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Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani

Back in spring 2000, my new boyfriend wore the men's version of this scent and I loved it, although I wasn't too keen on the women's fragrance at the time. Then in the summer I flew out to the Greek islands for a pre-arranged holiday with the girls and bought a bottle of She in-flight as I knew it would remind me of his fragrance. When boyfriend joined me the following week he'd also bought me a bottle, so for the rest of Y2K this was the only fragrance I wore. We were married the following year and when I wear this fragrance now it reminds me of hot, sunny days and the excitement and anticipation of a new relationship.
I wear this summer evenings and I love the sharpness as it's sprayed, then the warm powdery notes it leaves behind in the dry-down. My husband enjoys this fragrance as he shares those special memories.

A couple of years ago I discovered Creed fragrances and I find that Love in White is quite similar to Armani She, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?
01st July, 2009

No. 5 by Chanel

As this is such an iconic fragrance I tried it in my twenties, but it didn't appeal to me. Then in my mid-twenties, a friend gave me an EdT splash, a large bottle, and although I wore it and tried to like it, the fragrance and my olfactory senses were not compatible so I gave it to my mother.
Before my husband and I were married, he came out to join me on holiday in Lindos, Rhodes and in the airport duty free shop debated which fragrance to buy me. He was advised to buy Chanel No. 5 as "it's a classic". He didn't think it was quite me and always felt that way until today. I was recently given a sample of No.5 eau Premiere and I liked it, but it made me want to try the original. So this afternoon I tried No.5 EdP on my left wrist and No.5 eau Premiere on my right then I did the Pepsi test on my husband. Initially he preferred the Eau Premiere, but as time wore on and we had walked outside of the mall I asked him to try them again and he & I both preferred the orginal Chanel No.5.
There's nothing more I can add to what's already been written about Chanel No.5, it is indeed something I could wear continuously, it's a fragrance that can be worn whatever the weather / season / occasion. On my skin it eventually turns warm and spicy,but as I sniff closer to my wrist there's a hint of green that creeps to the front and grows stronger as I inhale - this is the same scent that is more prevalent in the Eau Premiere.

Anyway, on my 36th birthday I finally fell in love with Chanel No.5, long may it last!

17th December, 2008

LouLou by Cacharel

This was the first proper fragrance I ever wore, which was mine and not borrowed from my mother's dressing table!

I believe it was bought for my birthday not long after it was launched and I was driven to request it because of the promotion surrounding it's arrival. I had a real thing about the 1920's and I'd read about how the model in the adverts had had to have her hair bobbed and coloured to resemble Louise Brooks, so I was really interested to try it.
My big sister kindly bought me a coffret, which contained the EdP and other goodies and for a good 8 years this was pretty much my signature scent. I interspersed it with other fragrances but I always came back to Lou Lou. Every year the same sister would generously buy me a large bottle and one summer when I was 18, my then boyfriend brought me a bottle back duty free, so I was always pretty well stocked up!

On my skin, Lou Lou is sandalwood and vanilla, the top notes do not last long at all on me. It is soapy and a little heady, but that's how I like it on me. Although I used my last bottle up some years back, I do still smell it in stores and smile in rememberance.

I agree with emoon that this fragrance evokes thoughts of Christmas; my birthday is just before it, so Lou Lou will always remind me of that warm glow and Christmases past. It's a good fragrance on a very cold day.
22nd November, 2008
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Diorella by Christian Dior

I came upon Diorella through this website as I wanted to find a perfume to wear that was launched in the year of my birth. Diorella fitted the bill perfectly as it also contains my real name (Della), I love green fragrances and the reviews on here were so favourable I decided to find a bottle to try. My local department stores and High St perfume retail chains tend only to stock the most recent fragrances from Dior, so I bought this through one of the Internet perfume sites 'blind'.
Now, I really like this fragrance but my Husband doesn't and funny enough when I tried Cristalle, which I liked, guess what? He didn't!

To me, this fragrance smells like a summer breeze concoction of lemon and herbs with an underlying hint of something a little darker, which could be the patchouli in the basenotes.
I had thought about passing this fragrance on, but I've decided not to. I will keep it for the spring and summer seasons and hope that my Husband begins to enjoy it.
08th November, 2008

Shalimar by Guerlain

I first sampled Shalimar back in the 80's and I adored it! I was a teenaged girl trying the expensive fragrances in Boots, back when they used to stock Guerlain, and I promised myself that someday I would purchase a bottle. I think it was the bottle design itself that drew my attention but the fragrance was amazing, to me it was ice cream floats but at the same time something terribly luxurious.

It took me twenty years to finally purchase that bottle, but I have no regrets as I've grown into it, I still adore Shalimar and on my skin the vanilla really comes through with the tang of bergamot peeping out. My husband also loves this fragrance and says it smells of summer evenings.
I have the EdT and I find this works well although I do have to spritz again around 5pm. I will try the EdP and extrait next time I'm near a Guerlain counter
28th September, 2008 (last edited: 26th February, 2010)