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My Givenchy Dream by Givenchy

Completely boring, mainstream and not even a nice mainstream, syntetic and uninteresting. Better to choose Britney Spears than this...
06th July, 2009

Perfect Night by Bella Bellissima

Wooooh...! I was quite chocked I must say. I had received a sample of Perfect night the same day, and was going out to meet a female friend in the evening. I sprayed it on just before I was leaving and...shit, realised quickly that there was no chance in hell I could wear this meeting my friend. Just impossible. I would have to rub it off. At first smell a rather mystical and nice oriental perfume hit me, but it didnt take more than a few seconds before an almost obvious smell of sweat and...yes... female secretions blinked to me with a dirty smile from beneath the oriental. I was fascinated. But still... I didnt want my friend to feel the smell of my supposed dirty activities when I gave her a hug. The more I smelled myself the more I could feel the sweat; almost a male type of sweat, and the distinct smell of a woman. Washed it off. But couldnt wait for a chance to wear it for real.

After trying Perfect night some more times the "dirty" notes doesn't reach through quite as strongly to me anymore. I can sense them, but they tend to blend in better with the rest and disguise themselfes. I still don't really trust this perfume though, and I guess it should not be trusted. I remember my first reaction to it and I think I would not wear it for anything else than something with a seduction involved. Or I wear it for myself at home. It gives me a feeling of an erotic encounter between a beautiful sensual, sweaty arabian couple in a courtyard full of incense and precious woods and flowers, and I LOVE it!
04th July, 2009

Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

This is the way a fresh girly girl smells like. The kind of girl that you in some way become jelaous of, because you will never be able to be as fresh and nice and pretty and clean as her. But when you really think about it, maybe you just prefer being you. A little bit more dirty, interesting, and real.
30th January, 2009
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Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange

I expected something more raw from this concept, more of raw unhibited male sexuality, like the pictures by Tom of Finland suggests.
Yes, this is masculine, but is a very comforting and positive kind of masculinity, more like the safe feeling of a strong father that won't let anything bad happen to you. I feel so calm and safe smelling this perfume.
It´s like making a journey through the symbols of manhood. A carpenter working with wood, the smell of burnt wood and tools. A slight scent of rubber, gasoline and the smell inside of a car. At the same time it's sophisticated and tender, like a well-mannered man, sure of himself and what he stands for. Genius!
01st December, 2008

Henna by Madini

When I first tried this one I was discusted. It smelled like some some cheap toilet-smell disguiser, the way it smells when you come in to a public toilet. I let it sit for hours, but it didn´t get better. Really sickening I thougt, and finally washed it off, but even that was a problem, this perfume stays...

Now maybe a month later, I realise something. Madini perfume oils mature for the better!!!
It must have been rather new when I ordered it, directly from Madini, because it has changed a lot. That goes also for the Musk Gazelle from Madini which I gave a negative review, but which now smells lovely!

Anyway, I still do not really like Henna, it is a rather heavy old-school lady-scent, and thats not my style. But one thing is certain, it does not smell public toilet.
29th November, 2008

Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

I agree with that saleswoman, it is very harsh to begin with and feels kind of syntetic and nose-irritating. Later (and rater fast) it becomes much more soft and really nice. Nice, but not very interesting. It smells almost exactly the same as Anna Sui's "Magical romance". The difference is that Pure bloom smells more beautiful and expensive, and last A LOT longer, but Magical romance is fresher and more edgy (but none of these perfumes is actually edgy).
You can not even compare this one to the original Covet, which I consider rather unique, and neither is it on the same level as Lovely. This is more like a classical celebrity-fragrance, it's safe, beautiful and I am sure lots of girls would like it (I do think it is for young women). But Sarah Jessica Parker should know better.
22nd November, 2008

U by Ungaro for Her by Ungaro

It is nice and discretly sensual. Comfortable and not overly sweet. I don't think anyone could dislike it, and I think it deserves to be more known than it is.
14th November, 2008

Neroli by Laura Mercier

For those who are looking for the true scent of orange blossoms, as you experience them in real life, this is it! Intoxicating mediterranian nights come alive smelling this perfume. It REALLY smells like orange blossoms do, and even better...
11th November, 2008

Infusion d'Iris by Prada

This is niiice... Yes it is powdery, and it has something woody about it, but a light and mild kind of woody. I recognise this powdery thing from other Prada scents, like Amber pour homme, but while it annoys me and feels kind of syntetic in that one its just blends in so perfectly in Infusion d'Iris, and feels much more "true".
On a friend of mine this perfume smells even better. On me it is nice but tends to be a little bit one-dimensional and doesn´t change much over time either. But on her...Ooooohhh, it reveals so many more notes, it seems so much more complex and becomes really, really gorgeuos. I almost feel ashamed wearing it, considering how wonderful it really CAN smell, but still I just can´t help putting some one from time to time.
I do think this perfume could be worn by certain men to, it is not specifically feminine, it is just a very nice and special fragrance.
15th October, 2008

Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

If perfumes were like boyfriends, that you could have just one, then my old favourite perfume would be seriously threatened now... Donna Karan Gold is just soo irresistible and spellbounding to me, I keep thinking about it when I don't have it on, and when it is on me I walk around smelling myself in a perfume trance...
I imagine a really hot summers night...standing in a small garden surrounded by flowers and bushes, making a barbeque. It is a really black night, and the garden has few lights... I am really sweaty from the heat and the barbeque but the sweat is smelling sexy and sweet. The smoke from the barbeque is spreading through the garden and through my hair, and suddenly all the white flowers in the garden open up and release their heavy fragrance. I take some black pepper and spread it over the meat on the grill. It's aroma blends with the flowers and the sweat and the dark night, and it is...GOLD!
10th September, 2008

Secret Wish by Anna Sui

It is fresh, but still it has got a special twist to it, somewhat of the twist that I experience smelling DKNY. Not the same smell but the same kind of twist. Sometimes I smell a note that reminds me of my old wollen jumper, or maybe it smells something like tagetes, I´m not sure.
It DOES actually smell a little bit like D&G Light Blue, and even if I agree that Light Blue is a better version of that smell, Secret wish doesn´t get as overwhelming and sticky sweet as Light blue. I´ve had both kinds of reactions on this scent. One ex-boyfriend did not like it at all, he thought it smelled "un-nicely", but my present boyfriend reacted spontaneously; "Wow! this is good!".

I DO like this scent, but I only use it now and then when I´m in the mood.
11th August, 2008

Musk Gazelle by Madini

I was actually disappointed with this one. I like musk a lot and I was expecting something extra. To me, unfortunately it smells mostly of ylang-ylang and the Madini oil "Ambergris", even though something deeper musky-like is going on somewhere, but it is not enough... It is a nice sweet and soft oriental scent, but it didn´t suit me like I thought it was...
10th August, 2008

Rush 2 by Gucci

This is one of my favourite scents and one that I have been wearing for many years (used to be something of a signature scent for me). There is something special with it that makes it stand out, which is also in the usual Rush, but this is more beautiful and nice-smelling, partly maybe because of the rose. I do not think it is watery at all. Being very beautiful but at the same time different, it has got everything I need, and I have gotten several compliments for it.
10th August, 2008
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