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Cassini for Men by Oleg Cassini

I thought this stuff smelled great!! A more pricy version of California. I plan to buy some of this stuff. I'd be a fool not to!!
31st July, 2007

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Who Burnt The Chocolate??????? Thumbs Way Down.
25th June, 2007

Bois du Portugal by Creed

This is one of the Best Creeds out there ,(Next to Original Santal). I rarely get compliments this was one where I did. I was at a Pizza place w/ a friend of mine.
When the waitress brought my order to our table. She said "One of you smells really good". That was me cause my friend never wears cologne. I think this has is similar to Bel Ami , or an extreme version of Japiur Fresh. You won't regret it.
23rd June, 2007
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Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

Cinnabon in a Bottle!!!!!!!
22nd June, 2007

Original Santal by Creed

Good Stuff. Long lasting!!! I have hot gotten any compliments yet.
19th June, 2007

Zaharoff pour Homme by Zaharoff

I can't believe they got rid of this stuff. I never owned it. I wish I would have bought it. My Dad's probably has a big smile on his face.
They should bring this stuff back.
12th June, 2007

Équipage by Hermès

This is just great stuff. You won't regret it.
12th June, 2007

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

I just got a bottle Saturday. It sticks on me like glue. It does remind me of the 60's. I'm only 40. What I did is I bought some skin lotion w/ almost the same smell. I haven't gotten any feedback yet though. I might look into the Eau Sauvage Extreme.
26th March, 2007

Realm by Realm Fragrances

I have a bottle,I got it at Walgreens.
It smells great. On the Pheromones, that's NONSENSE!! I got it for the smell. I don't have a lot of stock in pheromones.
12th March, 2007

Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

This is good stuff!!!! No Doubt!!

I used to get compliments at work when I wore this. You won't regret it.
12th March, 2007

Bel Ami by Hermès

All I can say is it's a Classic. I payed $100
at Nieman Marcus. It does smell like Creed Portugal. That's a good thing.
I can't say More.
02nd August, 2005

Very Irrésistible for Men by Givenchy

I think this is one of Givenchy's best along w/
Gentlemen. I also think it smell similar to B-Men
(Which Is A Good Thing.)I'd recommend it.At first
it will smell like choclate,that will fade. I put it on about 7:45am & I can still smell it,It's about 1:50pm. Pick it up when you can.

Jjzerby. St.Paul,MN USA.
01st August, 2005