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Diesel Zero Plus Feminine by Diesel

Very coconutty and a wee bit fruity on me. Has quite a synthetic smell about it. Doesnt have much staying power really. I dont dislike this scent at all, but i dont love it. I'll use up the bottle but I wont buy it again.
05th January, 2011

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

Burnt sugar. Candyfloss. Yum. I got a huge bottle of this, but by the end of using it, i had had enough candyfloss and burnt sugar to last me a lifetime. I enjoyed this over winter sprayed on my jacket or scarf to brighten otherwise gloomy days, but i'm happy to leave the scent behind. It's lovely though!
05th January, 2011

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

Midnight Fantasy is quite nice. It's just blueberries and sweetness on me. I wouldnt buy it again, but i dont mind wearing it. I like foody smells but this is just a little too childish for me.
05th January, 2011
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Ocean Lounge by Escada

This smelled like synthetic strawberry to me. I was in LOVE with Sunset Heat and I thought this might be similar, but it wasn't.
24th March, 2010

Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

This is a really gorgeous, fun rose and vanilla scent. The vanilla and woods are warm and inviting, with the rose and pink peppercorns coming through sweet and spicey, its a really delicious scent, not too heavy and not too light.
20th November, 2008

Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library

I use this as a room spray more than on my body. Its lovely and interesting, and lives up to its name. The only thing is the dirt smell (while it is really nice and i do like it!) comes through stronger than anything else, and leaves the room with a slightly fresh watery dirt smell, which i dont know is really a good thing! Overall I would give it a thumbs up, though.
20th November, 2008

Deci Delà by Nina Ricci

I bought this blind online, going with the fact that I do enjoy most Nina Ricci scents, and that somebody had said it was simliar to Yvresse. I do like it, but there is a note in it i find slightly sour/off/chemically which i cant identify, but it mostly dissapprears on the drydown which is good! The sparkly apricot note in this is really enjoyable, but overall I would probably not purchace again.
20th November, 2008

Flair by Revlon

Smells very alcoholy when first applied but Flair has a lovely warm, berry and patchouli drydown and excellent staying power. Smells very different from any other, more expensive perfumes I have used before. Would be a little heavy for summer but is a lovely, everyday and inexpensive winter scent.
28th July, 2008

Prada (new) by Prada

All I can smell in this is GREEN. Fresh green flower stems, with the flowheads cut off, then as it dries down the floral reapprears, but very softly. I find it really hard to catch any notes in this perfume. And overall I dont think I really like it, it's too green and flowery for me. Might just be my chemistry because it does not have a lot of staying power, either.
28th July, 2008

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

Sweet, powdery apricot and vanilla. This is a really nice smell on my skin but I'm not really sure if I like it or not. Might be a little cloying on me. Also reminds me of Volupte by Oscar as I think it shares some similar notes, and my mother wears that which might account for the familiar feeling I get from Tresor. I cant smell it too much or I start feeling a little sick. But yet I keep smelling it and thinking I like it. Tresor has me very confused!
28th July, 2008

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

This is my very first scrubber! I was so looking forward to trying it, but it was just so sweet, with an underlying *something* that actually turned my stomach. The whole effect made me feel irritatable and sick. Just awful sweet powder and sickening something. Like perfume sprayed on something dead to ward off the smell.
26th July, 2008

Omnia by Bulgari

This is a lovely warm, spicy smell. The masala and chai notes come through the most on my skin, and while i'm much more of a sweet, fruity perfume wearer, this is lovely for a change.Though I must admit my boyfriend wears it more than I do, and I truely think it's a unisex perfume. It smells great on him!
23rd June, 2008

Believe by Britney Spears

I tested this in a department store and thought it was a lot nicer than the other Britney scents, and brought it online on a whim when I saw it cut price. This is just Fruit, Fruit, Fruit to me, and once it gets to the dry down its pretty much gone on my skin, so i never get to the patchouli part. It's nice enough in the beginning though, very much like the Escada fruit-bomb scents, but lacking...something. The body lotion that came with it though is gorgous and has a really lovely patchouli/fruity scent that stays on my body and clothes for ages.
15th June, 2008
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Green Tea Tropical by Elizabeth Arden

A gorgeous twist on EA's Green Tea (much nicer than the toxic smelling Spiced Green Tea). It adds the most mouthwatering edge to the original, it reminds me a lot of Escadas Sunset Heat, which I also LOVE, but with the green tea scent still remaining strong underneith all the added fruit. Staying power is pretty non-existant though, which would be my only negitive.
15th June, 2008

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

I'm onto my second bottle of Nina, it is a gorgeous fruity, sweet (the toffee apple is delicious) and light. The scent does not have particularly good staying power on my skin but I have noticed it stays on my clothes for days! (not that I dont wash my clothes or anything...) It's a lovely, inoffensive scent, perfect for daytime wear, for people who like sweet and fruity perfumes, has to be one of my favourites.
15th June, 2008

So de la Renta by Oscar de la Renta

I bought this unsniffed because the notes sounded so lovely, but its a lot more floral that I was expecting, and I'm not that big on big florals. This has really grown on me, it's a lovely summery sort of everyday scent, though I would not purchace it again.
15th June, 2008