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Rock 'n Rose by Valentino

I rec'd a bottle of Rock 'n Rose as a gift. At first sniff it reminded me a little of Champs Elysees, but soon a green note appeared.
Then it became more rose-floral, with just the right touch of gardenia. Very elegant so far, and no harsh or plastic or fruit notes. It is rather light and not overly sweet or too feminine. Just pleasing. I think it does make a nice safe scented gift! The base is a blend of sandalwood ambery musk, which is very mellow. This is a nice scent. as for the rock 'n roll hint in the name, I suppose the green note is the edgy note, especially as it blends with the bergamot. This works great in cold weather, as it's a warm rosy scent.
08th October, 2008

Tocade by Rochas

Tocade is one I always always get compliments on, it just smells so incredible.
08th October, 2008

Hiris by Hermès

Hiris is not for me. I much much prefer other fine scents by Hermes. I'm just not into smelling like veg. This one might work better on a man.
08th October, 2008
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Samsara by Guerlain

Samsara is powerful and if I could only afford to buy one bottle of perfume I'd choose Samsara, it's a well made oriental with such power that a small application is plenty. It works well from start to finish and it smells wonderful.
24th September, 2008

Nahéma by Guerlain

Nahema is a classic. Hard to believe it comes out of the 1970's instead of the 20's. It's so complex and was created for a complex woman, never meant to be a big showy "Floral" --I can't take the big matronly florals that brag about how MUCH floral is packed into the scent--those remind me of a big lady in a big fur coat. This is truly a warm, sexy scent that is just sweet enough, gentle, and oh so tender. I'd recommend the pure parfum.
24th September, 2008

Shalimar by Guerlain

1925!? And still so popular? Well it's sexy and magnificent so that might be why. I like the parfum extrait best, it makes me swoon, but I use the perfume and cologne versions too, for daytime. I like the incense and tobacco notes in the extrait version that are like the pure parfum version of Habanita but not as smoky or rich. The lemon makes Shalimar sparkle. Magic potion.
24th September, 2008

Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

It's like Shalimar Cologne (not the lovely parfum) mixed with Obsession with a note of ...well, my friend says cat pee, but maybe "play dough" as one reviewer noted, or sharp sharp something else --very sharp. Edgy. for someone who wants to be asked what the heck that smell is. Defintely unisex.
24th September, 2008

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

This one is spicier than I thought --from the sweet n fruity reviews I figured it would be like candy sweet but the tea note and patchouli make it a really sexy scent and only sweet until it warms up and blossoms on the skin. It reminds me of other scents though, still if I was given a bottle I'd certainly wear it.
17th September, 2008

Iris Ganache by Guerlain

Iris Ganache is quite delicious. I've finally gotten around to purchasing a bottle. It's very unique, and different from the usual classic Guerlains. This is not for old ladies.
17th August, 2008

Beautiful by Estée Lauder

Beautiful is a beautiful floral scent if applied carefully. A few drops over the top and it will be too much.
11th July, 2008

Lipstick Rose by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I received a bottle of Lipstick Rose as a gift, and after sampling it very briefly (one day) I put it aside feeling it wasn't for me. The second sampling, months later was better, and I am about ready to buy a second bottle. I love to try all rose perfumes, but am picky I guess because some just fall flat or seem too commercial. I was wearing Rose Barbare for months on end and was happy. This one bright, cheerful, and more complex than I originally thought. Men seem very attracted to it, just as they are to The Rose Barbare. Must be the quality of the rose. Or men just love roses.
10th July, 2008