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Leaves Homme by Ramon Molvizar

I sampled 2 or 3 of RM the other day but Leaves Homme stood out the most! After 1 h i catched this whiffs of my hand where i sprayed it. I bought it the next week! 98€ for 100ml but it's so unique and worth it
It reminds me of hubba bubba chewing gum kinda apple like. That makes it seem synthetic smelling but its NOT! It's really fantastic and so intruiging! Its not cloying at all. When i jump out the shower i usually spray some on my chest. It has the same effect like Tam Dao or GIT to me.
04th January, 2009

Nemo by Cacharel

this is really amazing stuff! I had high hopes on this because here are no negatives comments. I bought 30 ml for 30€ blind. I didnt expected a fresh opening and wasnt amazed at all. Then after 20 minutes it got so beautiful. After 1 h hour I bought another 100ml for 100€ online. Its just THAT good! Its easily in my top 3 choices!
As many said before: why is it being DISCONTINUED?!!!
22nd October, 2008

Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

I have to say that this is a masterpiece of creation. This smell is so unique. I ve never smelled something like this before. Its sweet too me. It smells like coal to ne after while. Very very well blended. Use this for special locations.
02nd October, 2008
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J'Ose Homme by José Eisenberg

The SA sprayed it on me! Because i never heard it!
Damn i was more than surprised! It smells exactly like Rochas Man to me only with less coffee.
It starts off a lilttle bit fresher too. The dry down turns more sweet vannillic like.
Very NICE!
04th September, 2008

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

What an incredible masterpiece! It took me two tries to appreciate it! The first time i sprayed it on a card and threw it away 30 secs later!
WHAT A HUUUUUGE MISTAKE! I wanted to like it so much and excpected a total different opening. Then again in Town i gave it a full wearing 1 to the chest and 2 to my neck. I started to try different scents. And was twice amazed until i realized it wasnt the other frags! No it was Bleecker Street! What a slap in the face! Never excpected that. Was the best feeling i had in a long time because it was so unexpceted and i totally forgot about it :P It then dried down to a sweet smell with the green note after 5 hours! Because its an EDP it was still as strong as i just sprayed it 1 h ago.Thank god i gave it a full wearing. I also heard 2 girls stopped talking to ask each other:"Do you smell that?" I hoped they meant me! Because my gf was next to me with hyptnoic poison :/
I immediately ordered 2 days later a 100 ml bottle! Great Stuff!! I will be selling all other useless Frags i own. They will never get empty now :P
02nd September, 2008

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

Immediately sold it again..It's the first and only fragrance that has wether sillage nor LONGTIVITY!! i dont get it. i sprayed 6 times to my chest and 2 to my neck. After 1 h. i left the house and only smelt it barely! it was an original bottle! i wanted to ask someone the next day. If she could smell anything but i idnt want to waste more because i wanted to return in anyway :/
The sent smells actually nice! but its not outstanding! Maybe thats the reason i didnt smell it. It just disappears with all other smells in nature. It wasnt noticeable at all
02nd September, 2008

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

this is just plain fabolous and beautiful! i smell cherry somehow. Even its not in there. I wonder noone has mentioned that b4. Like cherry with alc (cherry punch).its just amazing how strong it is on my skin i used Carlos Santana and then i sprayed 1 h later Burberry London on my neck. its now 3,5 h since i sprayed it and this is totally outplaying CS i couldnt even smell it right after application. Sitting here with 2 windows open i still get strong whiffs also while turning my head. Its just amazing. Im so happy i bought it. nothing that i dislike here. Sweet and comforting not disturbing at all. It has great sillage to me and probably very good longtivity when i apply more!
Definitely one of my favs with SMW or Rochas.
26th August, 2008

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

this is understandable for me! After reading so many guys receiving compliments on this i had to try it! i already have body kouros which i quite like!
i tried it immediately on my wrist and was prepared to smell something like body kouros just brighter maybe. LOOL u can imagine how i reacted. I almost fell backwards! So strong, cheap and ugly at the same time!! How can u possibly like this and girls even more!?!?! But i was in town so i gave it many minutes alwys sniffing on my wrist excepting t to change. But nothing happened. Even my girlfriend said it was totally nauseating! She was with me that day. on the other wrist i sprayed M7 which i also didnt like. after 30 minutes of shopping i thought: wow sth smells really nice! It wasn Kouros :/
Then we both came to the conclusion it MUST be the after shave bottle of kouros.It smelled like the cheapest after shave i used from my dad in those days. I went back but was assured it really was the frag its not working for me!
i dont get it how can someone
26th August, 2008

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens


civet, castoreum, costus roots, cumin, labdanum, Moroccan rose, ambergris, ambrette seeds, beeswax, vanilla and patchouli.

Very hard but perfect for me!
20th August, 2008

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

F***ING UNBELIEVABLE! I never guessed this frag would smell that good! Seems like i can smell the pheromones coming out of the bottle. Its real fresh and smells really like silver. It deserves the name.
Its also very rich smelling! 2 thumbs up! Cant wait till Himalaya arives here!
12th August, 2008