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Burberry the Beat by Burberry

I love the initial burst of spicy cardamom and bergamot (little bit masculine) and would adore this if this tingly scent would continue throughout the wearing, but try as I may I cannot smell it, even 5 minutes later.
09th March, 2010

Imari Seduction by Avon

A very alluring, and sensual fragrance. The orchid and plum notes linger nicely as it settles in with the musk and amber base. Beautifully blended.
29th January, 2009

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

At first I was not impressed. I have grown to appreciate it. Seems to me be a bit of a watery floral? If that makes any sense. It also reminds me of Avon's new Jet Femme, but I think I like Jet Femme even more, as it has base notes of teakwood.
14th January, 2009
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Little Black Dress (original) by Avon

Avon's reintroduced this here in America as Chic in Black.
14th January, 2009

Il Bacio by Borghese

I used to love this fragrance back in the 90's! It's still in production? I'll have to reaquaint myself w/ this.
09th January, 2009

Coco by Chanel

My favorite of the Chanels. Classy, warm, spicy.
05th January, 2009

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

I think it is very, very sweet. Even my 10 yr old feels that it's just too, too sweet. Howevery, I'm in love with the bottle! I just might buy it for the sake of displaying it on my art deco dresser! :-)
18th August, 2008 (last edited: 17th July, 2009)

True Glow by Avon

This is great! True Glow has a wonderful citrusy scent that is not at all sweet. I detect grapefruit. It also dries down with a nice warm sexy feeling to it. I might even classify this as a bit masculine - it surely isn't run of the mill. Like it!
29th July, 2008

Nina (original) by Nina Ricci

I so miss this fragrance. It was and is my most favorite of all time. I remember it to by very feminine, pretty, classy and a bit sultry. There was a really nice base to the fragrance that was so sexy. Lovely even when it rubbed off onto your clothing. Terrible shame, they discontinued this fragrance.
29th July, 2008

U by Ungaro for Her by Ungaro

I agree, this fragrance is alluring! I find it to be a very pretty floral, but not too sweet. It is a romantic, sensual fragrance perfect for an evening out, but just as nice for daily wear. It's been a long time since I've been pleasantly surprised by newly released fragrances. This is a winner for me! Also- the bottle is sexy, and classy.
28th July, 2008