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Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

I found myself thinking this is Jeux de Peau all over again - I am being overwhelmed by dry spices. It's uncomfortably like being hugged by a giant gingerbread man. Very disappointing.
14th May, 2013

Freak by Illamasqua

I found the unusual bottle to be poorly made - all three testers at Selfridges had rough edges to the glass and 2 out of the three were not working - not a great start!
The SA breezed up and said 'Don't worry about the name - it's actually very fresh'
My precise worrry was that after all the hype it would not be darkly dramatic but sadly 'very fresh'.
Despite all the imaginary notes - opium flowers & various poisonous stuff etc, it is softly floral with a very slightly 'dirty' edge. Unremarkable and fades quickly.
Almost inevitably disappointing. I will not be gettin' this Freak on....
06th December, 2011

Jungle Le Tigre by Kenzo

Of the two Jungle scents I like Elephant - it's a great big frag, good for winter in my opinion , but the Tigre is a much more likeable and sophisticated animal.

The fresh subtle fruit opening soon mellows into an unusual dry grassiness but the dry down is simply divine. The cinnamon note is brilliant, it blooms as it warms on the skin and makes the whole fragrance come alive. And thankfully, this stage lasts for hours.
I love it and would happily wear this year round - so I am very sad that they chose to discontinue it. Plenty of average perfumes seem to live forever - this is a jewel that deserved to live on. I treasure the little I have left.
The elephant trumpets and stamps but the tiger smiles and purrs!
22nd April, 2011
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Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

I was not expecting to like this -celebrity + lavender+chocolate - must be a disaster! And I found Lovely to be quite bland and boring. But oddly enough it really works, the chocolate is not too sweet or 'dusty' smelling, the lavender is not too old lady and the amber is just enough to pull it all together. I am actually amazed and that will teach me not to judge before sampling.
18th April, 2011

Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

This is a really refreshing fragrance - on me its mostly mimosa in the beginning, followed by lovely fresh dewy roses. To me it's the essence of spring and always lifts my mood. It dries down to a creamy almond base that lasts for ages. I agree it is not a typical Guerlain and much as I love the classic Guerlains sometimes you just want something less intense and with a feeling of lightness and brightness.
17th April, 2011

Applause by Castle Forbes

An opening burst of glorious tuberose! It has initially killer sillage but settles down within half an hour and lasts a long time staying very true to the opening notes. It's, eventually, like a polite, well behaved version of Fracas. For those of you who find the real Fracas too full on, this is a nice alternative. Huge bottle - very good value.
31st March, 2011 (last edited: 15th August, 2011)

Max Mara by Max Mara

One of the most 'edible' fragrances I have ever encountered! An uncanny redintion of a lemon custard tart - initially charming, it is delicious and wearable for a while - but the sweetness gradually becomes a lemon icing that sets the teeth on edge.
26th May, 2010

Alien by Thierry Mugler

If you want a perfume with presence - the whole marching band - you can always rely on Mugler. After the hyper liquorice sweetness of Angel- which I love - we get this, where jasmine flowers are amplified to a giant scale Perhaps this is the alien element, something becoming bigger and more resonant when taken to an foreign environment - like innocous plants like privet hedging that when transplanted from Europe to Australia become giant pernicious weeds! After the overwhelming invading jasmine it dries down to a fabulous rich woody base - it's alien but it's gorgeous. I surrender.
17th May, 2010

Absolu by Rochas

I find this a very comfortable amber scent. It is rich and warm and makes me feel good but it's not complicated. It doesn't develop much or go anywhere particularly interesting - it just hangs around being comforting and lovely and some days that's all you need. Perfect for a cold grey day - or any time when you need an olfactory cuddle.
17th May, 2010

Moschino Glamour by Moschino

Sadly more cozy slippers than red stilettos! The bottle might scream red carpet fabulousness but the fragrance is a little underwhelming. A sweet nutty affair, most like the smell of vanilla and almond biscotti. Not a great sillage but quietly long lasting. It's...nice and it's warmly comforting but it could never cast an irrestible spell.
13th May, 2010

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

I love this! I have always adored smoky woody fragrances and this is the ultimate Nights of Arabia fantasy. The herbal incense is dry but so uplifting and head clearing. This is a work of genius that, if you let it, will transport you into an exotic landscape - warmed by a wood fire on desert sand you can contemplate endless starry skies. Another beautiful story from Andy Tauer.
13th May, 2010

In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

Mostly I smell blackcurrant - both leaves and fruit. I find it sour and with a sharpnees that sets my teeth on edge. My husband bought it for me when we revisited Paris where we spent our honeymoon. How many sad unloved bottles of this vile stuff have been bought because a husband wanted an obvious romantic gift?

Since then I have trained him to be more discerning and less literal!!!
13th May, 2010

Safari by Ralph Lauren

I had great hopes for this but the green notes are sharp and horrible on my skin. The sillage sticks in my throat. I get a sour grassiness that hangs around for hours gradually drying down to something flat and decidedly vegetal.
This green isn't lush and verdant it's more like school uniform drabness.
13th May, 2010
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