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Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

I so smell the 80s right now.
That said, it's strikingly similar in character to my old foe Obesession, yet has an attitude of its' own. Sweet, woodsy, warm, and clean. In some way delicate but still has a backbone. It's true that the scent stays monotone as other reviewers mentioned; that is the reason for my neutral rating. I would have liked a crisp opening (apple, pear or some aquatic flower) followed then by the vanilla and amber. But with a light hand I can wear this as is.
08th January, 2017

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

I feel like a queen when I wear this one. It's so beautiful.
22nd January, 2016

Ultraviolet for Her / Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

It literally smells like "nothing." I cannot identify a single note and whatever is there disappears within a few minutes.
27th September, 2015
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Blue by Ralph Lauren

Soft, musky, woodsy, watery and very feminine. Great longevity and sillage.
20th August, 2015

Santo Domingo by Oscar de la Renta

I just wish it lasted longer on the skin. Love the tobacco and citrus notes.
22nd June, 2015

Chloé (new) by Chloé

It's a familiar scent straight from my early childhood. I love the peony and lily of the valley; those 2 I can immediately detect. I don't get too much rose but it's not completely undetectable either. It lasts a very long time on my skin. Very nice.
21st May, 2015

Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose by Gucci

Beautiful fragrance. I love the creamy peach opening. Rose dominates the mid notes on me, with the tuberose dancing around in the background along with cedar wood. It is strong from the outset. Overall great.
21st April, 2015

Night Rhythms by Prince Matchabelli

My 15 year old scent. Loved it.
19th April, 2015

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

This was my grandmother's scent. I purchased a bottle not long ago. Still great. Love the carnation note.
21st March, 2015

Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga

On the plus side, I like "old lady" fragrances
This one smells like a throwback from the past for sure
Very dressing room, very powdery, very we're- going- out- on- the- town tonight
Plus I absolutely love violet and chypre scents.
These scents are only second to my first love gardenia.

Now the bad news: it's very cold and synthetic
It does not warm up on my skin like other violet scents do-violetta di parma, for instance
Even Agustin Reyes' royal violets has more complexity and warmth.
I wish for a little more depth, a little more musky notes, or even a dash of real patchouli I think would help.

Overall not terrible but there are better violet frags out there.

I recently layered this with Jovan's White Musk. I find that adds precisely what I am looking for.
18th March, 2015 (last edited: 25th March, 2015)

Crystal Noir by Versace

I'm looking at my mother's potted gardenias as I write this
Does this scent do that gorgeous flower any justice? Sort of.
The gardenia notes are very present and demand attention
They are warm and dry, kind of like if I placed the flowers on a wooden plank and set them out in the sun
Somewhere in the mid notes I detect pineapple or grapefruit. Not bad.
I'm not too pleased with the synthetic sandalwood dry down
I realize I prefer the dewy/mossy type of gardenia, not a dry woody or peppery type
Also, the coconut note is very suntan lotion, but I also detect a slight peanutty note which I think keeps it from completely going into the Coppertone territory.
Overall ok, made me happy and think of summer for a while on this frigid February day.
19th February, 2015

Tatiana by Diane Von Furstenberg

Like White Shoulders but with more orange blossom. Not awful but can be overpowering.
18th February, 2015

Night Magic Evening Musk by Avon

My mother's scent, second to Chanel 5.
It has a strong chemical quality to it that I don't like
If it weren't for that I would like it more.
25th January, 2015
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Vanille by Ajne

A sweet smoky dry vanilla, darker than most vanilla scents I've known before. I'm not too into incense-like scents.
25th January, 2015

Espoir by Ajne

I find I like the mid and basenotes more than the top notes. The top notes give me the impression that it's a dark and bitter scent but it's not. I like but not love it.
25th January, 2015

Aphrodite by Ajne

Sex in a bottle......
25th January, 2015

Royal Violets by Agustin Reyes

A beautiful straight up natural violet scent. Can't find anything wrong with it.
25th January, 2015

Poison by Christian Dior

Best frag from the 80s IMO. Dark and in your face. Love it.
24th January, 2015 (last edited: 22nd March, 2015)

True Love by Elizabeth Arden

While the opening is a bit sharp,
I did like the mid and basenotes.
White florals mainly with a touch of spice
Shame it's discontinued
24th January, 2015

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

Don't overdo it.
On some this smells very nice.
When my sister wore it I remember the scent of honey and jasmines
When I wore it I got orange and cinnamon scents
It's a nice frag so long as it's not overapplied.
24th January, 2015

French Cancan by Caron

There is only one aspect of this scent that keeps me from giving it a thumbs down and that is somewhere in the mid-notes there is a fizzy, sparkly champagne-like quality to it that I enjoy. That fizz reminds me of my Caron favourite Bellodgia but with more oranges and less cream. What I get from time to time with this scent is a stale musty odor and urine whiff combined-----that puts me off.
28th October, 2010

Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum by Paloma Picasso

Here in my just-across-the-border town (Seville is 1 hour away) there are 2 things you can count on seeing in every household: a shrine to Our Lady of (Victory, Fatima, Lourdes......whomever you choose) and a flacon of PP ontop of the toccador, if only as decoration if it's not actually used. I've been seeing it for a while at my cousin's home but never sampled it, then the other day I asked her if I could pull out some into my little steel vial that I carry with me (there's a story behind that and why I carry it on me.....some other time). PP is bright, sunny, dewy and fresh---just like an early Summer morning near the coast where I live. I love the creative use of patchouli and honey in this scent. I have heard people compare PP to Chanel 19. I can't see the comparison--PP is an orange and 19 is an apple---how to compare? I love both.
17th October, 2010

Brigitte by Tocca

I love all the scents in this brand (Guiletta is my personal favourite not mentioned here) but the major problem is that they barely last beyond 2-3 hours, and I use the perfume solid not the EDP. Brigitte is warm, fruity and spicy. I love the ginger opening and the smooth rose midnotes, finishing in a sexy ending with musk-wood-vanilla. Sampling Brigitte is for me the perfect excuse to go shopping at New London Pharmacy in my old neighborhood!
13th October, 2010

Perle Noire by Avon

Oh happy day I found a nearly empty sample vial of this way in back of old drawer I opened and was transported back to the wild dating scene at my first junior college...this must have been the 80s maybe early 90s. Nice rose-spice scent that lasts all day with a small amount. It smells a lot like Black Pearls but without the chemical note that I usually get from BP.
13th October, 2010

Facets by Avon

How sad this is disontinued I liked it. I can't compare Facets with any other fragrance or find one that has any similarity. I almost certain that this used to have another name early on but I can't remember it now. The bottle used to be so pretty too, like a rare sapphire mounted on a beautiful gold setting. I don't really care normally for scents featuring myrrh or frankincense but this one used it nicely and lightly, this frag was never overwhelming even when applied with a heavy hand. Perfect for late fall or winter.
13th October, 2010

Kashmir Spice by Ava Luxe

It can be hit-or-miss sometimes with Ava luxe for me, but Serena is always first on the list for me when I want something out of the ordinary, or if I want something ordinary done extra-ordinary!

That being said, Kashmir spice is warm, elegant, exotic, intoxicating and comforting. IF YOU want to sample or purchase this (it's inexpensive) get a perfume oil ONLY. An EDP spray will easily overpower due to all the spice and wood. Easy, light handed application will go on forever. Outstanding.
07th October, 2010

Chergui by Serge Lutens

I don't know Chergui; don't know if I ever will. I'm only posting in response to BayKAT's review.

I figure any scent that can give you pleasant memories of a cantankerous 60 year old man must be great!

07th October, 2010

Jaïpur Saphir by Boucheron

Hello hello.......

Jaipur Saphir is the first fragrance in which I finally experienced a real "accord." What I mean is, I "heard" the melody produced by the strumming of the guitar, and it made sense to me. I saw how each note played with the others to produce that melody and I "saw" the mathematical/lyrical composition to it.

JS is soft, fresh and at first I thought this will wear off in a minute or two. Then, at unexpected intervals throughout the day, "dddrrrrran......." the guitar strums.

Ok, so what am I actually smelling here? Cardamom, milk, vanilla, peaches, roses, magnolias, cashews, cinnamon, a touch of coriander, or maybe cumin, seed.

Has anyone here ever had Kashmiri tea( the pink one)? It's a little like JS. Yum.
07th October, 2010

Violetta di Parma by Borsari

I like this very much it's been around for almost 150 years and it's easy to see why.

It's a simple straightforward floral/musk combination I would imagine that on different people it would have a different composition but each one compositon would be like the chords of a guitar--unique sounds but each still pleasing to hear.

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a sucker for anything Italian and VdP proves again why I think Italian fragrances champion the French ones anyday.

07th October, 2010

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

AE is one of my all time favourites because it reminds me of one my all time favourite persons in the world (now deceased), one of my favourite months (November), one of my favourite colors (green), and of one of my favourite items of clothing (a plush robe that I refuse to get rid of even though it's in tatters). LIGHT application is the way to go. I like to purchase, when I'm lucky enough to find it, the shower gel and body lotion, as opposed to the EDT or perfume spray. It's a very warm and comforting scent when you apply just before bedtime. All thumbs up.
06th August, 2010