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Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

I like it. I didn't when I was a kid; it was too intense for me. But it is spicy and rich. It doesn't seem to sweet to me. I am lucky because my mom and grandmothers never wore it. Where I live no one wears it. So its completely novel. It is sophisticated and confident. If the spray overpowers at first, try to find the perfume on ebay or try the bath oil. This seems expensive and complex but is very affordable compared to Guerlain for example. I think of it as a winter scent more than summer but not necessarily an evening scent. A bit like L'Heure Blue by Guerlain.
13th February, 2013

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

I was looking for a scent with patchouli, which I love, that my husband would tolerate and not say "that stink is back". This gives me the warmth and sensualness of the patchouli but doesn't elicit the comments. It is readily available and not expensive.

I like it more than I realized. It is my favorite of the "poisons" and I was happy with it. A week ago I looked at my bottle and realized I had used almost all of it up. It is an easy fragrance to reach for and suits for all sorts of events. I even wore it to church when I was going to serve at the altar. Patchouli in church- that says something about its versatility.
25th August, 2008

Vol de Nuit by Guerlain

I love so many Guerlain scents (Mitsouko, L Heure Bleue, Shalimar) but this one is the exact smell of a grandmother going out for dinner (died black hair, high heels, and red lipstick) I had forgotten all about the smell until I smelled this scent. It took me back to my childhood and a room full of great aunts. For the trip back in time I am thankful but I can't imagine who would want to smell like this. Usually I love scents that have stood the test of time. But this was not one of them.

I wrote the first paragraph a couple years ago based upon a eau de toilette spray. None of that applies to the perfume. The perfume is subtle and deep. It is everything great that the reviewers that like the scent say about it. I have never experienced such a great difference between the different versions of a scent before. I love this perfume and hate the bitterness of the sprays.
07th August, 2008 (last edited: 13th February, 2013)
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Rêve Indien by Fragonard

I have an older friend and this scent really suits her. It is a strong scent like Shalimar and it is the only perfume she wears that I like on her. I don't think it is suited to the eau de toilette and that is the only version that sell on line right now. I would consider this for my mother and I think it would make any older woman ( 60s on up) feel beautiful. It would be wasted on the young.
07th August, 2008

Eau Fantasque by Fragonard

This is my favorite Fragonard scent. The name is perfect. A fresh floral with grapefruit. I doubt it is one that men will think is sexy; my husband has never commented on it at all. But it never fails to up lift me.
To wear it is to be in love with life.
07th August, 2008

Arpège by Lanvin

To me it is sophisticated and timeless. It could be worn by a young, old fashioned girl or a mature woman. There is none of that old grandmother scent here. A scent to be worn when making an understated but flawless impression is needed. It would be a great scent for a long trip where you had to pack light because it will grow on you and is suitable for all kinds of activities.
07th August, 2008