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Blue Agava and Cacao by Jo Malone

Ok, I understand the criticism of this fragrance used by itself – but give it a second chance by combining it with something deeper and you may like it. I like it with Jo Malone’s 154.
01st August, 2008

Royal Water by Creed

This is my second purchase inspired by reviews. I have learned my lesson - try it on first. This did not work well on me and I got a bit of "mosquito repellent" mentioned by others so I should have been warned.
01st August, 2008

Amber & Lavender by Jo Malone

I agree with the advice to "start off lightly". This is a masculine scent but a woman may really like it combined with something more floral or fruity. I like it with Jo Malone's Pom Noir.
01st August, 2008
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24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

This is my first purchase because of basenote reviews. I love it...and I thought I didn't like strong florals. Borrowing prose from castorpollux, "Huge, big florals, creamy, thick and very caramel-like middle notes, and amber/woods heaven at the basenotes..." I could not say it better.
31st July, 2008