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Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

I bought this on a whim because A)It was on clearance B)I love the womens' scent on my girlfriend.

This is quite possibly my best purchase. I find it shares a lot of notes and spirit with Editions Malle L'eau D'hiver which is a very good thing. I also respect the fact that the men's and women's scents are quite similar. It's gourmand without being overtly gourmand, as to say, you know that you're wearing foody notes but it doesn't feel pretentious.

The fragrance is powerful but at the same time extremely delicate, its very full and almost narcotic, much like its sister "Hypnotic Poison" it goes on heavy and you just want to let it overwhelm you.

The first time I wore this to a club two girls I hadn't met previously invited me back to their apartments based on how I smelled. For 35 dollars canadian you really can't find a better deal....perhaps this is a signature scent?
18th September, 2006

Emporio Armani He by Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani was the first cologne I purchased for myself, it was grade 12 and my buddy and I set out to buy legitimate scents to replace the Adidas and Old Spice etc that we'd always received for christmas. After about an hour of deliberation I bought this, he bought Aqua di Gio insisting it was far superior.
Six years and about 20 frags later, Emporio is still my signature, its masculine and understated, its light but very serious. I wear it whenever I mean business and sometimes when I just want to smell it.
It has a great development never straying too far from its original theme, it works in warm or cool weather and most situations, making it a great travel scent.
19th June, 2006

Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss

This stuff gives me a head ache and makes me feel anxious when I wear it, and it smells really generic. Good think I only have a sample bottle.
12th June, 2006
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DKNY Red Delicious Men by Donna Karan

This fragrance opens with notes of Rum and Cognac, among other sweet and liquor notes. It lasts awhile, at least 6 hours, I wouldn't call it a complex fragrance the notes change but they all have a similar feel. Its a fun scent I like to wear out to clubs or if I need a pick me up for a long day at the office. It never fails to get compliments, it is nothing life changing but I can't say a bad thing about it.
11th June, 2006

Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

I got a tester of this a few weeks ago, I tried it a couple of times and wasn't a huge fan, I found the top notes to be really intense, but then it faded off to nothing. Today I accidentally splashed a bunch on, and the top notes were still intense, but I was able to smell the whole development of the scent over the course of about 7 hours. After this experience I really don't have a bad thing to say about Onyx, its even named appropriately. It smells like a Conan movie, its over the top masculine and in your face, but the plot develops over a lush and natural back drop that grounds the scent. This will go down with Azzaro pour Homme as a true classic designer frag.
31st May, 2006