix! it has a perfect balance of woods and spices nd flowers to create a vibrant feminine warm scent! the fruits are well blended, it is definitely NOT a fruity scent by any means!! I do not like the She ..I find it sickly and soapy, but Remix is perfect in every way!! I woudnt compare it to Euphoria, the latter is way more oriental and stronger! Remix is casual without being boring..a plus!!
08th August, 2010

7:15 am in Bali by Kenzo

I find it lovely! creamy, realxing, , enchanting like a subtle morning light, , I love Kenzo! .all his fragrances are distinctive, and very well constructed.
True Bali doesnt have many notes, but they melt into each other to produce a light but present & beautiful harmonizing scent.I love it!!
29th April, 2010

Armand Basi in Red by Armand Basi

It is a beautiful mesmerizing scent!! goes on fresh, then a bit of spiciness comes into play,and the base is warm , and present..I find it quite different from the fruity popular scents out there!!
29th April, 2010
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Trussardi Bianco by Trussardi

It is a beautiful scent..light, fresh but present,a true lotus scent...uplifting, the flowery notes dance on top of the lotus and make the scent soo enticing to me!! I get many compliments wearing it!!
22nd March, 2010

Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga

I can say this is a very grandiose Boucheron..I find it not easy to describe, and not easy to wear either..the violet note is very present, like a candied violet..the scent isnt very warm, the base gets warmer, but not much..I will complete my review after I wear it for a few far it isnt great to me..I just dont get it!!
13th March, 2010

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

There isnt anything green neither crisp about Kelly Caleche..instead a strong grapefuit note, very well harmonized with a soft but very present leather note..a rich, supple leather...a very feminine scent, i dont find it unisex at all! it fits the complex and well assured breathes sophistication, class, and self assurance!
well constructed the notes seem to float on top of one another..few fragrances can achieve that effect!! wonderfully complex and charming!
04th September, 2009

Pure White Linen by Estée Lauder

I bought it but never wore it..I found it too boring, too clean...there is a crispness to it, a dryness I do not like...smells like what a librarian would wear..serious, nice, plain...nothing great about it!
12th May, 2009

Truth Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein

This is a wonderful perfume! the notes are light, airy and deep at the same time..makes me feel happy, makes me feel like I am walking in a distant has something vibrant about is in my opinion the only scent that just comes alive! I love it! it isnt too strong, it just melts into my skin!!
12th May, 2009

Jardin d'Interdit by Givenchy

at first , it is quite has an oriental undertone to it...I will need to wait to see how it turns on far I am not enthousiastic...feels a bit sharp for my nose!
22nd April, 2009

Hot Couture White Collection by Givenchy

The almond scent in it doesnt agree with me...I found that fragrance to be old fashioned, and I couldnt wear it..I dislike the notes in it..nothing fresh or really luminous about that one..smelled like old glue to me!!!
22nd April, 2009

Pleasures Delight by Estée Lauder

That fragrance is way too too strong! a real mess...starts out strong, then you get the very overwelming feeling of having patchouli written all over you..felt like wearing a hippie cheap scent from the sixties!!! I didnt like it at all, I gave it away after one day...
24th June, 2008

Boss Femme by Hugo Boss

That scent didnt work for me...smells like a thousand fragrances out there..nothing special..overly floral in my opinion...just didnt find anyhting good to say about it..I'd better stick to the great names!!
24th June, 2008

Calandre by Paco Rabanne

It is indeed a timeless least wearing it you know you wont smell like anybody else out there..a refreshing step from all those oversweet new scents..nonentheless, you have to be in the right mood to wear that classy is very green and gets quite dry after a bit..still it is one of those scents one can recognize anywhere!!
one of my favorites!
24th June, 2008
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Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

I didnt like it at all....first it smelled like a man's perfume! then I really dont like aquatic notes..not original at all..I could wait to get rid of it..nothing feminine about that one!
24th June, 2008

Adrienne Vittadini by Adrienne Vittadini

Adrienne Vittadini 's juice isnt pink at is a light amber color..this is in my opinion one of the best feminine sensuous scent ever!! Light, warm, enveloping but not strong, or sweet, it has that ravishing quality about it..I just love it!!
too bad my husband dislikes it so much!!
Many people compliment me when I wear it! never happens with any other perfume I own!!!!
24th June, 2008

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

I have not smelled a more distinctive fragrance ! strong, powerful but not overwelming, I really liked is one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled...warm, enveloping, yet not heavy or synthetic...I use it in is a top ten in my list!
04th June, 2008