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    Joseph Abboud by Joseph Abboud

    Got hold of some of this last week as I thought it would be my kind of fragrance.Can smell the ginger and bergamot but not overly impressed.Lasting power only moderate.I have many more fragrances in my collection that I prefer.A little similar to Gianfranco Ferre for men but not as spicey.Will use tis in the Autumn/winter for maybe daytime use

    11th October, 2009


    Molinard Homme II by Molinard

    Not very long lasting ,althiugh pleasant and sweet.I detct a hint of orange blossom.
    To me it's a weaker version of Joop the original for men.
    Dont think this is one of the best fragrances from Molinard.
    I prefer Ambre and Habanita

    25th September, 2009


    Capucci pour Homme by Roberto Capucci

    Purchased a bottle recently in Italy for a bargain priceJust love it on my skin as it seems to last very well.Dont see it as cologney or as citrussy as eau sauvage or armani.Perhaps citrus at the very beginning but with a lovely classic clean smell that I cant put my finger on..
    Didnt realise that this was over 40 yrs old and wish all the recent fragrances had this longevity ang originality.
    Perfect for a summer afternoon when you dont want to smell like a lemon or a synthetic fruit bowl.
    A true class act in my opinion and not something everyone else smells like that is gone in an hour!!

    08th August, 2009


    Caesars Man by Caesars World

    You usually get what you pay for and this is the case with Caesars Man.Nothing outstanding and a bit sharp on the first spray.On my skin it has a soapy dry down with some green notes.I hate to say this but a friend said it reminded them of fly killer! Needless to say I wont be wearing it for social occasions but will probably keep it in the car to freshen up with.I dont find it offensive and there is definateky no signs of any florals or sweetness in its make-up

    01st July, 2009


    JHL by Aramis

    Amazingly rich warm scent.I agree not for hot weather but I have just picked up a half bottle off e bay for a song.
    Remember this over 20yrs ago when I couldnt afford a bottle and I used to go in the department stores and have a test.
    Lasts an incredibly long time without being sickly like Bijan or Jacomo de Jacomo.
    I get the cinnamon but there is a gingerish vanilla like drydown on my skin.
    Cant wait to wear this in publc to see what the reaction is...

    30th June, 2009


    Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste

    Quite sweet but lasts only an hour or so on my skin which is dryish.Like the amber notes as I am not really a citrus type.Think it would be fine for a summer evening when you need a soft fragrance but dont want to smell like mosquito killer.Have only tried it at a store for a sample but would not fork out the full price due to the lasting power.

    04th June, 2009


    Noir by S.T. Dupont

    This is my first S.T Dupont fragrance.Bought it because I loved the bottle.Wore it for the first time last night for a farewell party.Could still smell it 6hrs after application.Many good comments from other people.
    I found it very unusual ,definately masculine couldnt smell the lavender too much but got the woods and creaminess.Changed on my skin after the first 10 minutes.Think it was amazing value for the longevity without being overpowering.A lot of fragrances just disappear on my drieish skin.Hate to say this but reminded me of a stronger version of Fire and Ice for men by Revlon which is a U.S drugstore cheapie but I love that also!! Would buy this again.

    23rd April, 2009


    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    The only thing that I can say that is outstanding about this fragrance is the bottle.
    The longevity is poor yet it is not an offensive fragrance.More of a summer spritz to me.Also a little on the synthetic side.
    Starts off quite sharp almost getting up your nose then peters off to a powdery vanillarish smell on my skin.
    I am a fan of YSL,s other fragrances especially Rive Gauche por homme,Opium pour homme .and the outstanding M7.To me this just pales into insignificance.I doubt whether it will say in production as long as the other YSL classics have done

    18th February, 2009


    Photo by Lagerfeld

    Quite boring and soapy.Says to me I am wearing a fragrance but not a distintive one.Good to wear if you are stuck for choice in a morning.Wouldnt wear it for an evening out.My classification would be a casual fragrance.Much prefer the original Lagerfeld

    29th December, 2008


    Niki de Saint Phalle by Niki de Saint Phalle

    Bought this for a girlfriend of mine for her birthday with her birth sign on the bottle without smelling it.She arrived tonight smelling gorgeous.Very unique and green fragrance.Long lasting and suitable for a winter evening.Think it would go well with a sophisticated country outfit.I read somewhere ther were marigolds in this fragrance but it definately isnt floral or girly sweet.Say it was suitable for 40 plus age group.Maybe could even be unisex.Possibly a stronger smelling chanel no 19??

    22nd December, 2008


    Elite by Floris

    Strange,I dont know about this one.Sometimes I like it and other times I am negative.It is definately unique and quite old fashioned.I wouldnt say it smells cheap like Aqua Brave as it still has a hint of sophistication with its mossy dry down.
    I cant say it is overly citrus as I dont like many citrus fragrances.I am in the 40 to 50 age bracket and can wear this comfortably.More of an autumn/winter smell than for warmer climes.Quite nice used with body products.E.G deo and soap as it adds to the longevity and warmth of the fragrance

    15th December, 2008


    Andy Warhol for Men by Andy Warhol

    Nice fragrance,not too long lasting.Green and sweet without being sickly.Think it would be good after sport and a shower.After a while there is a faint trace of the jasmine which gives the sweetness.Could see this appealing to any age group and it is one of those things that you could buy safely as a present for anyone without it staying in their wardrobe unused as is the case with many fragrances if given and you dont know that particular person's taste.

    12th November, 2008


    Jaguar (new) by Jaguar

    Think these reviews are for Jaguar pure instict.I find this to smell of bitter oranges and have a summery feel.Quite nonedescript but it lasts quite well

    20th October, 2008


    Byblos Sandalo by Byblos

    Bought this blind as I love sandalwood based on the previous review on this page.Love the softness of the fragrance and would say it is definately unisex.If a girl does not like florals this is a nice alternative without being in your face spicy a la Opium etc.
    Cant say that it is too strong but would be suitable for the autmn'winter daytime I think.Not too long lasting either but leaves a subtle scent on your skin.To me very natural smelling for the price.
    See this is made in Italy ,can comment that I dont often smell a bad Italian Fragrance!!

    13th October, 2008


    Bulgari Black by Bulgari

    The men who dont like ths fragrance probably like run of the mill smells i.e Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein which I dont dispute that some of these are very pleasant Bulgari Black is a unique scent.
    I get nothing but good compliments when I wear it.Perhaps the other reviewers have over applied it.
    I do notice the rubbery smell which soon disappears to reveal a mellow fragrance with a hint of vanilla,leathery notes and woods.
    Wouldn't say this was a paticularly feminine scent although it is marketed as unisex.
    If you want something different give it a try.For me definately a winner.

    13th October, 2008


    Britto Man by Romero Britto

    A bargain for the price.I love this scent.Was dubious about buying it as one reviewer said it smells like JPG le Male which I dislike.Admit it does but only for the first 5 mins.However it is very sweet and you only need a little as overapplying could be a disaster.I,m sure there must be vanilla in its composition,When it has dried down it smells like a nice vanilla soap or shower gel.Dont find it nauseous at all,in fact very pleasant if you like sweet smells.By the way I love the bottle and packaging too

    26th September, 2008


    Aramis 900 by Aramis

    One of the best Aramis fragrances after Tuscany.Find the others too "old".V similar to aromatics for women.Find some women overly apply the stuff and it can be heady.
    For me 900 is great value cos it lasts all day and I have dry skin on which some of the other fragrances disappear quickly.
    Getting hard to find in the U.K. but I can usually find some in Europe at excellent prices.
    For me this is a classic that will always be one of my favorites.A v definate thumbs up,maybe even 2 if there were 2 thumbs!!

    20th September, 2008


    Cristobal pour Homme by Balenciaga

    Love this fragrance.It is sweet but definately not sickly.I wish it would last a while longer as I find for an edt it is very weak
    The lasting part is the vanilla on my skin which is very delicate.Nice for a summer evening.Someone said I smellled of candyfloss!!

    16th August, 2008


    Toujours Moi by Dana

    Bought the eau de cologne as my Mum used to wear this fragrance in the 70's when it was made by Corday.
    A big difference now ,as I still have some in the original refillable bottle which was an EDP.
    This new version is much sweeter.Smells like an Indian oil to me.Definately a sweet musk drydown compared to the original,which was more of a distinctive chypre ,Very long lasting for an EDC but you can tell this has none of the original expensive ingredients.Suitable for those on a budget as an evening fragrance possibly the over 50's age group.

    15th August, 2008


    Black Walnut by Banana Republic

    I think this is great.A balance.Not too strong,Not too sweet or too woody.Have just bought ths .blind.and think it will become a favorite.
    No hint of a flower in there and the longevity is just about right.4 to 6 hours on me.Cant wait to wear it in public to see what reaction I getI think this is an "edible" fragrance without being gourmand or sickly ,which I hate.
    To sum up...JUST PERFECT..

    14th August, 2008


    R by Révillon

    Kind of old fashioned in a very clean sort of way.No one could object to this smell and it is definately masculine.I could imagine a well dressed city gent wearing this in Paris for a business lunch.I detect some lavender in there but not a sickly sweet sort like caron pour un homme.Definately one of my favorites for summer without being a citrus summer scent.

    13th August, 2008


    Animale Animale for Men by Animale Parfums

    The only fragrance I have ever worn that gives me a migrane headache.Sickly .synthetic and disgusting.One to avoid at all costs unless you want to be smelled 100yds away!!

    13th August, 2008


    Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

    Just bought this by mistake,should have bought the original Bogart from its review description.I have in my collection One Man Show and Witness and I love them both.
    This fragrance I cant seem to get away with.The last review says that it smells like Cristobal pour Homme,not on me.It has a sweet sickliness and a drydown of vanilla and musk.To me it has a similarity to a fragrance which is now discontinued,Relax by Davidoff.
    Think it gave me a bad headache when I wore that one too!If anyone wears this I would advise to apply with caution as it could offend the wearer and those within 1 mile!!

    09th July, 2008


    Samouraï 47 by Alain Delon

    Very strange fragrance to me .On my skin the sweetness of the so called plum notes turned to rancid fruit.This ended up smelling like curry powder eventually but gladly not for too long.. I bought this blind without having tried it.Glad it was not expensive.Wondereing if it had "gone off",or was it just not me...

    07th July, 2008


    Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

    Cant get my head round this one even though the longevity is good.Sometime gives me a headache and cannot wear it during the dat.Minty fresh to start but its sytheticness is quite annoying.Not one you would want to smell on your clothes after a night out.Despite this other people seem to like the smell on me and it is a bargain.Picked up a 125ml edt for less than£10.

    01st July, 2008


    Jovan White Musk for Men by Jovan

    Used to wear this all the time when I was a frquent visitor to the States about 10 yrs ago.Had the urge to smell it again and had to buy it on the web plus post to the U.K.
    Must say it still smells great on my skin for a bargain fragrance and never has the sickliness of other musk fragrances.Fairly long lasting and had a few comments already as it is the perfect summer daytime scent for me.I can still smell it after 4hours and it has an apple like sweetness,,almost edible.
    Come on Coty there is a market here for it as well as the other 2 Jovan Fragrances that are readily available.Also how about re making Grass Oil,I have fond memories of that too!!

    25th June, 2008

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