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Tactics by Shiseido

I've been lucky in getting this particular scent at a local Misuwa grocery outlook for the price of $31.00. I last tried this scent in 1989 and wasn't too fond of it while I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan. But now I've located this scent and I absolutely love it. Very manly with a long stay close to the skin. My girlfriend loves this scent it reminds her of a clean barborshop for men.
02nd August, 2004

Castile by Penhaligon's

I recently just purchased this and my first initial reaction was "Acqua Di Parma" but after letting it cool down abit, it seems as though i just stepped out of the shower, smelling clean and refreshed. My girlfriend truly loves this scent, she says that it reminds her of a babies clean soft skin. Although I'll admit the staying power isn't much to brag about, but it's truly worth a great scent even if it only lasts about 2 hours.
27th July, 2003

Geir by Geir Ness

I just received my Geir Eau D' Parfum from Geir Ness. I would have to put this Eau D' Parfum on top of my list. This Eau D' Parfum captures crisp norweigan mountains, blended with herbs, wetwood and natural oils. You can actually smell the wetwood and it leaves a very distinctive and sensual scent, that holds it's barrier for a very long period of time. I can honestly say that my co-workers, friends and family have all complimented me on how this cologne sets off a wonderful scent.. I would recommend it for those who enjoy a Eau D' Parfum at a very reasonable price that will last a full work day at the office, or an evening out in the town......Try it you won't be dissappointed.. Good day.
25th July, 2002
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