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212 Men Splash (2007) by Carolina Herrera

as for summer fragrance this is pretty potent 2-3 sprays and you are set, set to wait because its so overpowering that if you want be in closed place better wait, after hour or so best of this starts to show, i get it after 5 wearing 4-5h later i smell myself and thought THIS IS AMAZING!
for the dry down thumbs up! i really enjoy it!
13th October, 2010

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Eau d'Été Summer Edition by Issey Miyake

much better than normal version, i have no more headache, its quite generic but in a good way, one word to describe it? cucumber
longevity about 4-5h not bad for a summer and projection quite good, if you sit next to me you would definitely smell it
21st August, 2010

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

this is HUGE on tobacco, i dont get incense ( but my sister DO! :o ) rather drunk tobacco, a bit darker than in Cuba by C&S (but they both share simmilar vibe), nothing groundbreaking, could be a winner in cold weather
7/10 for smell
3/10 for longevity
11th August, 2010
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Chemistry by Clinique

Im really dissapointed with this blind buy (13$ for 30ml) , it was a decant so no big deal,
i like clinique happy so i thought this might fit the bil for spring/summer
its simple - true
it does not develop - true
its projection is zilch - true
is it bad? yes it is, a bit sweet, ambery-gingery with blast of rotten citrus that is synthetic and gives me a headache
the funny thing: the name is right! it strenghten (intensify ?) chemistry of your body ...smell
for entire 30min i smelled my dry skin much better :o
if you know what i mean

wow i did 180 on this! never expected
its still same perception but it does not give me headache anymore i need just HOT weather to reach for this
and it stays for a long time 6-7h but mostly skin scent
small thumbs up
28th May, 2010 (last edited: 12th October, 2011)

Bergamotto Marino by Gianfranco Ferré

get it for 10 bucks 95% full, and it astonished me! the opening is masterpiece, bright yet deep orange blossom, the woody base adds masculine kick, one might think that its a blue but its more ... orange :)

one of my best blind buys for summer
21st May, 2010 (last edited: 25th July, 2010)

Encre Noire by Lalique

this does not project at all, it stays close to skin (longevity is +8h but +7h only skin scent), but I even cant describe how gorgeous the smell of EN is! mossy, very dark even dirty, gothic! my very best dark scent next to Coze and Ungaro III
07th May, 2010

Story by Paul Smith

well im dissapointed a bit, I get grapefruit blast at begining but after 1h it fades to nothing ;(, its so cheapo that I wont rate as negative because top notes are good and refreshing,
another after shower scent
17th April, 2010

Joop! Thrill Men by Joop!

this is my silent killer from 2009, im really so suprised how its good, apple on top is delicious, nice spring scent for romantic moments, pretyy sweet, it reminds me of boss bottled which is very very popular in poland, but anyway thumbs up!
15th April, 2010

Jil Sander Man by Jil Sander

this is Armani Code Light, what cay I say more ? great office scent thumbs up for another blind buy! pretty rare and alluring smell !
08th March, 2010

Active Bodies by Adidas

Classic, veryyyyy popular in poland its something like AdG in other countries or dior homme in paris (about 100 sold products per week on polish ebay []), it is with me since I turned 15, at first spray Aldehydes and Lemon kicks your nose hard I dont pick up any lavender, I must say I dont like top notes as much as drydown, longlasting and with above average sillage, 3 spritz is max, while its not for me anymore I keep it in my wardrobe to back to my 90's
18th September, 2009

Cuba by Czech & Speake

Oh boy Oh boy, You wont believe how I wanted to love it, but I failed after 10 attempts, one piece in this puzzle does not fit for me its peppermint ! I feel wierd wearing this because it simply reminds me ... weeeeell known polish medicine called AMOL. its available in Poland since ages, almost everyone knows that smell, people look around with strange eyes as if they want ask me "did You bath in Amol?", but when I pass the opening, Im rewarded by delicious middle notes and drydown. Neutral for opening, thumbs up for the other part but in summary still neutral. Maybe one day I'll buy 15ml decant for now I pass
13th September, 2009

Mimosa by Czech & Speake

sorry but there is something that makes me headache, its female i know but i really wanted to explore all C&S scents and its the worst one, smells like cleaned toilet i cant imaginare this on women or maybe i could on... cleaning lady
30th April, 2009

Frankincense & Myrrh by Czech & Speake

great one from C&S, rich and luxurious as rhodes22 said, quite linear on me, it doesnt change much from start to end, and it doesnt bore me
09th April, 2009
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Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake

boring lemon (very bitter grapefruit?) which smells like a cat for me or something lemony to cleaning bathrooms, longevity is below avg., not so good as cuba, dark rose and my fave no.88 from C&S

UPDATE: (now neutral) I really appreciate this now but...
its "late shower and bed time scent", and I still cant imaginare myself wearing CP during day
07th April, 2009 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)

H.M. by Hanae Mori

Yes its very similar to A*MEN, despite my age (23yp I love heavy and sweet scents) and not so heavy well maybe begining which smells like a joss stick + lemon, but I would never wear it on hot days, that was my blind buy cus` its not available in poland and my friend shipped me one piece for 29,99$ I dont regret, 4 starts for me :)
06th September, 2008

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Brilliant. It was my blind buy with Hanae Mori H.M. its brilliant, after 3 sprays I can feel it after a party night I didnt find it cloying as others I really could wear it at daytime with ease, box is orginal rubber but hard to spritz

10/10 as for me
06th September, 2008

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

today my sister bought 75ml for 37$ for her boyfriend and i had to test it, its superb for her but alas not for me, it didnt wowed me, what hit me first is Tangerine and Graperfruit, its not so vanilish as some mention (try Givenchy's Pi), very good longevity (after 5h i need to sniff my skin sooo close to feel it, now its 11h after application and i feel it) but sillage is below avg.(I think I would need 6-8 spritz to feel comfortable, but i never pour out so much juice on me moslty 2-4 spritz) , base note is best from pyramid, ok as everyday scent
/if i did any lang. errors dont blame me :)
02nd September, 2008