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Madera by Omnia Profumo

As with the below review, this disappointed me (admittedly I had my expectations up). It wans't, to my nose, caramel-y or butterscotchy-y, it was just vanilla, and a tinny, synthetic, shallowish vanilla at that. Lasting power was average and throw was almost nil.

The frag this reminded me of is Lea St. Barth, which is a richer, better frag all around than Madera. However, if anyone has found Lea to be 'too much' maybe give this one a try? I'm unimpressed, but it's not an offensive scent. Just too samey and generic to me.
31st May, 2009

Volo AZ 686 by Profumum

This, so far, has first prize on my list of utterly awful, gagworthy perfumes. It smells like industrial toilet cleaners. Or, just toilets. Pit toilets. Airplane toilets. Rest stop toilets. Elementary school toilets. Not human waste, but whatever they clean these public bathrooms with. Something sickly sweet, synthetic-rotten, chemical and nauseating. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone could want to smell like this, but it's obvious from the review below, and from another perfumista who I know didn't mind this at all, that my take on it isn't the final word. Maybe it's my skin chemistry? So try it for yourself, but don't say you weren't warned! F.O.U.L.
01st April, 2009

Beige Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I'll concur with previous reviews: "seamless," "elegant but young". I liked it a lot, and it's the first Chanel I've sniffed that I (in my 20's) would consider wearing. There's something crisp but not sharp about it - the name Beige fits it very well. Classy, cool. Longevity is *very* good.
30th March, 2009
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Fleurs d'Oranger by Mazzolari

Not FBW, simply because I don't love orange blossom enough, but this does what it does very well. Not cloying, and has a nice, subtle dirtyness/roughness about it that, to me, compliments the rich orange blossom very well. I would recommend this to anyone who's a fan of orange blossom.
30th March, 2009

Lea by Lea St Barth

Hands down my favourite vanilla frag ever. It's not complex, it's not edgy, it's a delicious frothy, yummy milkshake in a midwestern diner compared to a bottle of expensive vintage wine at El Bulli, but damn, do I love milkshakes! This frag effortlessly skates the line between too-thin vanilla (I'll use Tihota as an example of this, to my nose) and too-thick/cloying/overly sweet/cheap vanilla. The almond is gorgeous and complimentary. Drydown is the best - this needs about 10 mins to calm down on my skin and settle into itself.

Lea is simple perfection and I love it.
30th March, 2009

A La Figue! by Satellite

Love it. Also, the first fig frag I've ever liked, tho I've only tried about 3 others; they always come off too earthy for my tastes. Premier Figuer was almost a scrubber on me. This reminds me of the Satellite Ipanema scent in that it is subtle and very well blended. The fig is there as the prominent note but it is measured and perfected by a not-to-sweet vanillic creaminess and a little extremely subtle florality. The creamy note really, really makes this for me. The drydown is very similiar, just softer, and the vanilla never becomes boring/cloying. I highly recommend this one, especially to others who may have found some fig scents too harsh in the past. Gorgeous. Wears close to the skin and has average staying power.
08th January, 2009

Ipanéma by Satellite

I just barely ordered a sample of this and for some reason reckoned I probably wouldn't like it but it is lovely! Maybe it was the bright turquoise colour but I was expecting something that was possibly too sharp/loud/citrus-y and it's turned out to be a beautifully balanced soft tropical. Some might not even call it a tropical depending on how prominent the coconut is on them. I'd maybe classify it as a marine tropical? This is a nicer, more complex frag than Creed VIW (which I like and appreciate for what it is) imo. No one note stands out and the coconut is perfectly done - not too fruity or sweet. Drydown is white floral with quiet vanilla and some very subtle 'oceanic' notes. Ipanema is a soft, whispery, dream-of-the-tropics frag and I love it. It wears close to the skin and the lasting power is not great.
08th January, 2009

Alessandro by Mazzolari

Oh. My. God. This is pure, unadulterated, absolute perfection in a bottle. As with Lea St Barth it needs to be on the skin for 5+ minutes for the slight bitterness of the almond (I think?) note to burn off - don't let this put you off. Luckyscent has recommendations on the bottom of their individual frag pages and at the bottom of the Alessandro page it lists Lea St Barth, PotL Luctor et Emergo and Profumum Confetto. PotL and Lea are in my top 3 ever frags so it's no surprise Alessandro is doing it for me in a huge way. It almost smells like a combo of the 2, with a nice soft touch of grown-up baby powder (if you believe in such a thing) thrown in. The baby powder note lessens considerably with the drydown but I don't mind it when it's stronger, either. This frag moved instantly to the top of my FB list the first time I tried it. One of the best comfort scents I've ever smelled. Quiet, soft, lush, sexy in a not-forward way. Looooove. Sillage not great and lasted about 5 hours. Wears close to the skin on me.
08th January, 2009

Luctor et Emergo by People of the Labyrinths

This is my Desert Island frag. If I could have only one, it would be Luctor et Emergo. I know that many people get Play Doh from this frag, and while I do get a whiff, it certainly isn't the first thing that springs to mind. It's darkly resinous and soft. Sticky preserved cherries and almonds. Dark wooden flooring and cello music playing in a distant room while you read a book during a snowstorm. It's difficult for me not to sink into flowery language talking about this one! Comparisons to different Loukhoum frags confuse me a little - this is slightly gourmand but nowhere near the sweetness and in-your-faceness of, for example, Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum - it's much drier, with some quiet, mysterious spiciness in there. If this frag were a solid, I'd have a hard time resisting eating it. Or at least getting naked and rolling around in it.
08th January, 2009

Milk by Ava Luxe

As noted by other, shares many similiarities with CSP Matin Calin. Differences for me are 1)lacks the caramelized/burnt sugar note of Matin Calin 2)seems to be somewhat less sweet than Matin Calin 3)drydown is all musk on me - no more milky/condensed milky notes. It's the third item in that list that put me in the thumbs-neither-up-nor-down category for this frag. Also, personally, I prefer Matin Calin, and would even without the musky drydown with this one.
04th December, 2008

UNTITLED #2 by Tristan Brando by UNTITLED

Yuck! Did not like this one at all. The most succinct description I can come up with is a vat of boiled down candycanes, minus their peppermint note and plus a green coconut note. Candy, candy, candy, and I don't like it very much at all. The coconut note was quite prominent for me at first but it eventually died down to vanilla-esque sweetness.
09th October, 2008

Lann-Aël by Lostmarc'h

A big disappointment for me. Unlike a previous poster I found this not mild enough. I detect no milk note, just sugary cereal, and the sugar is synthetic smelling and heavy/dirty. I would *love* a frag that smelled of cream of wheat with cream and brown sugar on top, but for me, this ain't it.
03rd October, 2008

Noix de Tuberéuse by Miller Harris

This scent is the definition of why I dislike tuberose in some frags (i.e. this one) and not in others. This was too heavy, sweet and cloying for me, although objectively I wouldn't call it "bad" - it didn't smell synthetic at all. Just not to my taste, at all. Something I can see wearing with red lipstick and fur. Very glamourous and feminine.
10th September, 2008
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