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    Brasil Dream by Estée Lauder

    I won a part bottle on Ebay for £4.00 35ml of a 50ml bottle . It reminds me of a softer version of BY by D&G and It lasts most of the day ,realy like this one as when I am moving around I catch a hint of the perfume , so am bidding on a full bottle .

    09th February, 2012


    Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

    I am working on this one sprayed it for the first time 30mins ago,fought with the opening notes not what i was expecting atall not sure if I liked it but it is starting to meld with my skin and is becoming more interesting ,the bottle is totaly wrong for the smell it makes you belive it is going to be sweet floral musky thing you skip in the sunshine with instead it grabed me by the throat and shook me violently (the bruises are healing) and as I said it is becoming more interesting P.S :- 30ml edp £10.35 asda

    12th February, 2009


    Perfection by Marks and Spencer

    This rich fragrance combines topnotes of mandarin, cherry blossom and soft red fruits of raspberry
    I love this one very wearable not to sweet, smells more green than fruity A little like Happy

    18th May, 2008


    Fusion by Fabergé

    Citrus and vanilla shoul not= vapona fly spray ! but there you go the pluss points are it dissapears within 30mins

    21st April, 2008


    Chique by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

    Cant afford Paloma Picasso then try Chique it is more than affordable and smells very nice

    15th April, 2008


    Rive Gauche Light by Yves Saint Laurent

    I love the original reve gauche but there are times when it gets too much only a few times you understand but when this happens I grab for the light version this is spring in a can still the same dry mossy notes of the original but with a zestier more wearable smell if I am not sure what to wear this is alwase a good bet so not a poor lighter cousin but in its own right a stylish fresh very addictive alternatave

    23rd January, 2007


    Pan Ame by Jean Patou

    I bought a 50ml tester bottle for £2.99
    Floral Fruity-Musky Linden blossom, violet leaves, pear, peach sandalwood & musk very fruit salad and the pear note is very strong I cant detect musk and unfortunatly it dosent last very long on me just over an hr or so but still very nice and summery and for the price I cant complain

    21st January, 2007


    Touch of Sun by Lacoste

    Touch of sun by Lacoste very Girly not my kind of perfume but Quite prety all the same Rather like a fruit salad with grapefruit, rather flowery the redeming fetures of this for me is that I can smell sandalwood and Jasmine as it warms up . touch of Piunk is richer but not by much they are both rather sugary, my 14 year old daughter will like this one

    28th March, 2006


    First pour l'Été by Van Cleef & Arpels

    I was bought this for christmas had hung my nose over it for months . whenever I wear it I get loads of compliments male and femail alike it is so stylish but not overpowering Will have to stock up this christmas

    28th March, 2006

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