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YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

I am tired, very tired of the "******" (self-censored) fragrances that all smell alike or those fragrance houses that fail to have a strong identity. I neither buy or support those houses. Either make a man's scent or a woman's scent: life is too short for sameness.

On initial spray, I smell a mature lemon note and then the magical dry-down of refined woods.

I wish this scent was easier to obtain from reputable sources. A very fine fragrance of the masculine identity.
25th December, 2017

Byblos for Men (new) by Byblos

I received this product when I clicked on (a website) buy button. I thought I was buying the real deal (original) Byblos. I shouldn't have opened the package (mistakenly thinking they had only changed this aspect). Needless to say, everything had been changed and not for the better. Every fragrance line has scents of this boring Ozonic formulation. No longevity.
15th October, 2006

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

A profound 'DUD.' For whom and for what was this made? This scent has no longevity, no sillage, no nothing. An absolute waste of effort. Sadly, this joins the burgeoning ranks of mediocrity in the realm of fragrance.
23rd September, 2005
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American Crew Classic Fragrance by American Crew

An entire waste of your hard earned money. Has no scent and no body/substance whatsoever. The perfumer whom 'designed' this needs to take a concerted look in the mirror and ask: Am I worthy to remain in this industry? A waste of time and effort in the marketplace today.
11th September, 2005

Eternity by Calvin Klein

Whenever a woman (known or unknown to me), wears this stuff I walk the other way. Particularly if she fails to shower. This stuff is the bomb (and I am not using the Hip-Hop use of the term either!) This reeks of a multitude of sickly sheep p****ing in a flower garden. Put this on if you wish to chase men away. Simply terrible.
11th September, 2005

Cristobal pour Homme by Balenciaga

I like the fragrance but I don't understand how it can be compared to Joop! It has no similarity (by the way I like Joop!). This cologne has a burnished refinement and clean sensuality. Now, I do think this fragrance has notes of Pi by Givenchy. Another drawback is the relatively poor longevity.
10th September, 2005

Grass Oil for Men by Jovan

This is not the typical drugstore scent (where I found it the first time two decades ago). Whatever caused Jovan or the parent company Coty/Lancaster Group to shut this scent down was such a mistake they should kick themselves in the a&* and repeatedly recite incantations of their collective idiocy. "Andron" and "Grass Oil" should still be out in the market.
14th August, 2005

DKNY Men (original) by Donna Karan

I revised my earlier score of 2 both in terms of the rating and the longevity of the cologne. The bottle is a loser however. Problem with designers is that they fail to use common sense: I have broken two bottles because of the inherent design flaw insofar as to the instability of the bottle.
14th August, 2005

Byblos Uomo (original) by Byblos

A power scent for me. Very professional and alluringly clean. Not strong per se but wickedly fresh! It is not like they typical fruity sweet scents predominant in the marketplace. A must have for the intrigue this arouses.
14th August, 2005

Aramis Life by Aramis

I like this cologne. I would love this cologne if it lasted longer. It has no sillage. I guess Aramis has decided to hire perfumers from the new school of thought that sillage and aura is bad.
04th August, 2005

Chaps (original) by Ralph Lauren

I just bought a decanter of this cologne and I have to say the last two reviewers/posters have got it wrong. This liquid is great! Women my age (close to the grave but not in it), love it on me.

I have to say--as I have said perhaps a gazillion times before--you have to shower before you put this on. It is a 'heavier' scent and it not intended to be liked by the sweet 'floral' types (you know who you are!)
29th July, 2005

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

This fragrance (and absolutely!! The woman's rendition), require the human being desiring to wear this fragrance to take a shower. As incredulous and simple this might sound the human animal neglects to do this simplest hygienic technique and imbibing scent liberally to cover their stench. This scent cannot do miracles and can quite literally smell atrocious on those effluvia leaning souls. So...this is a great scent if you do as I and others ask. PLEASE heed.
09th July, 2005

Cool Water Deep by Davidoff

Modern Coty fragrances rip off the longevity, no depth or quality. Buy those scents that sustain and evoke profound memories and hopes. Definately not Coty (anyone reading from Coty wish to improve on the quality coming from your lines?)
26th June, 2005
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American Crew Sport by American Crew

Save your money. A shameful testament to companies that want to take your dime without providing a quality product--or even a stab at it! Quality needs to come back into America's mindset. This scent lasts for about one millisecond.
06th January, 2005

Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

A very reluctant thumbs up. What I mean by this is simply that the scent is "oblique". I wear this scent liberally applied [yet carefully so as not to ruin the shirt] with a silk shirt. It has an appeal and an ambiance that is hard to describe (much like this review). An enigma.
29th December, 2004 (last edited: 25th December, 2011)

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

This [cologne] house has so much potential yet as many corporations these days they pass on a great thing to save money or whatever the weakness is...
This cologne is given a neutral rating by me because is is precisely that. It has the potential to be great but the foundation (the base notes), ail in terms of longevity. This scent has a sense of refinement and class yet it lacks the essence of a class act because of its sheer betrayal to remain solid. Give the base notes retentive qualities.
12th November, 2003

Envy for Men by Gucci

A fragrance for the ages. Classic yet timely. This is an adult males fragrance. Not for a kid attempting to be a man. I don't 'seek' compliments yet when this is worn they are never-ending. Classic, manly enduring fragrance. Well shaped packaging system. I recommend this to all men.
03rd November, 2003

Zirh by Zirh

I apply this liberally and await it's spell--yet there is none! A disappointing scent. No longevity and unoriginal except for the packaging. Now that I mention the packaging--it's terrible! The design is first-rate yet if it doesn't funtion or there is extreme waste, what's the point? Zirh needs to concentrate on either being a mens line of products or an androgynous line.
02nd November, 2003

Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

One word: Masculine. Not for the tepid or meek. Out of production I think. Hunt it down for late night wear.
10th September, 2003

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

This smells 'green'. Know what I mean? It's like the ol' days--downin' a few Coors in the original cans. Yet without the burp...oh...excuse me.
Anyhow, this is one hell of a scent! Pow, Bam, Boom! This one captures the tigress in the gender femme and pivots the mood to excitement. A must for the man who wishes uniqueness.
Now excuse me...back to them beers <burp>....
09th September, 2003 (last edited: 25th December, 2011)

Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne

NEW! This is the best cologne Liz Claiborne has released (well Curve is ok as well). I like the top notes and the drydown. I've received plenty of compliments wearing this cologne. Nice subtle yet not lacking oomph.
09th September, 2003

Aramis Cool by Aramis

Whay can I say? A class act. I wear this liberally (not to overpower). But the remnants of this scant scent are alluring, subtle almost magical. Calming refreshing notes throughout.
09th September, 2003

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Aaaah! So that's what I smelled at the top, Cucumber! Gee how did they capture that? A nice scent with remarkable staying power though it wouldn't seem so. An everday scent much like Cliniques Chemistry and Lauders' Pleasures. I like 'em all.
09th September, 2003

Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste

What is all the fuss about? I don't get it. It smells like all the citrusy and fruity colognes out there, no distinction or class whatsoever. A complete shame.
09th September, 2003 (last edited: 24th March, 2010)

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

The fragrance house of Aramis sure in the heck know what they are doing don't they? All of their scents are classy, distintive, regal and rich. This is a mans scent not for the weak of mind nor spirit. One of my personal favorites even though I have never received a compliment. Who cares It's a true class act.
09th September, 2003

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

One of the staples of my cologne collection. I hope this scent is always around. One of my top ten. Clean, classy, manly, rugged. I wear it to power occasions and I am always commended.
09th September, 2003

Visit by Azzaro

A distinctive delvery system for an otherwise unremarkable scent. I like the scent but geez it resembles so many others out there. I love the scents that are burnished, polished, refined. Visit is ok in these ideals. Nothing special except for the package.
09th September, 2003

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Everybody and their brother wears this scent. I guess I'm included in the picture. I don't wear it often because of the redundancy. I like the scent but I guess everyone else does as well.
NOTE: Wear in moderation.
09th September, 2003

Higher by Christian Dior

The initial scent is that of many--citrus and fruit. Yet the dry-down is the magic. I mean it is terrific and tone downed musk and woody tones. I love it! One of my top ten even though the monolithic form of the decanter is odd.
09th September, 2003

Havana by Aramis

This is an exoctic scent. Aramis is commiting a misdeed by discontinuing this scent. This is on the level of Tuscany. Fine, fine scent. To continue...I have sat at the end of the bar and was continually asked what I was wearing. This cologne is a mans cologne.
09th September, 2003