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Mat; Very Male by Masakï Matsushïma

This is one that I purchased immediately after smelling, and I never regretted my decision. A fresh anise opening soon settles into very comforting warm notes and a serene floral-fruit vibe that is somewhat sweet. The composition stays close to the skin, but it is a complex and addictive smell. By blending warm gourmand notes with fresh sweetness, Very Male is both versatile and unique. I highly recommend this!
07th February, 2007

Essential by Lacoste

There is nothing that should make anyone say, "I must own this." It smells like Chrome with less tea and added vodka. Fresh, sharp, green citrus from start to end. If you already own one of the many summer citrus-style fragrances out there, there is no reason to make this an "essential" addition to your wardrobe.
29th April, 2006

Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

Starts out fresh, but then gets smokey and musky in a bad sort of way. Imagine old ladies and cigarettes around the holidays. You don't need to buy the cologne in order to get the smell - just go to a bingo instead.
17th March, 2006
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Candie's Men by Candie's

I received a compliment from this literally a minute after I applied it, and I have received plenty more since that time. While I personally like it, anyone I come in contact with absolutely loves it. It requires some reserve as to where it can be worn, so that has been the only drawback, but it is perfect for casual encounters - especially in the heat. Very likable, good longevity, and plenty of projecting sillage make this my Claiborne. Excellent!
13th March, 2006

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

Not bad at all! Much more pleasant than many of the reviews lead on, this is perfect for younger men in a casual atmosphere. Although apple/green notes have appeared before in fragrances, this one smells unique and original. One whiff fills my head with images of changing leaves and fresh autumn mornings, which isn't to say that it should be relegated to the fall season. Flexible, crisp, and care-free, Be Delicious is great for someone looking for a cologne with a unique composition.
05th March, 2006

Style In Play by Lacoste

One of the fruitier fragrances that I truly enjoy, Style has very exhilarating notes that make me feel revved when I put it on. There is a lot going on in this fragrance compared to Pour Homme, but it always radiates very nicely throughout its application. Style gives off a lot of vigor and excitement - great for younger guys and anyone who wants "oomph" out of their cologne.
05th March, 2006

Curve Crush for Men by Liz Claiborne

I'm not sure if anyone who ever did their homework bought this thinking that they had to have it. There is nothing wrong with this fragrance - good smell, sillage, longevity, and composition. The only thing barring me from giving this a "thumbs up" is that there is no real reason to own it. The top-mid notes do seem transplanted from Echo, but the base is a little more grounded with musky moss whereas Echo has a more metallic-transparent quality. That's about it, folks. Putting its ozonic qualities head-to-head against Echo, I would choose the latter every time, and if you prefer the mossy dry-down, you'll find it done better in the original Curve. Not a bad choice for teenagers or someone looking for something safe to buy someone for a gift, but better is out there. I've seen it packaged for a good price with its accessories from time to time, so if you feel the need to purchase this, I'd search out one of the gift sets rather than paying regular retail.
05th March, 2006

Echo by Davidoff

Kudos to Davidoff's push of this one. This could very easily be a forgotten ozonic/aquatic scent in a market that was already too saturated with them during its release, but clever marketing and a genuinely addictive scent separate it from the rest of the pack. I think this is leaps-and-bounds over the Cool Water series in both its concept and execution. The composition reads exactly as it smells, and works surprisingly well. You won't fool anyone about its synthetic nature, but there is certainly no reason to apologize about it. Crisp, mysterious, and invigorating. Two thumbs up!
05th March, 2006

Touch for Men by Burberry

One of my favorite orientals. I don't think this smells anything like Escada Magnetism, nor should it give anyone a migraine as others have suggested. Touch is smooth and creamy, with sweet tonka and white musk accenting and rounding out its essence very well. Perfect for something pleasant and mellow on a cold night, I wouldn't want to wear this in the heat. Certainly a seasonally-conditional fragrance, but one that is pulled off very nicely. Burberry has left me very impressed with this offering, that is a good alternative to the original.
05th March, 2006

Emporio Armani He by Giorgio Armani

The best of the Armani fragrances in my opinion. It was the first scent to feature that familiar Armani aura that is now typical of the later offerings, so while it may not seem so original to those who have to backtrack for a sample, it is still stands out in my books. The scent is light and fresh, but serious at the same time. While it was one-of-a-kind when it came out, today it smells like a combination of Alfred Sung Hei mixed with a lighter, yet more sophisticated version of Code. I get just enough projection and longevity to the point where I feel I've gotten my money's worth, and yet I don't have a headache from it ever becoming cloying. A very classy, modern fragrance. Wear it down Rodeo with pride!
05th March, 2006

Chrome by Azzaro

Chrome is a pretty good scent, and one that has remained relatively popular in fluctuating fragrance market since its release. While it is pleasant and noted for not being obtrusive, it can be cloying and offensive if overly applied, trust me! Once on a city bus a man had put on way too much of this, and everyone on the bus noticed in a bad way. Sometimes the metallic notes can become too sharp-synthetic, making it hard to wear easily in real confined places. While I like to believe I wear it well, sometimes I smell some type of bazaar "doctor's office accord" of rubbing alcohol and sterilized medical equipment on other people. I reserve it for wearing out in hot weather, but I wouldn't reach for it when going to the office. Easily accessible and reasonably priced, Chrome isn't a bad choice for something fresh and a little different, but make sure it stays in the right hands!
05th March, 2006

Chemistry by Clinique

Meh. Reminds me a bit of YSL's original Jazz because I detect some sort of fern smell in both of them, but the only note they share in common is the amber. Pretty straightforward, and the girl I was with when I tried thought it was "too stuffy for summer." I think the scent is more of an acquired taste opposed to the more easily wearable Happy, so I'd label this Clinique offering a try-before-you-buy fragrance.
05th March, 2006

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Fresh and beautiful? Yes. Boring and predictable? Yes. One of the safest fragrances around these days, Acqua is just too popular for its own good. I think it carries a lot of weight in the United States because people like to hear the Armani name associated with their purchase. There is only one person who wears this fragrance anymore, "I'm a middle-class white guy who knows all about luxury and having a good time." Run from the trend, not towards it. Gio at least opens the door for me to smell original with Aramis Surface and Givenchy BL. You can't go wrong buying this one, but that isn't to say a lot is going to go right, either. Safe and unoriginal to the extreme, which is sad considering this actually set the stage for all those aquatic scents that make this so bland. After the current trend dies down, it might not be bad to bring it back out, but until then...
05th March, 2006
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Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label by Givenchy

Fantastic! Givenchy takes the desirable qualities from the whole lot of common aquatics, and throws in some signature elements from Pour Homme to elevate it above the rest of the pack. While it smells watery and fresh, the dry down unveils a magnificent trail of woods and spice that just tickles the nose enough to make people realize this isn't any ordinary AdG. While the whole theme is geared towards warmer seasons, the additional spice makes it suitable for all times and occasions. Givenchy also addressed the longevity issue from Pour Homme, as this one lasts a very long time. Fans of the Givenchy line that shouldn't view this simply as Pour Homme's sidekick, but rather as strong addition in its own right.
23rd February, 2006

Dunhill Fresh by Dunhill

I'm slightly disappointed with this, since I thought the 2003 Dunhill would be fantastic if only it dropped some of the heavier lemon notes. My prayers were answered, but I feel like the fresh concept wasn't taken in the right direction. Dunhill Fresh lives up to its name as being fresh, but it isn't particularly refreshing. The added freshness comes in a form I can only compare to the smell of a new pair of shoes - fresh indeed, but synthetic and not something I'd put on myself. It isn't appalling at all, but I can think of others that pull off the concept in a more clean, less synthetic way.
19th February, 2006

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Yikes. I had to spray this one when I finally saw it in a boutique, if for no other reason than it seemed so different than anything else I've sampled before. I think my expectation was the understatement of the year. In the opening I was captivated, enchanted, amused, and then about 10 minutes later I was simply sick. The notes seem to run in opposite directions from one another very quickly, creating a sickening contrast of heavy cotton candy and nutty woods. I wish I could give a better description than that, but the notes simply homogenized on my skin into a monster I didn't want to deal with. I waited for it to settle before really judging it, and I do think it gets less irritating as time goes on, but by that time I'm sick of the whole concept of the frag. Very bold, interesting, and unique, so for those reasons I give it a neutral, but otherwise I simply cannot tolerate this scent.
19th February, 2006

360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

Not a terrible cologne by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact it is quite pleasing on the nose. My only issue is that when I wear it, the notes seem to hide somewhere on my skin, and a very timid, neutral (much like this review) smell is generated. I enjoy subtle understated qualities in my colognes, but this so subtle on me that it just becomes shy. I would be inclined to wear this to the office before I'd wear it for social occasions. Because the first review is so positive, I'd put this down as one of those "try it before you buy it" colognes, because if you can bring out the notes better than I can, then you may enjoy this a lot.
27th November, 2005

Hawk by Mennen

My wife introduced Hawk from Mennen to me some years ago and for once we both agreed that it was for me. I only have a few drops left in 2 small sample bottles but hope that there still might be a supply out there in this great country of ours for purchase. Better yet, it would be great if Mennen started to maufacture this great fragrance once again. I'm sure it would make a lot of people very happy, myself and the wife included.
21st July, 2004

Avatar by Coty

I concur with the previous reviewer -- Avatar should be much better than it is. Just doesn't stand out in any way. On the positive side, it's very clean and inoffensive. However, a large part of its inoffensiveness is due to the fact that it's doubtful that anyone besides the wearer could detect it. This is one you could bathe in and have it barely be noticeable. If you're looking for a "stealth cologne," look no further!
23rd May, 2004

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Wonderful stuff. Tried it for the first time last year and loved it immediately. Terrific blend of spices with a very pleasing tobacco/leather drydown. Best of all, the price is right too. Nice!
25th April, 2004

Old Spice White Water by Procter & Gamble

This was a real disappointment, especially since I decided to try it after reading several positive comments about it. Has a synthetic, chemical/medicinal scent that did nothing except give me a headache. To top it off, it virtually disappears within an hour after application (which in this case isn't a bad thing). I'll take original Old Spice over this any day.
25th April, 2004

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

It's been around for 67 years and is still going strong - we should all be so fortunate! I'll likely always have at least one Old Spice product in my fragrance/personal grooming collections.
25th April, 2004

Canoé by Dana

I'd certainly agree with what the other reviewers have said, although to me Canoe is somewhat more reminiscent of Brut than of Old Spice. (I've found that Brut deodorant is a good match for it.) A clean, enjoyable scent with nice staying power - good for everyday use. An oldie but a goodie.
25th April, 2004

Baïmé by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

I purchased Baime based on comments here. This stuff smells like bug spray. Everyone at me office told never to wear it again. Total waste of $105.00.
18th February, 2004

Armand Basi Homme by Armand Basi

I bought this fragrace recently after trying the tester. Its a nice, fresh, pleasant fragrance , yet I find that it does not seem to last that long. The sort of fragrance you can wear during the day to the office.
29th April, 2003

Tommy Cool Spray by Tommy Hilfiger

Absolute shit my friends.
02nd September, 2001