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Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Agghh!! Smells like something my grandmother would have worn. Overcrowded and musty in my opinion. Definitely never ending up in my wardrobe.
01st April, 2009

Voyage by Nautica

Amazingly fresh - reminds me of my local beach in summer. My son was lying next to me this morning and commented that he could smell cucumbers, something he liked very much. One of the few aquatics I thoroughly enjoy, even if it's a touch linear.
01st April, 2009

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Was at the chemist a few days ago trying different colognes, especially Gucci II, when the sales woman recommended me try this. She sprayed some on a card, along with others, and I left. While walking around the shopping centre, I was sniffing at them and realized this one was the one that I kept going back to. It was like heaven - amazing scent. I live on the East Australian coast but this cologne takes me to foreign shores - fresh but deeply intriguing. I sat the card on the kitchen bench when I got home and every time I tried it I was bowled over by it. Went out and got a bottle a couple of days later. I love it, and it's already fetched compliments. The Gucci II will have to wait.
01st April, 2009
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