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Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

This is quite unsophisticated stuff, but it does a good job

That job is making summer feel a fraction more summery. Only a fraction mind, but any incremental step towards hot days and cooling scent joy is worth a trip.

I can't ever remember being complimented on it and I feel as if it's a precursor to better cooling scents. Like it's trying to take my virginity but I'm okay with just flirting for now.

Try it. If you like it prepare to move on and thank it for starting you on a path.

Or just where it for the office on hot days for as long as you like.
28th July, 2015
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United Kingdom

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Yes, this one is controversial!

This was my first ever blind buy, kind of.

I was wandering around Debenhams on my way to work. I was eating up time looking at all the surreal dayglow perfume counter ladies. Deep in thought about their origins and where they slept at night. Do they sleep? My daydreaming was interrupted by huge sign displaying this stuff. I'd never heard of it before so went to have a gander. What kind of name was that? It evoked an image of some kind of Mexican guitar playing assassin. My curiosity was aroused.

And what a bottle! This was a mans bottle if ever I saw one. So many uses; doorstop, paperweight, plumbline. But more than these it reminds of the last hit you made and disposed of the body wearing similar looking concrete shoes. This bottle is a dangerous weapon cunningly concealed in your toiletry bag. I smelt it on the way to the counter, got confused but bought it anyway.

Upon arrival at work I showed everyone my new strange aquisition. Note: This is the only scent EVERYBODY has liked sniffing straight from the bottle. Whether it bullies people or not, I don't know.

I went to the bathroom, put some on, and an hour later suffered the most horrendous headache. What manner of evil was this?!

I got home and my girlfriend loved it. To this day this stuff is one of her top three faves on me. Needless to say, noting the effect on my girlfriend and along with that the associated benefits, I decided to endure the headaches. I figured it was like a great whiskey, you gotta give each other time to figure one another out, but it's worth it. I was right.

No more headaches but I still don't know what it smells of. It's a complex beast, but I like that in this current climate of flowery liquids masquerading as man juice.

Sure you get an initial blast of wet cement. But look at the bottle, what do you expect from a Mafioso scent. This 'aint no Tony Soprano scent, he wears his heart on his sleeve to much for this. No this is complicated, this what Michael Corleone would wear when making an offer to someone they couldn't refuse.

If your sick of smelling men's scents that were developed by tree hugging environmentalists. If you want something that makes other men cry wolf at its strangeness. If you want to feel like a man again, but not a stereotype. Get this.

But be warned you won't always get along, but you gotta love the fight.
27th January, 2009
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United Kingdom

Blue Jeans by Versace

My first review and this is my plan of attack. I'm going to wear the fragrances for a while before I comment, because to my mind too many people jump to verdicts too quickly. You will also get comments from my girlfriend or any other friend or foe who is forthcoming.

Okay then, first impression - this stuff stinks! Regardless of whether you like it or not this stuff will linger on whatever you put it on and whichever room you applied it in, for hours and hours and hours. My initial thoughts were flashbacks of being younger (I mean too young to legally participate in adulthood). Splashing on way too much of my old mans curious bottles of exotic smelling colognes. And attending pre-pubescent angst ridden school disco's breathing in fear, ego's and every other lads dads cologne!

Not an audicious start then.

I can't really pin down a note to be honest. But then I am new to this so maybe that will come in time. I can say lots of heavy sweet musk. Heavy and sweet, little bit biting, little bit cloying, sweet oh so sweet. Did I mention heavy?

Lets talk about packaging. The bottle comes in a tin. Nothing wrong in that, it protects the juice from UV harm and of course nuclear fall out. But it looks like something I would win at a fairground stall by throwing a wonky dart into a playing card. When there are no cuddly toys left. The bottle itself is unoffensive, however I fail to see any similarities with the iconic coca-cola bottle as some people have observed.

My girlfriend hates, she likens it to me being dipped into candyfloss, sprinkled with sugar, coated in honey and spending a night wrapped in the armpit of an unwashed overweight giant.

My bottle only cost £5 and I got a free tube of Blue Jeans Aftershave balm. Definately don't touch that - greasy, slimey, terrible synthetic smell.

To sum up. This is my current arguement scent. When I fall out with my girlfriend this stuff comes out to play. She hates it, I can bare it 'coz it takes me back to time before I was man but thought I was a god. Oh how wrong I was!
28th September, 2008
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