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Cool Water Cool Summer by Davidoff

Remarkably close to Happy Summer IMO and thats a good thing, considering that HS is my favourite CW flanker to date.
24th February, 2011

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

Yeah, as others have stated, truly a well executed citrus fragrance. however, no matter what, I expect my scents to last longer than the 60 minutes I get from this max.
24th February, 2011

Bergamotto / Bergamot by L'Erbolario

Straightup, clean little citrus.
I dont get much of an development, it just fades out.
Similar in terms of construction to Etros Lemon Sorbet but not bitter, just refreshing and pleasurable.
For VERY hot days with a t-shirt (if even that) at the beach, my choice.
16th August, 2010
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White Aoud by Montale

White Aoud - Pierre Montale

WA begins strong, messy and loud. I get nasty associations such as urinal cake and/or mosquito spray. The ingredients which produce this horrible potpourri I cant really distinguish. It's oily, a big folral aspect playing it's role, almost rancid to a degree.
However it quickly mellows into a soft, lush floral Aoud over amber/vanilla as background. One flower still dominates the playful/girly side of the development, some mentioned jasmin, to me it smells more of heliotrope.
With the fade out the vanilla becomes more and more of the main factor as it lingers on while the rest evaporates.
I wouldnt wear it (I favour others Aouds of the like) but would love my GF to try this on.
19th April, 2010

Homme (Aoud) by Martine Micallef

Awesome stuff! Strong at first, almost rancid barnyard aoud, reminding me a little of Motale - Cuir d'Arabies beginning.
Cinnamon and honey kick in after a while, turning it down to a delicious, sweet/spicy feel good aoud (while I dont detect some mentioned saffron nor nutmeg).
Patchouli adds spice, darkness and some dirty aspects with sandalwood in the base, structuring the whole thing.
Delicious, amazing and possibly my very favourite aoud right now.
11th March, 2010

Duro by Nasomatto

I dont know what it is but pretty much all I get is shameless and open Iso E super.
Also the description - leather, woods, spice (luckyscent) yells "synthetic" to me.
I'l retry to ensure that its not a temporary anosmia or something but for now, this is boring and definitely not worth its price /ml.
11th March, 2010

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

I cant add more to the praise, ridiculously good incense, so luxurious, warm, engulfing and reeking of quality.
Read Viberts and others reviews for all its good aspect, however, here comes my criticism : the orchid or violet or whatever this dusty flower is which pops up after a few minutes just spoils it for me.
I simply cant appreciate it for what its worth.
But there are others, great oriental incenses that will suffiently repay me for my disappointment. Once I found a decent substitude I will update this review.
As of now, its a neutral for being a great milestone and artistically spoken one of Duchaufaours best creations but it doesnt do it for me.
11th March, 2010

Orient Extreme by Montale

Mhhhmmmmm, I dont know how people can be so sure about the rose and sandalwood right away.
My first impression were Aldehydes, big time. Yeah theres (sandal)wood, alright there are spices however I rather thought of patchouly (or even a bit of Iris).
maybe I'm yet to train my nose about certain rose accords which I didnt pick up right away as of this first wearing.
It overall reminds me of a typical female chypre, the 30-40 description is spot on and is another hint towards aldehydes in my opinion.

A good, sweet scent, leaning towards the feminine side but I'l wear it every once and again.
11th March, 2010

Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules

Tested this again today and I'm still gutted.
This is said to be pretty much pure Iso Super E and about 50 percent of people can barely smell it at all, to the other 50 % its amazing, overwhelming and everpresent.
I'm in the first group, my brother told me he smelled it distinctively from a few metres distance and he was more than fond of it.
To me its a skinscent, a little sandalwood, a little syntheticness and a little sweetness but overall nothing spectacular.
I'l give it a neutral because of its effect on others and because its definitely not bad but I'm missing the show.
03rd February, 2010

Unscripted by Patrick Dempsey

What a shame, the notes sounded so promising, so much stuff i like.
peppercorn, cardamon, fig, patchouly/musk.
However the imo very strong violet and maybe also the vertiver are ruining it for me.
Its a very well executed fragrance and I especially recommend it to NR for him lovers but definitely not for me.
26th January, 2010

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Smells like Pino Colada at 125 € per 125 ml.

The first impression that hit me was a huge coconut before the fruits kicked in.
sweet and overly dusty it enfolded around me.
I'm totally open for fresh/fruity and fun scents but this is a bit too much, even though I'm impressed that this frag does seem to measure up regarding sillage and longevity.
Still, means more cloying and more nauseating.
By now its fading into the basenotes after the coconut had still easily overpowered the decent floral middle, the rum/musk/sugar play it a more subtle way which I really like.
Still, too much for me to go through before reaching the drydown.
08th January, 2010

Atelier d'Artiste by Nez à Nez

I tried this for the first time today so my opinion might change overtime but as of now its a neutral.

It starts off simply sweet but the raspberry kicks in quickly. It tookme a few moments to figure out the smell but then i got it - Raspberry sherbet. Pure and in a perfection that shocked me. I didnt get much of the booze, tobacco or vanilla, just the patchouli was playing a background role (thought of it as civet for a second, smelled somewhat urinalike but not unpleasantly) but for the most its just raspberry.
I didnt get a huge development but rather some kind of fade out.
Too overbearing to wear it myself but i would love to smell it on a woman.
12th October, 2009

Around Midnight by Mark Buxton

This was one of my first niche samlpe purchases and I still love it.
Bearing a lot of notes in commen with Buxtons creation for Biehls Parfumkunstwerke (camomile, styrax, patchouli, ciste) which is clearly present in form of heavy resemblances of the two one can assume that Buxton had an inspiration but, for some reason, couldnt get it right for Biehl so he decided to create a more daring version under his own name.
The result is IMO mb03 stripped down of its unnecessary softness and with enhanced edges.
The opening starts off very fresh, even cold with the pepper being very prominent before the Jasmin escorts the change into the to my nose oriental smelling, sensual drydown.
My first impression (when I smelled it the first time) was the drydown smells of Myrrh but I think thats because i havent got much experience with Styrax as a note and couldnt imagine Patchouli being used in such a beautiful way.
Highly recommended!
09th August, 2009
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Bal Musqué by Nez à Nez

Wow, wow, wow, I definitely hope your sample has turned off PigeonMurder or otherwise we certainly have very, very different noses.
I sampled this today and I am excited.
My first impression was, "boy, this is flowery". However it didnt seem overdone or even messy but rather like a gentle, light introduction into what was to become dirty.
The more the florals faded the more resemblances to musc ravageur i got (which might be due to my lacking experience if it comes to soft vanillic musks), the same spicy, gourmandic touch (cinnamon, vanilla, bergamot(?)).
I loved it from first sniff until right now that the musky base is howering around my hand and i keep taking whiffs.

Highly recommended (at least for trying)!
18th May, 2009

Otto Kern Signature Man by Otto Kern

There we go with another 100 % le male clone.
I haven't spent too much time on this one but enough to be sure that it differs only unconsiderably from le male, maybe a little weaker and a bit 'nicer', i mean less in-your-face.
If you want le male but find it too pricy, go for this one.
Its not too bad and you cant expect much more from a department store.
27th October, 2008

White Musk for Men by Body Shop

Hhm, the best way to describe this frag is a mixture of armani - Code and bruno banani-Not for Everybody. Its a plain scent, i dont really detect much comlexity nor change during the time it dries down.
Inoffensive, warm and even if you grew a disliking towards it, for the 20 $it costs, it would still be a formidable room spray.
25th September, 2008

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

this fragrance has to be the worst, honestly, the WORST i have ever tried.
I was thoughtless enough to try this one on my arm in the middle of the day without a chance to wash it off for hours.
It smells chemical, it smells sweet, it makes me nauseatous and gives me a giant headache, and, to finish it off i get thast typical urinal stone smell from time to time.
23rd September, 2008

Cool Water Summer Fizz by Davidoff

haha, while wearing this i frequently got asked if whether i had drunk wodka, so must have a REALLY weird turn out with my body chem.
i like it tho, as i do like most of the coolwaters including their touch of syntheticness :)
10th September, 2008

Wolfgang Joop! by Joop!

wow, first review on this one :)

'A sexy, timeless and addictive woody oriental.'
Thats how Joop describes it.
It starts off just as sweet as i had expected of any creation from Joop but IMO better than the last Go!-accident, nicer and not as synthetical, really good actually.
the frag gradually calms down to a spicier version of jump with the mentioned 'woody note'.

i think joop just wanted to get a frag launched for the more mature crowd (another point for that is the bottle, in comparison to the previous two modern creation its intentionally designed to impart class) and he just spiced the jump up a bit.
since i actually like jump very much this one is def a thumbs up for me as well just dont expect to much.

sillage ad longevity are bothsomewhat average, got like 4-5 hours.

il stay with jump though, wont bother with this stuff.

3 1/2 stars
02nd September, 2008

Adidas Victory League 2006 by Adidas

funny how they manage to bring out fakes, let them run for a while, then discontinue them and yet still improve their reputation year by year..
in my eyes this one's 100 % a copy of boss bottled, just a lil more vanilla.
Well done though, and the price is as other have mentioned unbeaten.
Il haveto get myself another bottle before they dont stock it in our drug stores anymore.:)
02nd September, 2008

Gant Liquid by Gant USA

i dont know what it was about this frag that totally knocked me back.
i simply didnt like it at all and was pretty damn close to wash it off.
i think it must be the patchouli in the base since i absolutely love musks and tonkas and the smeel that creeped me out lingered the whole time.
NO thanks
02nd September, 2008

Unforgivable by Sean John

wow, the only good thing i got from this was the fact that its still better than gaunts liquid which i was unfortunate enough to be trying on the other arm at the same time.
boy what an awful cloud lingering around me for quite a while..
well, got the impression of both, wont get either.
fruity water, i actually imagine that i do get a bit of melon out of it (?)
no idea how this one got the fifi.
02nd September, 2008

Sculpture Homme by Nikos

i do agree with the posts that say this smells synthetic however i find it not as much synthetic as le male and it beats le male (to which IMO its a clone, but a super one) in almost every way.
its sweet, and the obivious vanilla and tonka been (if my nose picked that one right) but the citrus of the orange gives it a freshness and prevents that its getting too heavy.
i randomly got a sample vial of sculpture and have been trying it a few times, during the last week day by day more often and more enjoying.
definetely not for everybody but it grew on me and im just looking for a bottle.
a goodie!
02nd September, 2008 (last edited: 21st September, 2008)

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

Eeow, not my piece of cake.
Starts off very coconutty but not at all pleasant which suprised me since i normally like cocnut.
Then it comes to a process where i cant really figure out what i smell, it seems to change every few moments but again, never really pleasant.
I cant really figure out the ingredients that are puzzling me that much but it just doesnt smell good to me.
Can anyone smell bergamot in it or am I having problems with my nose?
Anyway, i have to admit i like the drydown, fruity and a bit fresh, yet warm.
Not worth getting through to it though.
01st September, 2008

Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

boy this is an amazing creation.
i really love how it changes during wear. from somewhat indistinctable within minutes to a lovely floral scent.
i found the use of bergamot in sur le nil exaggerated but well, this 'juice' makes up for it.
il take it over sur le nil almost anytime (love them both tho).
the dry down is one of the best florals i have smelled IMO, lovely how the fig gradually overpowers the floral effect yet u can still smell both shortly before the end.
only negative point is the longevity, lasted only bout 3 hours on me.
still deserves the attribute amazing tho.
25th August, 2008

Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

haha, i only got one thing to add to the prvious posters review
be careful with the amount u apply.

while trying this on i was literally bein chased by 5-6 bees for over 1 hour.

good, fresh summer scent but not worth getting it IMO.

if u want freshness, go for coolwater happy summer or CL freeze me and if u want citrus with a lil warmness go for allure blanche

however still a thumbs up
24th August, 2008

Davidoff Adventure by Davidoff

weak?i cant really figure why everyone seems to find it weak?last quite a while on me and i am actually suprised by the complexity. i always have the feeling i smell different every 5 min or so.
good stuff!
reminds me a bit of 'good life' but more interesting.
only criticism is that somehow it gives me a headache sometimes (?).
not enough for a thumbs up anyway.
24th August, 2008

Cool Water Happy Summer by Davidoff

love it.
fresh, fruity and a well mixed combination of grapefruit and lemon.
thumbs up
24th August, 2008

Joop! Go by Joop!

no thanks, if i wanna smell like a candy shop i go to the carneval and have a bath in candy floos but, well, i dont and therefore this is nothing for me.
doesnt make me gag to, so 2/5, not the maximum penalty.
24th August, 2008

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

clean, fresh, a bit warm, just nice.
nothing new tho
24th August, 2008